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Monday Penguins remember Suzielea (Read 343 times)


Fear is a Liar

    The "Penguin" daily threads were originally conceived to emphasize that all members of the community have a place on the boards. Encouragement, motivation, a little love nip (you will love one, give it a try!) or even a little kick in the pants when needed -- it can happen here. Basically, we celebrate just getting out there and moving our tails! 

    What is "slow"? "Slow" is a perception but one of the common benchmarks is the 10:00/mi pace; but there's no firm line. In fact, there are many of us that have slipped past this, and just hope that no one notices and revokes their "igloo privileges."  

    It can be confusing for the forum newbies, but we're not one of the teams in any of the fine games. It's a totally open group, so stop lurking, post an introduction of yourself dive in and join the fun! No application necessary! There might even be a lovely picture for Scotty (we love pics!) 

    I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


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      Rest in Peace, Suzie! You will be missed.


      Penguins, carry on! I'm part Penguin myself. :-)

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      Fear is a Liar

        When ever I would think about the Penguin thread, I would think of Suzi. 


        Full body workout at the gym after work. I may give the stationary bike a whirl - but to me the stationary bike is way more boring than the treadmill. 

        I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

        Dad on the run.

          Ummm.. did something to happen to suzie? I knew she hasn't been on the forums in forever but I thought she might have stopped running...


          Anyways I only got 7 miles in last week, what a crazy week that was, I'm glad its over. Planning on 4 or 5 today, maybe more, depends on if I get a double run in today or not. Also shooting for 22 MPW, that will be a 10% gain from week before last. Also getting back on the diet bandwagon. I've gained 4 - 5 lbs in Nov and really need to get that off before all the holiday eating in Dec starts back up. I just can't say no to that sweet potato casserole and pecan pie, lol.


          Hope everyone has a great day and a great week, just 3 more weeks and I'm off for 11 days WOOHOO!!!

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            OMG when did this happen? RIP  Suzie. Your positivity and kindness will always be remembered.


            *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

            Bin Running

              Jimmy, She passed on sometimes last week.. Goorun updated us on the forum...


              RIP Suzanne..


              Planning for 3M recovery for yday HM but doubt can make it as still working 730pm in office.. Had some time to read all yday post but didn't get to respond.


              Reply based on what I can remembered..

              Not really sore today.. Perhaps tmr I will feel the onslaught.. Next HM is 31 Mar which I planned to use a modified pftiz 12 week 50miles plan.

              And yes, I did put on my headband..and something more..

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                So sorry to hear about Suzie, she will be missed, she was always so nice.


                8 miles done this morning.


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                  Sorry to hear about Suzzie, I didnt know her but you all speak highly of her,


                  Gustav- a stationary bike it torture for me, I wish you better luck

                  J- good luck on the 4 or 5 later, I think we all gained some weight in Nov, or at least I was hoping I wasnt the only one.

                  Bin- congrats of the HM,

                  d- good job with 8 miles already this morning!


                  RD for me, and then back at it tomorrow,

                  Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!


                  I AM running!!!



                    I didn't know Suzie either but I'm so sorry for your loss. SRD for me.


                    Have a great Monday everybody!



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                    Miles to Go

                      Good Morning Penguins !!!    Looks like we will get to stay outdoors for another week.  Hope to get a "Long Run" in today, if enough energy after work.  26 miles last week.   Sorry about Suzie.  Must have been before my time.  


                      Have a great week....

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                      Smaller By The Day

                        Gustav - Thanks for starting us off.  I didn't know Suzi, but it sounds like she will be missed.


                        jblack - Holidays are tough.  I've just made it a goal to not gain over the holidays.  Trying to continue to lose with the holidays would just frustrate me I'm guessing.  Now that you've got your cutback week out of the way, time to get that base back up.  Good luck on your miles tonight.


                        bin - I didn't seen a RR.  Did you post one?  Did you hit your goals?  Are there pics of the headband?  I need to know these things.


                        D - When you started running daily, did you feel sort of beat up some days? 


                        Kristi - Enjoy your rest day.


                        AFM - It hit me yesterday that I am running out of time to get up my Christmas lights.  So, I decided that I had to run this morning, or I'd run out of daylight after work to get the lights on the roof.  Sure, the other lights look great by themselves, but it's not the same if I don't get the roof lit up first.  Anyway, we've got dense fog this morning, and a light drizzle.  It's not exactly safe for road running with slick pavement and fog.  The track has that infamous taco shape, and my legs just didn't feel up for that this morning.  So, I went to the gym, and hit the dreadmill.  I was sweating so bad that I was worried about my cell phone.  The pace on the dreadmill felt terribly off from reality.  I had to settle for 32 minutes.  There's no way that I was going to make it an hour on that thing.  So, I'll have to make up some miles somewhere, but I have managed to keep the consecutive days running streak alive.  My Christmas lights will be hung tonight.  Well, as many as I can get up in one night.  55 miles in 10 days of consecutive running.  I felt most beat up around day 6, and I think my body is starting to adapt.  Maybe only going 32 minutes today will be a blessing in disguise.


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                          Gustav -- nice thread title.  Suzielea had such a strong spirit and she brought a lot of goodness to our little online community.  We'll miss her.


                          It's going to be unseasonably warm here today so I'm looking forward to getting out to run in shorts after work.  4-5 miles planned depending on how I feel and when darkness falls. 


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                            I didn't know Suzi either but I'm sorry for your loss Sad. Another SRD for me. Have a good day!

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                              Awood, didn't write any RR


                              Met goal 1 which is to go below 130mins.. but missed goal 2 and 3. Completed in 2:02


                              Headband check! will try to find photos when I can..

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                              Dad on the run.

                                I always worry when someone who regularly visits a site/forum stop posting because you really have no way of knowing why or if anything happened. This is such sad news. I remember when I first joined the penguins suzie was like the dedicate forum started and was always upbeat, cheerful, and friendly and was very passionate about her writing. May she rest in peace.


                                What kind of transplant did she have?

                                My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!