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    April, sorry to hear that sad news. My thoughts are with you and your family.



    Go figure

      Morning everyone. I'm just running a few miles at recovery pace later as my legs are really tired.


      April...sorry for your family's loss.

      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


      Jess runs for bacon

        I'm sorry to hear about your aunt April. You and your family are in my thoughts.


          April- So sorry for your loss.


          Got my 6.5 in late last night in my new kinvaras- felt good!  Tonight I'm not sure if I'll get a run in or not.  I'll have to see how the day goes.  If I do it will be even later than last night, boo.



            April, sorry for your loss.

            Ball of Fury

              April:  So sorry to hear about your Aunt.  I lost mine last week and like you, I hadn't seen her in a few years (probably more like 4 years), but I will miss her all the same.  Prayers for you and your family.


              Happy Friday Dailies!  DH and I did Shoulders and Arms (P90X) this morning, and will have 4 easy miles to do after work.  Hope everyone in the Northeast stays safe, warm, and dry!

              PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

              Just B.S.

                April so sorry for your loss. I have relatives that I haven't seen for years as well but would still be terribly sad

                if they passed. Time and distance doesn't diminish our feelings for those we love.       


                I plan on 10 miles today unfortunately since it is still  -20F with windchill it will be done on the treadmill.

                It's the kind of cold where any exposed skin, however small the surfaces, feels the sting within minutes.


                Still happy from last nights swim clinic.  35 days ago I had a hard time getting in 50 yards without huffing

                and puffing. Last night I swam a total of 1,200 warm up/drills. The middle section was 4 X 150 yards with

                15 seconds rest in between the 150's and I did it easily.  Then continued on with the rest of the



                I can't wait for the 3 tri's I have scheduled for this summer. I normally do the du-athlon while the swimmers are

                off doing the swim and always felt left out. Becoming a better swimmer has been on my to-do list for several

                years but has always taken a back seat to the marathon training. I said "to hell with it" why can't I do both at

                the same I am.


                Have a good day everyone!

                  Luke, enjoy your SRD.


                  scrape., I'm glad that some one your eleven miles were dry. Great job keeping at it.


                  Fuzzy, have fun with your MP run.


                  BruceD555, have a fantastic eleven-miler.


                  Damaris, I hope that you feel better today and have wonderful workout(s) later.


                  AprilRunner great job running pre-dawn. I'm sorry about your family's loss. You have my condolences.


                  Rick, you and this Myrtl chick are tightSmile


                  c0derunner, I'm glad that you're OK. I hope that your seven miles go smoothly.


                  Sarah, amazing 4.51 at a sweet pace. I hope to work (or down, LOL) to that someday.


                  jedigunnie26.2, that is an unbelievable easy pace. Awesome run.


                  SIAR, I hope that your recovery run refreshes your legs.


                  Zelanie, yay on the new shoes working well! Enjoy whatever you do today.


                  AmiK, great workout this morning. Have  great four miles later.


                  Beth, I'm happy that you're enjoying i our swimming so much. Try not to be bored by ten miles on the TM later.


                  I did push-ups and three miles at 5.2mph (11:32) on the TM. No hills, just a consistent 1.5 incline.


                  I'm off to do ab work, eat breakfast (finally!), ad shower.


                  Have a great day, everyone!


                    April: I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt.


                    SIAR: Have a good recovery run!  Your legs have been running some serious miles - no doubt they are tired!


                    Zelanie: Nice work on the 6 and change in the new kicks!  I'm glad you loved them!


                    AmyK: Great job on the P90X!  I hope the planned run goes well.


                    Beth: I just can't get over your aptitude with the swimming: from 50 yds to 1200 yds?  Amazing!!!  I don't blame you - take the run to the TM!  Brrrrr!


                    Luke: Enjoy the rest!!!


                    Scrape: Way to get in the 11.  I'm happy that the roads were OK, all things considered.  I am with you - hence all my running at the indoor track.  I honestly can't believe the track stuff hasn't caused me any issues (the last two weeks I've run every mile there), but I feel like I am much more susceptible to getting injured running in the snow/ice than I do the track.  I MFing hate snow.


                    Bruce: Nice work slogging through this mess to get in your recovery run.  I had a hard time DRIVING to the track - I can't imagine running in that!  You are a rock star!  You're right - I do like to show up the boys at the track or at least hang with the fast ones.  That is NOT a good thing either!


                    Jedi: Great work on the fastish 7 today!


                    Gustav: Wine + chocolate???  I die!  Two of my favorite things!  Nice work on the 3.


                    Phil: I hope all looks good when they check out the knee today!


                    Flarunner: Nice work on the 5 EZ today!


                    Robert: I'm jealous!  50 degrees and breezy  - sounds so nice!


                    Shari: I hope the ankle thing clears up by tomorrow.  Boo.


                    Kristin and Sparker: Enjoy your RDs!


                    Hilary: Ohhh, you guys got slammed, hey???  Uggh!  Enjoy the storm and the TM run, girly!


                    Jay: Nice work on the fartlek run!!!  I am going to do some of those in my LR this weekend, I think.


                    Barking Mad To Run

                      Altho I have been off from work since yesterday I have been busy. Yesterday got up early and got my run in at Fort Sam Houston, 3.5 miles.  Then it was off to Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base to get some stuff done for my 'birthday month' annual physical. Followed by getting some cards/presents for Gail for next week (Valentine's Day, Feb 14th; our anniversary, Feb 14th; her birthday, Feb 15th), and then off to my arthritis doc to get my quarterly spinal injections/treatment.  Whew!  Today I am home 'resting' - not supposed to move around a lot for 24 hours after the injection - and also today have some folks coming to the house to put in a new door for us and an electrician coming by to install some new bathroom lights for us.   When I bought the lights at Home Depot, the guy there said "We can show you how to install them yourself."  I said "Yeah, if you want to read in the paper next day about a guy getting electrocuted and his house burning down from faulty wiring."  Me and tools do NOT get along.  Some folks are good at that handy-peson stuff, I am NOT one of them!  Much safer for me - AND all my surrounding neighbors Joking- for me to pay someone to do that.


                      This weekend I will be doing the San Antonio Rodeo 4-mile run on Saturday - and hopefully avoid the steer manure Wink - and then on Sunday - which is MY birthday; yeah, this is a busy week for me and Gail, lol - Gail and I will be doing the "Be My Valentine 5K" at the park (Brackenridge) near the San Antonio Zoo.  Maybe we will pass by some lovebirds.  Joking  After that I am going to nap a lot on Sunday afternoon!

                      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                      Just B.S.

                        Aww, thanks Heidi, but don't be too impressed! LOL It was 1,200 total but just being able to

                        do 4 X 150 with very little rest in between is a huge improvement over a month ago.



                        Beth: I just can't get over your aptitude with the swimming: from 50 yds to 1200 yds?  Amazing!!!  I don't blame you - take the run to the TM!  Brrrrr!



                        Barking Mad To Run

                          lol, Rick!


                          Wine and chocolates...naturally, those are for your special someone right, Gustav?  Surely you will share....Joking


                          Happy miles, Kay!  So glad to see you running pain-free again! Good luck with the snow!  BTW, 71 degrees for us today here in San Antonio.


                          I am sure your wife is very happy you will get to shower today, Phil!


                          Congrats on the miles, fla runner!  Same weather for us here.


                          Stay safe in that cold rain run, George!


                          Congrats on your miles, Robert.  'come see us y'all', reminds me of those post-oil spill Gulf area commercials on TV now...


                          Enjoy the rest, Step, and hope the ankle feels better.  Ice ice ice.


                          Way to fartlek, Shirfan!  Bet you blew those miles away! Big grin


                          Excited for snow.....Nevrgivup, you are sick sick sick!  Wink  Stay warm, stay safe, enjoy the TM miles!


                          Welcome to taper madness, Basya!  Wishing you very good health!


                          Good luck with the 12 Heidi!  You don't have snow too, do you?

                          "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                          Barking Mad To Run

                            I am with you, scrape, hate snow, don't want to run in it, don't want to see it except on TV.  So glad I live in San Antonio.  Congrats on your 11.


                            Good luck with the MP miles, fuzzy!  So you're an MP in the Army, huh?  Wink


                            Slush-o-rama snow-fest that was simply awesome. The wind was blowing and the icy snow made it feel like running in a frozen sandblaster. Gee, Bruce, and I thought nevrgivup was got her beat hands down! Wink  Glad you had fun!


                            Lack of breathing?  Is your asthma acting up again, Damaris?  If so, then very sorry to hear that!  Hope you feel better soon!


                            So sorry for your family loss, April.  Keep running, it is very good therapy and will help.  I know it did for me when my dad and mom passed.


                            after taking a tumble out of the bleachers at my daughters vball practice.  Dang, C0derunner, sounds like something I would do!  Glad you are okay!


                            Nice running, Pinktastic, congrats on your progress!


                            Nice running, Jedi!  Enjoy the family weekend.


                            Enjoy your recovery run, So I'm A Runner.


                            Amik, so sorry for your family loss!  Good luck with your miles later?  What is P90X?  I think Damaris told me once, but I have a memory like a spaghetti strainer, things slip out so easily....


                            Congrats on your swimming progress, Just B.S.  Minus 20?!!!! Shocked  Where do you live, again?  Got to write a reminder note to myself: NEVER go there in winter!

                            "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                              April - My thoughts are with your family.


                              Scotty - Happy early birthday! So, x7 ... just how old a dog are you now?


                              Barking Mad To Run

                                April - My thoughts are with your family.


                                Scotty - Happy early birthday! So, x7 ... just how old a dog are you now?


                                Why, Step, I am 413 in dog years!  Or will be on Sunday. Big grin


                                Yes, I am in my "golden' years.  I think they are called that because the prostate starts acting up and I have to pee so much... JokingWink

                                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt