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Not a dude

    Nice run, Luke!!!!

      danke shoen Smile








        Kristin: Congratulations on hitting the 1k milestone!!!  That is HUGE!  That story about you and your sis and the pace is hilarious.  I could see that being the case with me and my sister too!


        LRB: 100 ounces?!?!  Holy heck - that was a good night!  I love that shot of you and your buddy!!!


        Out of the Blue: Have a great day at the gym!


        Tom: Nice work getting out there again today!  You are really being consistent with the running! 


        Locomote: Rainy and windy...uggh...I love your attitude, though!  I hope you are able to score a PR tomorrow, despite the crummy forecast.  You definitely have experience on the course, which is great.  That is awesome that your friend is set to complete a 100th marathon - that is MIND BOGGLING!!!  Don't forget to check in tomorrow and give us a sneak peek at how things went!


        Cris: Nice work on the bike!


        Work in Progress: What a GREAT MLR this AM!  I'm glad your RP's leg is doing better.


        Planetology:  Way to get in your run by running home from the car repair shop!  I've never done something like that, but that's a good way to work in a run.  Well done!


        D2: BEAST!!!!  You rocked that race!!!  That has to be a big ole PR, right?!?!?!  Congratulations on an incredible race!


        Flippy: I'm proud of you for pushing through and getting the miles in that you did, despite the wind/cold and how you felt!  Lest you forget, you set a HM and a 5K PR in the same week.  It's going to take awhile before you are 100%  Don't fret!


        SIAR: I'm glad the pacing experience was a success!  Those are some pretty splits, too!  You did a great job and finished right where you should have.  Well done!!!


        Ami: Awww, you are a sweetie, but are plenty fast in your own right to put up 10K and HM times like that!!  Considering your speed already, the fact that you are getting faster more quickly yet b/c you are new and the act that you are running such a good # of miles (50 is GREAT!), I think you'll break 4:00 easily.  Ohhh, you will be fun to watch train for the remainder of this cycle and, hopefully, the next one!  I hope you hang around the dailies!   Just sayin' ....  I think you have a great plan, though.  I do love Pfitz's plan (so much so that I'm doing it again).  I was brand new when I did his plan and I handled the speed work just fine.  It was tough, but doable!  Best of luck to you as you finish up training and move into your taper, though!  Exciting!!!!


        Jenven: Oh, yeah, baby!  Those runs are getting longer and longer...Keep up the GREAT work!


        SUS: Great running today on the 7th miler.  Holy 7th mile blazing fast split!!!  I'm glad you are recovering.  Life is good!


        Lilac: Nice job on running the loop with the group!


        Luke: You BEAST!  Look at that insanely fast progressive run!  Is the PF gone altogether now???  You are running like nobody's business.  Keep it up!


        8 recovery paced miles in at 9:32 pace. While I'm ordinarily in the slow run is > no run camp, I should've taken today off. My legs are just tired. 


        I have one more week (next week) before I start the 18 week training plan for the Carmel marathon.  I think I am going to take this upcoming Thursday-Sunday off altogether just to give myself a break before training starts.  I've been toying with the idea, at least.  The problem is that I don't physically feel like I "need" a break at all, but the training is going to be pretty intense since it's 7 days a week and the mileage is a bit more then I ran last cycle. I am thinking I should take a breather while I can, right???  For some reason, I just feel guilty taking that many days off when they aren't "necessary."  It must be the Catholic in me, or something Big grin


          No's not gone altogether, but I'm working through it.  It doesn't hurt when I run so much anymore.  I'm starting to think it's related to work.  I walk a lot at work, on concrete floors, in steel toe boots.  I'm going to try some better kicks for work and see if that helps (we HAVE to wear steel toe)









            ....For some reason, I just feel guilty taking that many days off when they aren't "necessary."  It must be the Catholic in me, or something



            it's the machine in you.


              LRB:  Big grin


              Luke: I'm glad you figured out what the source of the PF likely is.  Good idea on trying out some new work kicks.  You are doing some good running!


                10 miles today with a friend but I way overdressed. 50*F in December in Canada is just not right. I should have worn shorts. Seriously. But it was a very good run.


                *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                  5.25 today, hoping on 7 tomorrow.

                    Good Afternoon All,


                    My running has  been sputtering lately and I figured it might be time for a change.  I see things are really up and running.  


                    It's pretty wet here in NorCal, but at least wet doesn't necessarily mean cold.  I really feel for the CIM people.  Let's hope the wind cooperates, if not the rain.  


                    A friend and I put in 10 miles today in the rain with the last 20 min. hard progression.  It felt like a strong, but good effort.  


                    locomote--Good Luck with CIM tomorrow.  Hope the weather cooperates.

                    Bertha--50 degrees is pretty much our weather in the winter.  That's why I usually train better in the winter.  (except lately, I guess...What is wrong with me?)


                    Team TJ

                      Hey y'all.


                      i ran the Savannah River Bridge Run this morning.  I ran the 5K leg of the race.  My finish time was 35:52 which I was happy with considering I never run on any kind of hills.  I finished 56/110 in my age group.


                      this was my first race using my Garmin and somehow I confused it at the start.  It took about 1.5 minutes to start moving from where I lined up at the gun.  There were just shy of 4,000 folks start.  i pressed start at the gun, mistake.  Evidently, it "auto-paused" and didn't move from there.  There was no recorded track when I downloaded it but it says I ran 7 miles????..  

                      Running for TJ because he can't.



                        Did you put crumbled up newspaper in them to absorb some of the water? What I've been told (and it seems to work) is to stuff crumbled up newspaper into wet shoes, let them sit about a half hour so that the paper absorbs all it can, then take it out and stuff dry newspaper in them. If they're really wet, repeat the procedure. Otherwise, let the second "stuffing" absorb water for several hours before removing or changing. That'll get rid of most of the moisture. They'll still probably need to air dry.


                        Doesn't hurt to have a second pair of shoes to rotate with the first either. That way, they'll get at least a day to air out between runs and it'll allow the cushion to recover its shape after use.



                        I propped my shoes near the fire and they are pretty much dry now.  But I like that newspaper tip and will definitely try it next time.

                        Life is good.

                          Good afternoon all,


                          I got in 3.4 miles @ 8:50 in the pissing rain. Welcome home me! My legs feel trashed ... I guess from 10 hours in that tin can. Gonna try to run a shit ton this month.


                          running is bad for you

                            It wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were any less hooter than they are......HOTTER than they are.  Whew, it is warm in here, isn't it?


                            Holiday shopping has officially started and DAMN if we didn't put a good dent in the list.


                            Were you naughty or nice?  No matter, the best aunt and uncle in the world will still get you presents.


                            Carry on.


                            Just keep swimming....just keep swimming.....

                            Ball of Fury

                              Runningmama:  Thank you so much!  I will try to stick around the Dailies...I need all the help I can get!  I didn't realize you were running Carmel...have heard good things.  We are running the Mini Marathon in May but have a team that is volunteering at Carmel so I may be there (if I don't have to work).

                              PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

                                8.7 for me. 48 degrees on the 1st of December in MN. Giggity.