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Tuesday First Day of 2008 (Read 665 times)

The Jogger

    Happy New Year Boomers and Masters No run for me today, I've been working nights and a busy enough night it has been on dear old London Underground. Hope everyone has a great and healthy year, meeting their goals. Looks like our group survived the big move which took us into 2008 Big grin Big grin Big grin Good Runs To All Roy

      Happy New Year !!


        So Brits lead the way, Roy has the first post and I log the first run. If I wanted to cause a ruck I suppose I could ask what time zone RA use as are we Brit's classed as early or late 4.5 miles in 34, legs felt tired due to my still getting over a cold, mixture of trail, grass and towpath. Weather overcast calm and warm considering the time of the year but artic conditions on the way Thought for the year from one of America's finest Ralph Waldo Emmerson That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved. ... Now off to Sherwood Forest on our bikes ( its got a lot of old coal mines so its not as romantic as you would imagine )

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          good morning & happy new year! hi Roy! i bet you did have a crazy night. say hello to the missus, & to your Woody. Smile hello Mc3cohen. Jules, enjoy the forest. we got SNOW. 9-10" so far. I got up a little before 5 & tiptoed to the window hoping the forecast was wrong. not this time Roll eyes. so shoveling is today's activity. round 1 is done. great day & runs to all. debbie
            good morning boomers and masters, december was sooooo busy with the holidays and guests - all our kids and partners were here, plus friends of theirs and my brother, so fitting running into the picture was not easy, let alone getting computer time to log or write about my runs - and i have moved over not only to a new computer, but a new OS (an imac, absolutely gorgeous, but my fingers are still learning what to do). so... i will post about my beautiful run yesterday, if you don't mind, and maybe i will get back here to post about my run later today, but if not, perhaps you won't mind if i write about it when i wake up early tomorrow? yesterday we had 3 miles left to finish off 2007, and we ran a little farther just for good measure, though not quite enough to round off to 100 miles, but... we've had fresh snow every day, and sparkling rime frost, and postcard blue skies - and frigid temperatures. though yesterday was a balmy 25F. it was a good way to finish off the year, though a little lonely to return to the empty house after all three kids and partners left for seattle. happy new year to all, and good runs in 2008! susan

            Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

              HAPPY NEW YEAR BOOMERS!!! My race doesn't start until 11 a.m. By then they are calling for steady snow showers and wind gusts . . . .oh yeah! Shocked Vista/Joey - Congratulations on hitting your 1,000 mile goal for 2007. Off to start taking down Christmas decorations . . . . my warm up for the race. Cheers! ~Mary


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                Happy New Year! Erika – congratulations on your 2007 mileage PR! I’m so relieved to hear that you carry a phone and can call your DH if the cold gets to be too much. That talk of blurry vision worries me. I hate the cold, but reading about your conditions often inspires me to suck it up and get out there. Halllar and Roch – nice racing! PJH – what was your September marathon? Hopeful - good luck today! {{{{{{dg3}}}}}}, who has suffered for months with her hamstring injury rehab. Be careful with your shoveling today! Here’s hoping for happy healing and an injury-free year for everyone in 2008. 12 easy-paced miles for me today, which included 4 trips up and over Big Hill Road, in 28 degrees, snow flurries, and winds gusting 25 – 40 mph. Brrr… Actually it wasn’t that bad once I got moving, and after a couple of times up the hill, that wind felt great. And thankfully, I finished with the hills before the dusting of snow began to make a slick layer. Painting, carpet ripping, Lowe's, on the agenda today.

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                  Race at 10:00am. Five miler around West Chop, untimed more like a fun run. Follows the same route of the Run The Chop 5 Miler on or around July 4th. Brunch following that I may or may not attend. Happy New Year! Chris

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                    Heading down to the treadmill in my building as I am not nearly as tough as Holly, it's raining and gusting wind Big grin Happy Healthy New Years to all my frens and to your loved ones as well. Barb
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                      For those who missed it, SteveP and his wife made the news!
                      DW is four Machines down from me in the stirt with Old Glory on the front.

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        Happy New Year ! I'm not as tough as you guys, so I was on my treadmill for 3 today in 33:15. Felt much better than yesterday. Smile Now I have to get out there with my shovel for some x-training. Good runs all.

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                          There, I did it. I signed up for Boston. Gotta run to eliminate the Haystacks factor.
                            Well woke up to another snow storm(maybe a foot today they say). How many can we get this year. It's unbelieavable. The streets are not runable and I was kind of cranky but after reading about all my pals on this site, I have decided to strap on the snowshoes and go...for a run.. I have goals to achieve and being cranky is not going to achieve them. Get up and Go Thanks guys and gals. We all need inspiration. Happy New Year... Tall

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                              Happy New Year, all my Masters Friends. May 2008 give you whatever you want it to. This morning's run was a tough one. 10.7 easy-paced miles (8:55) that was anything but easy. Probably it was the H&H (74 degrees with 92% humidity at 7:30 AM) or perhaps it was the late night/early morning. But most likely it was the exotic hydration I used to celebrate the New year. Wink I think my body has forgotten how to run in H&H. And I seem to have developed Evanfleim syndrome as I no longer can seem to run slowly. But tonight will bring a BIG change. A major cold front is on its way - the same one that has blasted many of you the last few days. It's supposed to be in the 30s tonight with a 30 MPH wind out of the North. Tomorrow's run will be interesting. The farmers are harvesting quickly to get the sweet corn and tomoto crops in and the citrus growers are putting out the heat lamps. Bill

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                                Happy New Year, folks! Kind of a special day for me and PDR, too. 8 effortless miles this morning -- my worries about twingy knee were unfounded. Workout: 7.1 miles, 8:26/mi, AHR 148 (target 145, oops), incl 4x20s striders Overall: 8.1 miles, 1:08 Good runs, all, and enjoy the day off (sorry if you have to work today)

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