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What does a 50 mile week look like? (Read 210 times)


    I ran my first 30+ mile week last week and thought, "Wow, that's a lot of running"  Ideally, I think I'd like to build to a base of about 50mpw.  What does that look like for daily mileage?  If you aren't training for a race, do you still have a weekly LR?  If you are running this kind of mileage, please share your routine.


      I had 53 miles last week:

      Mon - 9

      Tues - 6

      Wed - 8

      Thur - 9

      Fri - 6

      Sat - 14

      Sun - SRD


      In that scenario, the LR was a shorter one for a marathon plan, but with quality work built in. And I have averaged over 45 mpw for the last few years, peaking at over 60 mpw during training, so this wasn't an unusual week for me.

      If you are just building up toward 50 mpw and training for a marathon, you might have more miles in the LR, or you might cut back on say, Monday's run, and turn the Thursday into a double-digit medium long run.


      To answer the question about when not training for a specific race - I try to keep a run of 12-15 miles in at least every other week, preferably in 3 of 4 weeks.


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        Robin...I'll give you a cutback week for me from a while back...granted, it does come in marathon training so it's not just a base building week like you mentioned.


        M: 6.4 miles easy

        T: AM 7.6 miles easy  PM 4.8 miles recovery pace

        W:  AM 10.8 mile easy, with 8x8sec hill spring   PM 4.8 miles easy

        TH: 10.3 mile fartlek

        F:  6.7 miles easy

        S:  5k race + 2 easy miles

        Su:  7 miles easy


        Total:  63.6 miles...but, if you took out the two doubles, you'd be awfully close to the 50.  If you were doing this for base building, you'd probably have some more variety in your runs.  Maybe a day of 14 miles, then another of only 4 in place of one of the 6 mile ones.  Also, I think it'd be a good idea to keep in one fartlek run and one day of hill sprints.


        Also, you could definitely do it with a rest day in there.

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          I don't know if I'll ever have time for that kind of mileage.  I don't know how some people put up triple digits.

          Do you even run?

            My daily run is usually around 8 miles, so if I don't take a rest day, I can hit 50+ without a long run, did that a few weeks ago.  Or I can take a rest day and long run 15-16.  You can look through my log and see some examples, altho I haven't been hitting 50mpw consistently recently, I'd like to get back to that.  Oct-Dec in my log has better examples.  Public logs are great, you can check out anyone's log that has it open and see how they work their mileage.


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              I don't know if I'll ever have time for that kind of mileage.  I don't know how some people put up triple digits.


              +1.  I'll have to get a whole lot faster to put in that kind of mileage!


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                M: 3 miles AM

                Tu: 3 miles AM, 5 miles PM

                W: 3 miles AM

                Th: 3 miles AM, 15 miles PM

                Fri: 3 miles AM

                Sat: 20 miles AM


                50 mpw sucks balls.....I am so ready for May! My comfort level is having Weds off, along with Sunday. And having the Thurs & Saturday runs about 5 miles shorter each. That mileage and time training, I liked. It ain't pretty, but it is what I can do with the time constraints that I have. Ideally, I would have 2 of those 3 milers be closer to 8(give or take), so that the other longer runs aren't so out of whack % wise overall. As it stands, the runs are pretty big jumps in mileage. Is what it is. So don't copy me.....I know I am doing it wrongWink


                Go figure

                  NBT...I think I'd be suicidal with schedule!  Truth be told, I'm not even sure I could do it, so even if it's not the ideal way to put the miles in (like you said) I have much respect for the fact that you're getting it done.  Sometimes you just do what it takes to get to your goal, right?

                  Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                    My most recent 50 mile weeks have been on Pfitz 18/55, so they have involved two rest days.  To have two rest days requires at least two, if not three 10+ mile runs in any given week, one of which ends up being a pretty long run.  If not trying to do long, marathon training type long runs, I think I'd rather take only one day off and shift some miles around.


                    The most recent one I did was:

                    Monday - SRD

                    Tuesday - 8 (warmup, 5x600@5k pace, cooldown)

                    Wednesday - 11 easy

                    Thursday - SRD

                    Friday - 4 easy

                    Saturday - 10 w/6 tempo

                    Sunday - 17 long


                    Another one:

                    Monday - SRD

                    Tuesday - 8 easy

                    Wednesday - 9 (warmup, 5x1000@5k pace, cooldown)

                    Thursday - 12 easy

                    Friday - Rest

                    Saturday - 5 recovery

                    Sunday - 18 w/14@MP

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                    10k: 52:01 (4/28/12)  

                    HM: 1:50:09 (10/27/12)

                    Marathon: 4:19:11 (10/2/2011) 



                      M- Off

                      T- 8

                      W- 10

                      Th- 8

                      F- Off

                      S- 10

                      Su- 14


                      I like having 2 days off a week when in maintenance mode.

                      You people, have issues.


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                        My mileage has been between 50-55 and my run distances are closer together than many other people's because I don't do a very long long run (I train mostly for 5K's and shorter distances). My week this week looks like this:


                        Sunday - 7 miles easy

                        Monday - 10 miles medium long run

                        Tuesday - 6 miles fartlek

                        Wednesday - OFF

                        Thursday - 10 miles medium long run

                        Friday - 7 miles w/4 at tempo

                        Saturday - 13 mile long run


                        for what it's worth, I run after work. It kinda sucks, but it gets done.

                        Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


                          Thank you for the replies.  So, here's a follow up question:  What is the advantage of doing two long runs in one day?  Is it to get in the miles or is there another purpose?


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                            Thank you for the replies.  So, here's a follow up question:  What is the advantage of doing two long runs in one day?  Is it to get in the miles or is there another purpose?


                            It's typically to get in more overall mileage without increasing overall stress. It can also be if you can't fit in one full run into a day. The smaller run is typically pretty easy.


                            For example, during winter track season a two years ago I was running about 91km average per week. On workout days my roommate and I would do an easy 8km in the morning (a little under 40 mins) and then in the afternoon we'd do the track workout of about 14-16 km. The morning run would give us over 20 km for the day without having the stress of such a big workout (the first run was almost inconsequential in terms of stress, but still gave 40 mins of running). I also found it woke me up in the morning (as 40 minutes in the winter will do) and shook out any stiffness I had in my legs.


                            If one of your runs in the double isn't an incredibly easy run, then you probably shouldn't double.


                            I just reread your post: were you talking about doubles in general? Or breaking up the long run into two runs?

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                              My week this week looks like:


                              Monday - 6 recovery

                              Tuesday - SRD

                              Wednesday - 9 with 5 @ MP

                              Thursday 10-13

                              Friday - 6 recovery

                              Saturday - 16

                              Sunday - 6 recovery


                              That's 50-58.  My weeks would be something close to that, give or take 5 miles.



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                                w- 6

                                Th- 12 long, 4 easy

                                F- 8


                                Sun- 5

                                Total of 54miles.


                                I am sometimes in the mood for a double. The second run is alway short and slow. I do it for extra miles, but I always feel less pressure doing those runs. I am almost always in the treadmill and my long runs are often mixed in with tempo runs.


                                I do not race, I just like seeing the miles pile up. I have a goal for the year and a weekly goal too. I love being in bonus mile territory.