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Just B.S.

    My husband has always told me so  and now it's official!


    After 14 years of running and 10 years of racing half marathons I ran my first Disney event and  25th Half

    Marathon on Sunday Feb 24th at the Disney Princess.


    On Feb 21st we traveled 1,700 miles to Orlando from Canada for a week of fun with a half marathon

    thrown in food good measure, to celebrate my friends 50th b'day. She is a fairly slow runner and hadn't

    done a 1/2 marathon since 2003. She wanted to run the Princess and her sister and I wanted to get out

    of Canada and be warm for the first time in 5 months.Smile   We stayed at a Wyndham vacation condo on

    the Disney property. It was beautiful and so convenient.


    The one and only goal was to  have an epic fun time and  I have to say that we achieved  this 100%!! We are

    a tad naughty and have no problem joking with strangers and making a spectacle of ourselves, especially

    when we will never see any of these people again!LOL  


    We had a few bumps along the way as with any trip but I'm the type of person who doesn't get worked up about

    those things, life is just too darn short not to have fun and enjoy as much as you possibly can.


    A lot of people talked about the humidity. It didn't bother me at all but possibly because I was running a 

    full 2 minutes slow/mile than my normal pace or possibly because we were just having so dang much



    I conceived/designed and made all of our identical costumes. The wands turned out to be a great idea as the

    spectators loved them and they made it very easy to find each other when we got seperated a few times, we

    simply raised our wands and waved them like crazy!!


    I consider Disney events and not races. I think if you go there with the attitude that it is simply a fun "event" rather

    than a race it's easy to have a great  time. And we did.



    Wearing costumes through the hotel lobby and onto the plane to Florida and stopping the security 

    personnel in their track to laugh at us.

    Getting up at the ungodly hour of 2:30 am to get ready for the race 

    Dancing in the parking lot at 3:30 with friends from home we met up with. 

    Laughing so hard in the "A" corral while waiting for the race to start that we almost pee'd our costumes. One of the

    girls has taken a photo of me that was so awful we couldn't look at it without cracking up.  

    Laughing, joking and high fiving people through the entire route. 

    Getting dozens of shout outs from the crowd "Go Canada" was heard many many times. Our costumes

    were a huge hit with the crowd and other runners. 

    At one jumbo tron they saw us coming and starting singing "Oh Canada" 

    Covering ourselves in rub-on Canada tattoos


    Me pinching Jack Sparrows butt at the photo op and he liked it!! 


    Stopping 23 times for photos - once at each mile marker and 10 times for character photos


    Still managing to run a 2:32 at our friends pace with all of those stops


    The next day laughing and joking our way through 14 hours at Epcot


    On Tuesday spending 10 hours at Island of Adventure - getting soaked on the Jurassic Park water ride

    in the pouring rain and getting stuck on the ride for 15 minutes before being takens off by park workers

    and laughing/having fun the entire time


    Doing all of the kiddie rides in the Suess area and having a blast! One Fish/Two Fish was my favorite.


    Then having dinner at Margaritaville and having them announce our friends 50th bday to the crowd.


    So 2013 starts with a 1/2 marathon in a Princess costume at Disney and will end in late September with a full

    marathon in Ireland wearing a cow themed costume.


    No one can ever say we don't know how to have fun!!Big grin



    PACKET PICK UP - First Disney race at age 51










    NIGHT BEFORE COSTUME PREPARATION - Didn't want to leave this for the 2:30 wake up call

    so we had everything laid out and prepared the night before.








      Congratulations!  What a fun time!

      Do you even run?


        Welcome home, Beth! I've missed you! But I knew you were having a blast, so I wasn't too worried about you. In fact, I was more worried about our American friends who had to handle the tornado you can sometimes be. Big grin You look beautiful and so radiant, as always!


        What a GREAT idea to do this with your girlfriends! I want to do something similar someday, but I don't have any friends who run. Can you take me along on one of your fun trips? I'll be a good girl, I promise! :-)

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            What a wonderful, fun RR!  You and your friends really know how to celebrate a big birthday.  Can't believe you all got such a good finish time with all those stops.  Mustta been Disney magic or something.  The costumes are so cute and funny!  You made me wanna be a Canadian Princess!  Congratulations to you and your awesome friends.


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              Great RR and sounds like you had a wonderful trip!!

              PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

                I'm not surprised you had a wonderful time.  You always take things in stride in your postings.  Glad you enjoyed your Disney adventure with your friends.

                “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot


                  Excellent! Great Princess outfit, your Highness.

                  Bad Ass

                    You can tell you had so much fun!  Love those outfits!  Congrats.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                      It looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time with friends and the smiles in all the photos prove it. I really loved the one with you bent over the bus stop sign and can totally relate the hilarious exasperation you were feeling. "But I just want to leave ... how hard can this be?"


                      Nice RR and I don't think your friend will be forgetting her 50th birthday celebration for a long time.

                      Train smart ... race smarter.


                        Congrats Beth. Sounds like a fun way to celebrate a birthday.


                          Great race, Beth. I'm so envious that your GFs are runners!!! My girl trips usually involve a music festival, or camping and hiking, but I can't imagine doing a HM with my GFs. I can dream...



                            BETH!!  I've been anxiously waiting for you to get home so you could write an RR and let us know about your trip!!  It sounds like you and your girlfriends had the celebration of a lifetime!!  Thanks for sharing all those PINK-maxing pics - I love them!!   You did a fabulous job on the costumes, and now I can't wait to see the cow costumes for Ireland!!


                            I think you should change your screen name from Just B.S. to Princess B.S.   Just thinking out loud......   ;-)

                            But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

                            Little Blue

                              Fun!  Your RR makes me grin.  Big grin


                              Healed Hammy

                                Fabulous, just fabulous.  So happy that you had a great experience, Disney is intended for exactly how you approached it - a fun time.  And OMG.... the costumes are amazing!!!!   You really thought that one thru and made a custom look that only you can.  Memories that will last you a lifetime.  Now if only we all could come to Ireland to see the cow's run, wouldn't that be something!