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What do all you long distance runners do for chafing of the inner thighs? (Read 1006 times)

    I know many of you are probly too skinny to worry about this. I used to be also. Now, once I get past about 4 or 5 miles I start to feel the burn. What do you guys and gals do for this?

      A great product called Body Glide, is shaped like a solid deoderant stick, althougfh there are other similar products...also used on my feet and toes on long runs to help prevent blisters. Also, wear long compression (bike length) shorts instead of loose-fitting ones; yes- they show more of the bulges- but well worth the reduced "thigh rub". Blush
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        Yeah I usually run in basketball shorts. They are pretty loose. Id like to try the tight shorts under regular shorts before I go to the glide on creams. May get pretty hot running in two pairs of shorts, and no Im not ready to run around town in biker shorts with nothing over the top. Longer tighter shorts should do the trick though?


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          Yeah, there's a reason why standard running shorts are, well, short.

            I am a big time chafer (inner thigh groin area, nipples). I started running with regular jockey style underpants under generic sport shorts. --> serious chafing I then bought some Champion running shorts with integrated brief. --> still chafing Then I started going commando with generic sport shorts. --> ahh, much better, but still chafing on longer runs I then bought an expensive pair of New Balance running shorts with integrated brief. --> better than the Champions I mentioned earlier, but still some chafing Than I tried BodyGlide. --> no more chafing Note it is not really a cream, it is more like a solid deoderant. It is not sticky, greasy, or messy.

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              I wear long(ish) tight dri-fit boxers...never had a chafe! They are warmish in the warm weather but worth it.
                last summer i used vaseline to stop the chafing on my thighs and nipples. HavenĀ“t used it or needed it since about september though, not sure why. Maybe its the colder weather
                  Body Glide, Body Glide and More Body Glide...It works and is well worth the cost. Shocked
                    Thanks. Ill give one of these suggestions a shot before my 10 mile run in about a week or so.


                      Running with your legs slightly spead will stop the may however begin to notice people watching your strange running style....... Shocked.....but that has never bothered me at all......people always stare at me for various reasons...."orangeman"

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                        Under Armour makes a great boxer brief...nylon with spandex, etc. I always run in them with running shorts over them. I also use a little dab of body glide or AD Ointment under the boxer briefs. I have always had big quads, but do not have chaffing problems since I started this regimen. Also, for the nips, there is nothing better than some athletic tape over them. I just ran a marathon in December and had no chafing issues with my feet, nips, legs, etc. But, I did forget about my sides and arms and chaffed a bit on the right side. So, I know to body glide up on my sides the next race. Cheers.
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                          Body Glide, Body Glide and More Body Glide...It works and is well worth the cost. Shocked
                          Anyone know where to get this in Europe (Denmark)? Or if another type lube can be used?
                            I wonder if would not have it. They have a new sports section. Might be under a different name. I often find that same products in Europe have different names than in US. Ewa
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                              Found it on in the UK Cool
                                Anyone know where to get this in Europe (Denmark)? Or if another type lube can be used?
                                I ordered it on the net. Out of stock, so I'm still waiting. But because I had to do something about my blister I first used 2 socks. Better, but not great. I think the downside is that your shoe won't fit as good to your foot if you wear 2 socks, and also you probably get a warmer and more moist foot because of the double-layer. Then I used vaseline and 1 sock. Perfect! Vaseline is cheap and you can get it anywhere (at least in DK)