Social Groups


  • 2000 mile club

    Open to anyone who thinks they can run 2000 miles in a year, must do at least 38 miles a week for a heads up to those who are anti-math. only join if you are a committed runner for obvious reasons this is pretty challenging for the average runner but trust me if your new to running you can still do it if you put the time into training! Good luck everybody!

  • 2016 in 2016 Team 16Private group

    Sweet 16 and Never Been Beat! Runners in group 16, unite here.

  • 2016 in 2016 Team 7_The Seven Deadly ShinsPrivate group

    The user group for the most fantastic, good-looking and eventually winning team!

  • 2016 LLR in Allentown

    Here's the group for the 2016 meet-up!

  • 2016in2016 The RunoriginalsPrivate group

    This is a group for members of the 2016in2016 miles game team "The Runoriginals" originally assigned as "Team 11"

  • 2018 in 2018

    This group is for runners in the 2018 in 2018 game. Registration is closed for 2018, but the 2019 game will start signups in December.

  • 2018 in 2018 Team 7 Easier Said Than RunPrivate group

    2018 In 2018 Team 7 Club House. Members Only!

  • 2018 in 2018 Team Modi-5 ButtonPrivate group

    This is a private group for the members of Modi-5 Button, team 5 of the 2018 in 2018 mileage game.

  • 2019 Game All Stars Blue TeamPrivate group

    Funky Kicks, Mid Leg Crisis, Fast and Curious, In Your Pace

  • 2019 in 2019

    For runners in the 2019 in 2019 Running Game

  • 2019 in 2019 All-Star Team RedPrivate group

    All-Star Red team includes Cirque Du Sore Legs, Pace Force, The Wrong Team, and The Outside Lane. All runners from these teams are welcome, even if they aren't chosen All-Stars. Competition week is June 03 to June 09, 2019.

  • 2019 in 2019 Funky KicksPrivate group

    2019 in 2019 Mileage Game - Team 5

  • 2019 in 2019 Mid Leg CrisisPrivate group

    Private Group for Team 1 in the 2019 in 2019 game

  • 2019 in 2019 Team 7 Fast and CuriousPrivate group

    2019 in 2019 Team 7 Private Discussion Forum. Here we can discuss, strategize and just talk about how we are doing outside of the view of the other teams.

  • 2019 Shamrock 1000 Mile Club

    40 Shamrocks ran 1000 + Miles in 2018 Let's do it again. Join the Shamrock Running Club members on their quest to run 1000 miles in 2019

  • 2150 HouseholdPrivate group

    This is a group where members of the 2150 household can support each other in their fitness aspirations!

  • 3000 Mile Club

    For people trying to get 3000 miles before 2010!!!

  • 50 and over 5k and beyond

    Well apparently there are a bunch of us out there 50 and older, and we are either ready to finish the C25k program or have finished it. So, now what? Do you try to improve your time? Your distance? Both? Do you run races to stay motivated? Do you run outside, or on a treadmill? Is one better than the other? Are you dealing with any running-related injuries, and what are you doing about them

  • 50 States

    Discussion of best marathons to run in each of the 50 states.

  • A-Z Recipes

    Anyone wanting to share and/or find a yummy recipe, come on in!! Enjoy! ;o)