Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon

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12 Monkeys

    5pm, JCC.


    Just sent an email.  If it missed you, I apologize. Smile


    Doug, JJR, Mel, I think I did not have you on the email list, but look forward to y'all being there too Smile

    A Saucy Wench

      JCC is good Smile  When do you get into town?

       Flight lands about 2 ish.  So  probably 3:30 when I reach that side of town. 

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      12 Monkeys

        In that case, you can swing by my place.  I should be there after about 3:30 or so, until just before 5.  Call/text ifn you want first.



          We're staying at my Moms on Friday night so it'd be way too early for us to get into Nashville by 7am. I guess we're gonna stay at the Hampton on Sat night.


          We'll probably run when we get there around 10-10:30ish. How about Pizza Perfect at 12 for those that want to? I'm pretty convinced that the reason I had such a bad race at NYC is because I didn't eat pizza for lunch the day before which is USUALLY a staple Wink


          MTA: Trent if you could do marking after lunch I would help. does it take a long time?

           Which one? 


          Pizza Perfect


          1602 21st Ave S
          (615) 329-2757


          Pizza Perfect

          4002 Granny White Pike

          (615) 297-0345


          Pizza Perfect

          357 Clofton Ave

          (615) 646-7877

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          12 Monkeys

            Clofton Ave, in Bellevue.  Close to the JCC, Monkeyville and the Microtel.


              Whatever you do, do not confuse it with Sir Pizza.  Near the microtel.  No sir, no sale.


              Imminent Catastrophe

                Clofton Ave, in Bellevue.  Close to the JCC, Monkeyville and the Microtel.


                And I now understand why it's called a Microtel. 

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                  But that's part of the Monkey Traveler experience.


                  (BTW, that microtel > super 8 on charlotte pike)


                  12 Monkeys

                    Packet party 2012. Will be Thursday, as usual, or maybe Weds. At the JCC.


                    Who's in?


                      thursday is tomorrow.

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                        Sign me up.

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                          I'll be there.

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                          Intentionally Blank

                            I'm in for Thursday. Probably couldn't make a Wednesday.

                            Hoodoo Guru

                              Sure. Is it free?

                              The tangents are moot.




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                                Packet party 2012. Will be Thursday, as usual, or maybe Weds. At the JCC.


                                Who's in?


                                If it's Thursday (I assume you mean the Thursday before the Monkey), then me and Karen will be there.  If it's Wednesday, we will not be able to make it. 


                                It's always a fun time...so hoping it's Thursday Smile

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