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Do you do any extra runs that you don't count as C25K? (Read 423 times)

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    I got out today and technically did week 6 but I did it without the DH. He was too tired and I know we won't get out tomorrow and I'm not sure about Saturday, so I wanted to get something in. Just not sure if I should count it as a day in the program or just a day to get the blood going and start the week when he's ready. I'm thinking the latter of the two. So does anyone do extra runs but not count them?

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      WEEEEEELLLL. Since you asked. No, I don't do extra runs, but today I ran in the am, walked with a friend around 2pm, walked with a different friend this evening. I'm sure I'll be sorry tomorrow but it was such a beautiful day I just wanted to be outside. I think I need all of my strength for my run days so I don't believe I've done anything on my off days during this program. Not even ride my bike. YIKES!! Shocked I use my off days as recovery days and sometimes I really need those recovery days.
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        I have. It takes the pressure off and lets me just be outside to run. I don't run particularly fast (10-12 min/mile outside) and I take walk breaks. I'm a lot easier on myself if it's a "free run" day. I take the opportunity to take inventory. Feet feel good, shins feels good, breathing...speed, distance. I am more attuned to this stuff when I'm not so focused on making it X minutes or X miles. All of my extra runs have been outside. I sometimes do extra workouts at the gym too, where I specifically DO NOT run. It's just about cardio and strength training *without* the TM. I'd say if you feel like you have the energy and the sticktuitiveness to do it, go for it. c25k isn't the be all-end all program. Three is the minimum. The government recommends 30 minutes of cardio 3--5x/week, no?


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          Um, yes, 5 x 30 min CARDIO is recommended by the government, but suddenly jumping into running 5 days a week isn't. If you want to pick up extra cardio, there's a whole lot of other things you can do besides running (though, I know, it's not as fun. Tongue ) We runners call it "crosstraining" and most runners will say it's very beneficial, especially for new runners. Yes, c25k isn't the entire world's wisdom on running. But it helps people avoid the terrible "too's" - too much, too fast, too soon. The "toos" are what get people injured. My $0.02 is when you're starting running, stick with 3x / wk. Of running. Go do something else those other days if you want to have more cardio.

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