1500 Miles So Go Run


September Goals - Whatta ya got? (Read 866 times)

    Hahaha!  I missed this before!   I wish I could agree with you that I'm far too fast & cool.  I like how it sounds though.  Smile


    It's okay, just agree that you're awesome!   (So is Hoppity.)  Smile

    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

      A little late in  the month to be posting, but here are my goals.


      Top of Utah Marathon 9/17/2011 in Logan, Utah goal is <3:20 which is my BQ time.


      I will also be passing 1500 miles for the year during the marathon.


      Try not to tweak out to much this week checking the weather and such for the race on Saturday.

       Well I surpassed 1500 for the year.  I also qualified for Boston with a 3:20:25, which is also an 8 minute pr.  It was a great day even though it rained like cats and dogs for awhile.

        225 miles

        At least one speedwork/tempo session per week

        At least two 13+ milers per week

        Eat better (even though I've failed this one every month this year)

        Have fun!!! (Thanks Ilene, how did I forget that one).Big grin


        Calf still giving me issues but I think it may have finally healed up.  I'm afraid to test it out with speedwork though because I dont want to pull it again if it's not totally healed up.


        Hit 203 - good enough - would love to keep the rest of the year over 200/month

        I did miss one week of having two 13+ runs, but I also had two weeks where I had three of them

        Not really any speedwork - I did do a few tempo test miles in the middle of some runs to test out the calf, but it never ended well.

        I did NOT eat better

        I did have fun though - running longer (and slower) and listening to a few audio books (girl with the dragon tattoo most recently) and I am enjoying running a bit more without the stress of running faster all the time.

          Just to STAY HEALTHY as my first marathon in 20 years is the 2nd weekend of October.


          First one in 20 years, that's awesome!  


             my marathon is October 1, so this is tricky.


            Good luck Jill!  Smile


            an amazing likeness

              1. Plan the runs and run the plan to get ready for Oct

              2. 197 miles

              3. Loose some damn weight, geez!

              4. Set new (lifetime) 10K PR

              5. Stay ahead of Ileneforward in ytd


              Let's see...


              #1...Guess I'll call this "close, but no cigar"... knocked off all the planned workouts pretty well, but did shut down a Sunday long due to heat and weak will.

              #2...check, 211.

              #3...actually did manage to loose a few pounds.


              #5...so far, huff, huff, but dang she's not making it easy.

              I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                • Hit 1500
                • Run 180
                • Lose 4lbs
                • Double twice a week
                • Run super slow 5-6 runs a week
                • Run hill repeats 1/week

                I think my mojo is back.

                 Mojo definitely not back. Just don't seem to want to run.  Hit 1500 though!  Didn't make any other goals.  I feel like a slacker...but then realize I'm still averaging 40/MPW...so I guess that isn't truly slacking...but certainly less than what I've been doing.  It's weird for me not to want to run though...so I am honoring that.  Hopefully it won't last much longer.


                MTA: congrats on the 10k PR Andy.


                  September goals

                  205 miles

                  heal up all injuries (knee, heel etc.)

                  increase long runs

                  have fun  Smile


                  Yeah, not going to make the mileage

                  knee still wonky, MRI being scheduled.  Heel is lots better!

                  Long runs still only medium

                  Having lots of fun though.  Smile


                  Running is stupid

                  an amazing likeness

                     MTA: congrats on the 10k PR Andy.


                    Thanks Knifey !  It took me more than a few whacks at it this year....started to doubt I'd get it.

                    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                    Arrogant Bastard....Ale

                      240 miles

                      Solid showing at City of Lakes 25K

                       Well I finally hit my mileage goal, I'll have 252 by the end of the day.


                      Didn't run the race.  I really should run a race soon to see what I have.  It's been over a year!

                      Just a dude.

                        Well, I'll throw myself in here... I've been gone for a long time, but I think I'm finally back to a place where my goals will line up with a 1500 mile group, even tho 1500 for the year is not realistic for me.


                        Run 175 miles...

                        Get down to 210 pounds...




                        236 miles... much better than expected.

                        210 pounds... right on the money...


                        Good month overall I think... 



                        Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 

                          I'm on a training plan (master run coach) now so my goal is just to stay reasonably on plan (there's some flexibility and range for each workout so this shouldn't be too hard barring some extreme event). I should be over 200 miles for the first time ever (180 in august is my highest so far).


                          I ended up recycling the training plan since my daughter wants to sync with me. I did manage to hit 200 miles, which is pretty cool.