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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING - w/e 10/28 (Read 276 times)

    Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun.


    Have a great week ~




    Lyndenrunner - 25 running miles


    Jim L - 8.25 running miles, 3 hiking miles, 26 biking miles


    Mariposai- 46 running miles, 4 walking miles, 30 coring minutes


    Evanflein - 17.3 running miles, 9.6 ellipticalling miles, 2.5 walking miles, and 35 weighting minutes


    pfriese - 39.5 running miles, 3.6 swimming kms


    fatozzig - 38.3 running miles (including a 50k trail run)

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    Trail Runner Nation


    2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21


      Hello fellow X trainers! Smile


      Monday:        Run: 4 miles  ......  The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the Pennant! Big grin

      Tuesday:       Rest

      Wednesday  Run: 3 miles (You know your running slow when Turkey vultures circle you)                                  .

                            Hiking    1.25 miles.....  Giants win game 1  !!!  ( Sorry Leslie Big grin- )

      Thursday:     Run : 4 miles at reservoir    Giants win game 2 !!!

      Friday:          Hiking:    6.5 miles at Contra Loma Hills.

      Saturday:     Rest

      Sunday:        Run: 3.25 miles at reservoir...  Ran good today!!Big grin


      Totals:           Running:  14.25 miles

                            Hiking:       7 34 miles


        Mon Rest      
        Tues 6  9  50'  Great double day of running and gym time.
        Wed 4  4    
        Thurs Rest due to workload  6.5  1 hour  Was able to leave work early and fit in a gym visit
        Fri 8  3 miles    
        Sat 18  6 miles hills    decided to post pone my LR for tomorrow
        Sun 4      


        This is a busy day at work and family life. We will see how much I can get in as far as running is concerned. All is cool

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          Thanks again Leslie...










          Total=29 miles

          Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

            Go, Tigers!! Big grin


            Mon 3 EZ Miles 3 miles A good run
            Tues 4 EZ Miles 4 miles Legs felt good.
            Wed Rest    
            Thurs 5 EZ Miles 5.15 miles  
            Fri 4 EZ Miles 4 miles  
            Sat 6 EZ Miles 6 miles  
            Sun Rest    
            TOTAL    22.15 miles  


            I don't have a schedule yet from Coach, so I'm playing this week by ear.  For the next 6 weeks, though, I'm not running on Sundays.  It'll be good to have at least one weekend day where I don't HAVE to do anything.  Yea!

            Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


            Trail Runner Nation


            2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

              Thanks, Leslie! I will be taking advantage of DH watching the games and the clear sunny days we're having to get out for some runs after work this week. But... still cross training as much as I can.


              Monday: 2.5 miles (20:37) elliptical, 15 minutes weights, .4 mile walked

              Tuesday: 2.8 miles (23:20) elliptical, 10 minutes abs & core, .4 mile walked

              Wednesday: 9.1 miles run, .33 mile walked

              Thursday: 2.3 miles elliptical at lunchtime, 5.3 miles run after work, total of .7 mile walked

              Friday: Rest Day

              Saturday: 7.1 miles run, .3 mile walked

              Sunday: Unscheduled Rest Day (cleaned house instead)


              Totals: 21.6 miles run, 7.6 miles elliptical, 25 minutes strength training, 2.2 miles walked

                Thanks Leslie


                M - 1500m swim

                T - 8 mile run

                W - 1500m swim, 8 mile run

                Th - rest

                F - 1650m swim

                Sa - 4.6 mile run

                Su - 19.5 mile run


                Total - 40.1 mile run, 2.9 mile swim