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    We have a couple of videos posted on our Facebook page.  As for the Garmin, it's never going to work on my work computer -- you have to be admin to install the plugin, and I'm not.  Firefox didn't tell me that, but Chrome did.  I'm not too fussed, I just enter my runs manually, and I don't have any history.  But it's all good.


    Thank you for sharing the FB page!  Loved your music, and what a fun group.  

    Gotcha about the Garmin.  That's basically what I'm doing to.  It seems to work pretty well.  Only thing I miss is checking the elevation sometimes, and different paces for different areas of the path I run, but it's still better then not having the Garmin at all!


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    Barking Mad To Run

      I filled up the Dodge Charger 'muscle car'  rental car this morning with gas and it cost $50!  What?!!!  That was it for me.  I took it back to the rental place and swapped it out for a Dodge Dart, 41mpg.  Easier to handle too, since I don't have any muscles.  Big grin   I should have my own vehicle back by next Tuesday, thank goodness.  Damage was not too bad, thankfully.  I'm glad the other driver and I were both moving at a fairly slow speed, as it could have been a lot worse.


      After work today I will be heading to Fort Sam Houston to get in a few miles.  Temp has warmed up nicely, it's almost 64 degrees now.  I was going to go to the university campus to run but, forgetful me, I forgot to put my campus parking pass in my rental vehicle.  Oh well. Guess things happen for a reason.  I need a haircut, so I can get that at the military barbershop at Fort Sam after I run. 


      OK, on to personals.....


      What's going on between Awood and Zelanie?  I missed that.


      Enjoy your rest day, Mitch!  Hope the legs loosen up.


      Congrats on your toilet handyman-ness, Gustav!


      12 oz of Shiner, nice, Jerry!  Sorry about DW not being able to accompany you on your run.


      Hope your rain gear works well for you, Dave!  Especially since you'll be out there for, oh, I'm guessing...8 miles...


      Gee, Margo, all that food-fest, sounds like you might need more than 4 - 5 miles.  Have fun!


      Kristin, you are normal, you just have a lot of nervous anticipation.   However, if you want to quit having nightmares about the race, I can always send you the dreaded "Bare Buns Photo" and you can have nightmares about that instead.  Take your mind off the race, that's for sure.  Hey, what are friends for? Big grin


      Dang, Kara, sounds like you're performing School Nurse duties there.  Hope everyone feels 100% in no time!


      Sounds like your back is feeling a bit better, Damaris.  Happy running with the group.   Oh, got to page 2, guess you are not feeling so better.  Don't push yourself into it hurting worse, and ending up with an injury somewhere else because you are compensating for your back.  Take some time off from running if you have to.   A few days of non-running won't kill you, honest!  I am living proof of that, lol.


      Nice quality running, Bin!


      Happy reunion with your son, Bill!


      Zelanie, I forgot you were in Oregon.  The Beavers are coming to play the Texas Longhorns in the Alamo Bowl on Dec 29.  Sounds like a perfect excuse for you to get away from that cold weather in Oregon and come have an FE in dry Texas. Wink Even though the Longhorns are going to win.  Hey, quit laughing, I know how badly the Longhorns have done this year, but they might still have a shot. Joking   Yeah, come on down!  We can put you up..if you don't mind cats in the house.  


      Congrats on the early a.m. run, ERLH, way to go!  Schedule?  What the heck is that?  I just go run too.  When I get out there I really never know how far/how long I will go until I start running and then I just go with how I feel.  No pressure, no commitment to having to put in a certain amount of miles.  Oh yeah, I am definitely just a fun-runner, lol.


      Congrats on your perseverance, Tomas!  You are way more disciplined than I am.  Must be that Asst. Principal mind-set thing. Wink


      Aww, HsM, that was so nice of your group. Thanks for your service to the people who give their service!   Sorry about the knee still bothering you.  You know, if you just go have surgery on the knee and have a big screw put all the way through it, like I have through mine, it will probably hold your knee all together and it won't hurt anymore, see?   Honest! Roll eyes   So since Dusty went to work with you today that now makes her a LAB dog, right?  Big grin


      Oh for pete's sake, why after all this time am I recognizing just now that Trail Hippy is Mike?  Takes my brain a while to engage I guess, lol.  Nice running, Mike. Yeah, breaking trail can be tough, it's kind of like running through loose sand on the beach, really tough on the ole calves.  Rest 'em up! 


      Wow, Rach, you can do a lap in 0.25?  Speedy!  If you time that by about 5 or 6...minutes...that's 1 lap for me. Big grin  I don't envy you the moving!  I loved traveling all over the world during my Air Force days, but the packing and unpacking was not the fun part of that. Good luck!


      Jimmy, may not be a head cold, may be allergies.  Where do you live.  Right now in Texas, it is Mountain Cedar season.  This stuff literally, 'snows" into the air, makes it hard to breathe, makes you cough, etc.  Even the people who aren't allergic to it still get bothered by it to some degree.  So you might check and see what kind of pollen is in your area right now.


      Way to get your run in, Brady! Sub-8?  Zowie! 


      Yeah, Kristin, Chinese food...same as pizza.  I ate pizza too soon before a run..ended up puking on one of those small 'yappy' dogs...much to the HORROR of the little old lady that was out walking it.  To this day in my neighborhood, if she sees me coming, she crosses the street to the opposite side from the one I'm on and walks away in the other direction.


      Nice, Cherie, that 6 is now easy for you!  How is the weather up there?  I saw on Weather Channel that Snoqualmie Pass got 6 - 12 inches of snow!  I left the state just at the right time, lol.


      OK, nearly 4 PM my time, so I know all you East Coast folks are already out and about doing your thing, and gone from work.  My turn now to get out of the office.  Going to change into my running gear and then head for Fort Sam Houston.   Chat with y'all later!

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      Miles to Go

        Got DW out there and ran 7 slow miles on the bike path.  50f, but still cold running into the wind.  I'll have to read posts later after shower and nap.

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        Smaller By The Day

          I'm still alive, and so is my streak.  It's just been a crazy busy day.  Game on!


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          Bad Ass

            The only problem was that he was scared of the floor in the hallway.  I don't know if it was too shiny, or too slippery since they just waxed it.  But then a little while ago I wondered if he thought he was going to the vet ...


            Maybe he was seeing a dog on the floor and thought he was the enemy?  True story below.


            We used to have another townhome in this street that we rented.  When we purchased it, we went there to look at it and we brought Hershey, who was a baby.  The bedroom had floor to ceiling mirrors.  He kept running towards it with his back arched and meowing like he was going to attack the 'other cat' there.  LOL.



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

            Bad Ass

              Oh, I finished my doubles.  The only thing left is the sore back but other than that it's fine.


              I am tired, though.  Will rest and have a beer before dinner.



              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

              It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

                Mike, I just busted out laughing at the uncle Si comment, I love that show!


                Scotty, they are racing each other! It's on like donkey kong!


                I slept a little later today since it was a RD, legs feel okay this evening, just 2 more nights!


                  The clouds parted and the weather was a perfect 45* for a beautiful evening run through the Christmas lights!  Legs felt really strong, so I let 'em go, and had my fastest 8 miler ever!  Absolutely fantastic run!!


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                    Wow, Rach, you can do a lap in 0.25?  Speedy!  If you time that by about 5 or 6...minutes...that's 1 lap for me. Big grin  I don't envy you the moving!  I loved traveling all over the world during my Air Force days, but the packing and unpacking was not the fun part of that. Good luck!



                    LOL ... I am NOT that speedy! That was 0.25 miles. I was literally doing laps around a track. Gave me a better estimate on how fast I was going without concentrating on my Garmin!


                    The whole packing and unpacking thing is getting old. I am ready to settle down into one place, but I still have a few years before I can do any of that! I finally feel like I am settling in and getting good friends around here and now I am leaving again. It never seems to fail. But that's the military life.

                    Bad Ass

                      Where are you now, Rach?  How's your dad?



                      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                      It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)



                        Where are you now, Rach?  How's your dad?


                        I am still in Virginia. I haven't left yet. I won't be leaving for Alaska until after the New Year.


                        My dad is doing as well as one can in his condition. As always, he has his good days and his bad ones. He is a fighter and still hanging on. Wondering if he will be around for the holidays, but either way I will be happy--happy to spend one last one with him and/or happy that he is no longer in pain. It's a catch 22.

                        Bin Running

                          Jimmy, Sorry abt the cold.. Get well soon.. You still need to enjoy your 11 days off.


                          Hope's Mom, that's some talents on the FB.. I didn't know it could sound so good w/o music.. The cover photo (taken on Halloween?) was awesome...


                          Scotty, Glad you have have the car back so soon.. and Before Xmas.. Smile

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                            Hello everyone!  Crazy busy week at work with exams.  I'll be so happy next Wednesday when break starts!


                            i did get 3 miles in on the treadmill tonight.  Sorry for the lack of personals.  


                            Have a great night!



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                              I fueled with chinese food.. Pretty ok... Wait.. I am Chinese.. maybe that's why.. haaa


                              Do you guys take rice with Chinese food at your place? Or chinese food is usually spicy chicken noodle? Just curious..

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                                Scotty....bare buns photo....dare I ask???

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