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Funnies for you..... (Read 115 times)

Just B.S.

    For those who love Dilbert. You have to "get" him  but they make me laugh every time.


    I used to have few "workplace humor" frames up at my desk about rude co-workers. My

    former boss didn't find the same humor in them that I did.Smile














      Love the next day marathon!


        Love Dilbert - and those were all new to me. Thanks!


          I'd seen the 401k one in the last week or so, but I think that the coffee one might work on a few people around based on the dailies thread. Wink


            Geosynchronous orbit!  Ha!  Big grin

              Those are great! I love Dilbert.



                Beth - Thanks for the laughs!   These are great!

                But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                Skirt Runner

                  haha! awesome!

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                    haha! awesome!


                    Hey, how are you?  How's the injury coming?


                      I love these!  I think I'll print them out and hang them in my cubicle.

                      Do you even run?


                      Beer-and-waffle Powered

                        My dad and I are both huge Dilbert fans and have several of the books. The rest of our family used to give me crap all the time for just sitting on the couch and laughing to myself.

                        In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them

                        delicate flower



                          A few years ago I went to a work conference and Scott Adams spoke.  He showed a bunch of strips that never made it past filters and editors.  Good stuff.  Big grin



                            Very funny! Love Dilbert and needed the laugh at work today - thanks.