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A Newbie on Day One (Read 128 times)


    Wow, I never thought I could feel like my feet were as heavy as King Kong's! Just started the C25k program today. I'm 23 years old, 5'7", 140 pounds so I'm not really trying to lose weight--I just want to spend more than 5 minutes a day on my feet instead of sitting on my butt in front of the computer screen! I've never been athletic and I've always sort of wished I could be. So finally I decided, well, the athlete fairy is probably not going to drop down and attach little wings to my feet so I better start working out! Smile I'm a 'can't jog a block without puffing' person and I'm really excited about starting this program! --Amory
      Welcome! The C25k is a great way to start.


        Welcome Amory. I feel the same way as you. Just be glad you are doing this while you are still young. Good luck!!
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          Welcome. I couldn't run more than 60 seconds when I started either. This is a great program. Just slow down and take it easy.