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The Jogger

    Morning All Just back from a 3 miler, started week 3 of plan today. It just said a 3 miler my intended race pace is 10:30 to finish under 5 hrs. (Edinburgh Marathon) I intended race pace today but finished up averaging 9:53 AHR 159 76% it felt good. Before xmas and getting the lurggy I was averaging about 35 miles a week this seems to be a step back but it's something that seems manageable and I need a plan to follow. Right stop waffling. Oh my garmin 201 went all fuzzy and I can't read it, maybe it's time to get a new garmin. Good Runs All Roy
      It's a warm (41F) and foggy morning in Maryland. Up at 3:30, out at 4:30 for 10 miles at 9:54 pace. I thought I'd be more wrung out from Sunday's 18 miles, but I felt pretty OK. We're starting one-hour conference calls at 8pm every night to take gather feedback from alpha users on our new system. This is gonna kill me. I just want to cut in and say "excuse me, but I've really got to do the dinner dishes and go to bed - could you all just stop whining please?"

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        "Getting the lurggy" Roy? You're going to have to explain that one to this gringo. I always hate those late night and weekend conference calls (aka B*tch sessions) PDR. I worked at one place for a while and that seemed to live off those things. 8 easy miles at 9:04 min/mile pace. I felt pretty good considering Sunday's 16.25 mile MLR. No leftover effects at all. Tomorrow's progression 12 miler ought to be fun. Bill

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        Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

          Roy - I am so excited about your first marathon. You are my C25K buddy and now look at you!! I'll be eating up your posts as I toss around the thoughts of running a marathon this fall. Out for 4 challenging miles this morning. The back country roads (i.e. dirt/gravel roads) were sheer ice, so I had to stay as far on the shoulder as I could get so I could run in the wet slush. Yeah - my feet were pretty wet by the time I got back home. Mile 1 - 11:49 Mile 2 - 10:49 Mile 3 - 10:40 Mile 4 - 11:29 Can you tell which miles were the icey ones?? Wink MrHopeful and I went to the gym for the first time last night too. I used the bike - what kind I do not know - and the elliptical and then all the weight machines. It kind of hurt to wash my hair this morning!! Happy Fat Tuesday!! ~Mary


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            I know what ya mean PDR, some people just like to yap and yap like nothing better to do Sad 6 Magical Healing Miles with Tory. Lots of deer out on this beautiful 45F morning! 9:39 pace AHR 142. Feet were slappy first 4 miles then quiet. Must be effects of LR Sunday. Have great runs!

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              Holly, my stomach hurts all over again just reading what you write. I do balance ball stuff, but that sounds like torture. Does it really help your running? grins, A.
              Truthfully, the main reason I do my core/strength work is just for general, all-over conditioning. I don’t really know if it helps my running or not, but I’m hoping it staves off back problems and bone-density loss. My mother has rather severe osteoporosis. Roy – glad you found a plan, but don’t feel you need to be a slave to it. IMO, for your first marathon, the only really important part of a marathon training plan is the LR schedule. Last spring, for the other runs during the week, I just did my usual stuff. PDR – I hope they pay you well, because they certainly ask a lot of you at that job. You work way too hard, my fren. Thunderstorms were in the forecast today, but it was 63 (!) windy degrees when I woke up. What a joy to wear shorts and short sleeves again! Hill training on the schedule for today, but my legs still felt so tired that I compromised with 2 trips up Big Hill, rather than my usual 4. Good thing, too, because as I headed back in the direction of my house the lightening began flashing, thunder began rumbling, and it started to rain just as I got to my house. So, 5.35 miles outside plus 4.80 miles on the treadmill makes 10.15 total miles at a comfortable 9:50-10:00 pace. Happy Tuesday!

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                Morning all Smile 54 degrees when I started my run last night and it felt strange...but good, wearing shorts and a light weight long sleeve pull over. 10 mile tempo run in 1:17:45 - 7.47 pace - 153 AHR 169 MAX - last 5K in 20:58 which is one of my fastest times. Felt good to get out there and clean the cob webs out as most my runs have been easy for awhile, but getting closer to adding a speed workout 1 or 2 times a week. I was especially happy I ran this pace considering my 12 mile run the day before. Nice runs all....the weather "seems" to be better for a lot of us...but soon to change I'm sure. Kinda surprised about Bobby Knight stepping down as basketball coach at Texas Tech...I'm from Indiana so we like the guy here, where a lot of people can't stand him. But I will say, for every bad thing he did, there were 100's of good things he did for his players and community, which most went unnoticed. And ALWAYS put studies first before the game...nuff said. Have a great day all, Tim

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                  Oh my garmin 201 went all fuzzy and I can't read it, maybe it's time to get a new garmin. Good Runs All Roy
                  the new 405 is "now available!" & it looks like kewl stuff! Cool
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                    greetings all, 4 miles for me this morning in 36:27. Cheers Mike
                      Morning, all! Roy - sorry to hear about the Garmin - good excuse to get a new one. My DH is already drooling over the new 405. Given the price tag, I'm hoping to put him off until next Christmas. Thanks, DG! Mary - sorry for the icy feet - you are pretty tough to run through slush. I'm jealous of the warm temps elsewhere this morning. We might set a temp record tomorrow which is scheduled for a cross-training day. I might have to change my schedule if it isn't raining. A progressive 6.15 mile run on the treadmill this morning, and yoga scheduled for noon. Good runs to all!

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                        Morning Boomers. 5.2 miles this morning at a 9:31 pace. Icy roads forced me to do yet another run on the dreadmill. As I read about everyone running in shorts and long-sleeved tees in 45-60F weather, I feel rather left out. A couple of inches yesterday and 6-10 predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Somebody stop the madness!!! Sad

                        Back on Stride

                          No running, but I couldn't let the 40F+ weather this morning go by, so I went into the rec center at my regular time and then took a brisk 2-mile walk along my usual morning running route. It was fun, even though foggy and misty, and the wet ground had that earthy smell of Spring to it (but way too early to think about that!). I even fired up my Forerunner just so it felt a little bit like doing my morning run. Big grin Mary: Nice to hear that you've committed to running 26.2 this fall! Jlynne: Where are you located? Seems like mild weather for most of us right now. Roy: Good luck in your continued training, and I hope no more lurggy!

                          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                            On a sad note, when I was outside running this morning, I encountered a raccoon curled up like a cat at the foot of someone’s driveway. As I slowed to a walk and approached it, it raised its head to look at me and I saw that one of its eyes was hanging out. I felt so sad for the poor creature, which was obviously badly hurt, and thought about it later when I was home and the rain was pouring down. I called the woman who handles animal control in that city when they opened this morning, and hope that at least someone can put the poor creature out of its misery.

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              MC—that sounded like a fun snow run Aamos—hope that stomach’s feeling better; mine is. PDR—what Holly said. Roy reminded me…my Garmin went nuts on Monday. It wouldn’t get a satellite lock, which is usually never a problem. I finally gave up and started running with just the timer going. When I looked down it said, “Are you indoors?” Uh, no. Then it asked something like, “Have you moved hundreds of miles since your last run?” No again. It never worked. Today, though, it’s back to being fine. Go figure. It usually works so well that I take it for granted. Very warm 50-ish this morning. Worked up a sweat. 7 miles including 4 @ temp 7:15 pace. Felt much better today.
                                Holly it is so sad to hear something like that. Poor animals just doing what they do and getting hit by cars. A terrible fate. About that 405 you might want to seriously think about getting the 305 instead. It is less expensive and seems a great deal more useful for actual training as opposed to daily wear. The watch face on the 405 is smaller so if you like to display four items at once you may be out of luck. I suspect even three will be a challenge to read on the run. I am also not sure the various subtle controls on the 405 will be as easy to use on the run as the 305. I have NOT seen a real live 405 in action so I may be totally wrong here. But, looking at the specks on their web page I would not run out and buy a 405 without seriously comparing it to the 305. On a related note it seems like SportTracks is on the verge of collapsing. Sad Version 1.3.x was pulled down from the web page. That is too bad since it works. It was replaced with version 2.0.x which does not. I left a few messages on the forum with my problems -- the most serious of which is that it will not import data from my Garmin of all things. PDR I sure hope your alpha shakeout goes better than what appears to be happening at the ST one! It was supposed to drizzle here in CT all day. Instead it was just cloudy and a balmy 41 degrees! A great for a run. My training partner showed up at 6:45am and off we went for 14.43mi@9:06. It was really, really nice to have somebody to talk to for the two plus hours!

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