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    Hey, guys. Well, I went over to RW to see if the "Inappropriate Content" thing was removed from my profile yet. Apparently, even though no one reported me or my avatar, which is the same exact picture of a mermaid that I have had for over 3 years, under the new version of Pluck it is considered OFFENSIVE. Sooo--under the advice of KK and S*S, I took the old one down and found a new, fairly innocuous one. Wearing a bikini top.


    Apparently this is not good enough. It is still considered to be an affront to the moral fiber of good Americans everywhere. At least, in the World According to Pluck. So S*S told me to take it down and put up a NEW new one.


    Well, NO.


    I am tired of being jerked around by an inferior piece of software. So I decided against it. And told them why. I'm "Waterwench" for a reason, and my avatar has been a mermaid for over three years, and will always be a mermaid, so there. Perhaps it's strange that I am digging my heels in on this one issue, but everyone has their line in the sand. MERMAIDS FOREVER!!




    Not a dude

      Here's a solution to that problem:


      Don't go to RWOL Smile


        That is sooooooo lame!  I'm glad you came over!!

        Wandering Wally

          Hi Heather!  You and your mermaid are welcome here.

          Run!  Just Run!


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          delicate flower

            I for one appreciate RWOL for protecting me against such offensive and vulgar pictures.  WHERE IS THE PROTECTION ON THE RUNNINGAHEAD.COM WEBSITE?!    Never the banhammer around when you need it. 



              That's ridiculous! Glad you stood your ground.



              Skirt Runner

                Personally I find Mermaids really offensive. My motto is to always keep things clean, and I use Disney as a baramotor for this. If something is too obscene to be featured in an antimated Disney movie, then best to steer clear. Since Disney would never corrupt society with depictions of mermaids then they must be inappropriate. Oh wait...

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                    I agree, screw them!!!! Mermaids are magical creatures, and they can't be very magical if their boobies are covered Clown

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                    I like your mermaid avatar, always have. Keep it and stay here.


                    *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                    Bad Ass

                      We love your mermaid!  Stick around!  We even have the Crew back in action.



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                        Right on!


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                            I agree, screw them!!!! Mermaids are magical creatures, and they can't be very magical if their boobies are covered Clown


                          Hermione would be sad to hear that....


                          Jess runs for bacon



                            Waterwench, I saw you had gotten semi-banned, I asked everyone what happened but no one knew. THAT SHIT IS LAME!


                            I, for one, whole-heartedly accept mer-boobies in someone's avatar.  

                            Right on!


                            Ariel Mermaid



                            Little Blue

                              Wait .. what????!?!!  There are boobies, that makes them offensive?  What, do these people have a virtual magnifying glass so they can tell?  I've seen your avitar for several years, and it never occurred to me that there might be anything offensive showing.




                                That is bizarre.  Especially given the new avatars are so tiny you need a magnifying glass to make out any details anyway.  Screw them.

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