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Back on Stride

    No Thursday thread? Guess I'll start one even though I'm not running today.


    I did manage to pretty much finish up my painting project this morning. It was not that big of a space, and as always the actual laying on of the paint was the easiest part. It's all the rest of the overhead that takes just as much time no matter what the size of the room is. But again I noticed that I don't have much patience for this work any longer, especially when it's the 3rd go-round (OK, in 28 years) on the same room (Nursery -> Spare bedroom -> Freshening of spare room).


    I got out yesterday morning for a brisk 6-mile walk (15 mpm) around Stony Creek Lake with some friends. This week's unusually beautiful winter weather continues even today: chilly temperatures ranging from 25-35, but clear and sunny with almost no breeze. Next week the bottom falls out, so I plan on running tomorrow and Saturday, probably at the same location.


    So where is everybody today? Are you all M-W-F runners or something?

    Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

      Good morning roch (and all those you follow later).  Today was a gym day.  1 mile warmup on the TM and then some use of the various torture devices.  Yesterday was a 6 mile run at lunch.


      Sorry to hear about Jlynne & Holly's falls.  I hope there is no lasting or serious ouches from them.


      I guess that's about it.  Can't remember anything else I read in the previous days' threads....

      And so it goes

        Hi all.  Back from my quick trip to Sedona to see my folks.  It looks like Mom's falling and passing out episodes were due to some new drugs she was given when she had pneumonia.  The dosages were either too much, her body wasn't adapted, or there was some cross-drug interaction going on.  But she's much better and I don't see anything more than that going on.


        6 miles running this morning.  Felt okay till the lack of working out lately caught up to me near the end.  It's all good.



        "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

          hi guys!  A gentle 37-minute jog around the neighborhood in the foggy dark.  Darky fog.

            hi guys!  A gentle 37-minute jog around the neighborhood in the foggy dark.  Darky fog.


            So what do you think about Chip Kelly heading to the NFL?

            And so it goes

              No run for me yet either. I was planning on heading out at lunchtime, but pretty busy today, so I think I'll work thru my lunch hour and leave work about 4:30 and head over to the HS track for some speedwork.

              going over to Coos Bay on Saturday for a basketball shooting competition that DS is in. He won the local contest and now moves to Districts. I might have mentioned this though - sorry if I'm being repetitive. We'll also try to go see Pre's grave over there and DS wants to for sure run the track at Marshfield, which is where the shooting competition is being held.

              Glad to hear your mom is doing better Bill!


              made up a big batch of homemade fettucine last night. I'm still just practicing so I wasn't making this for anything in particular. I put all the pasta in the freezer and now I'll have some fresh pasta next time I want to boil some up.



                Wow, that pasta looks good. (Maybe I just need to eat lunch.)


                Rare RAL, trying to avoid the worst of the rain.  EZ 7.

                First snow of the season forecast for tonight.  Should be interesting.

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                  sleet, ice, snow here



                  Plague of Frogs later today.

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                    Painting eh? Glad you got it done roch. Want to help me with my bathroom floor install this weekend?


                    darky fog. Made me think of Foghat.


                    Good news about your mom Bill. I've learned much about presciption drugs this past year with my mom. I don't really laugh at the side effects pieces on the commercials anymore.


                    Pasta looks good. Guess what we are having for dinner. Thanks for the idea. Mine will come from a box.


                    Oregon really doesn't have any issues today. Now at my school (ND) we know how to turn over the sports world. Happeist person in sports today - Lance Armstrong. He got pushed to the back pages thank to Manti.


                    6.5 at littel faster than usual. Achilles is great. Old shoes cause issues.


                    DW has his second wrestling match today. I'm enjoying learning about a new sport. Although I keep looking for Hulk Hogan to make an appearance.


                    Have a great one.

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                      C-R I think that the way the press is handling the Manti story is pretty funny.  Somehow they seem to have missed the part where they reported on the tragic death of a women none (zero, nada, zip) of them bothered to verify anything!  For months!  None of them called the girlfriend's family to see what they thought.  None bothered to try and interview the poor deceased girl's friends about her tragic death and her relationship with Manti.  There was a lot of breathless reporting, pictures and commentators tsking so sad, so sad.  But no actual effort into verifying anything!  But somehow they think the story is Manti or the pranksters or whoever other than how apparently lazy and gullible the press apparently is. Okay, just my two cents.  But I do find the press' actions here to be quite amusing.

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                        Now at my school (ND) we know how to turn over the sports world. Happeist person in sports today - Lance Armstrong. He got pushed to the back pages thank to Manti.



                        This is one doozy of a story.  The Hub I watched about 20+ min of ESPN this a.m.  It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.  Very strange, though.  Very, very strange.


                        JLynne fell, too???  Dang, ladies.  Take care of yourselves.


                        And all of you with this cold bug that's going around - don't push things.  Around here, it's laying people up for weeks at a time.  The Hub's started in his sinuses and has now traveled to his chest.  Keeping fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse and that I don't get it.


                        I was suppose to get up and do strength training and core work this a.m., but I was just plain ole lazy and went back to bed.  I don't know why I do that.  Once I've gotten up and fed the cats, I rarely ever go back to a solid sleep, but doze off and on until I drag myself up.  It's stupid and I don't feel any better.  Maybe I need to start going to bed as soon as I get home as opposed to 8:00/8:30. Roll eyes

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                          Byll – good news!


                          Tammy – those look yummy....Smile


                          Day 2 of no running, which is the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long that that has happened.  But I had a low-grade fever when I woke up, and thought maybe fevers and running were not a good combo.  Plus, today all those ouchies from yesterday’s fall hit me full force, and my back is very stiff and painful.


                          Unfortunately, I had a Medicaid hearing this morning and the boss scheduled office photos for the website for 4-5pm this afternoon, which effectively put a kabosh on my idea of taking some files and leaving early to work from home.  Great.  My face is so red and blotchy from coughing too much, I’m going to look wonderful, I tell you….ah well, maybe they have photoshop....


                          I’ll get some planks in when I get home, but that will likely be the most I will do today.  Lazy evening on the sofa planned....

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                            Howdy folks!  I just got home from vacation last night, and my RAL was tough today, due to jet lag and not being used to the altitude.  I have a 5 mile race on Saturday that should be really interesting...  luckily it's pretty flat and only at 5300 ft.  I had to take the whole week off of running when we were in Morocco, because it's not acceptable for women to wear shorts in public, and I didn't take long running pants.  But I got some nice runs in when we were in Spain.  It's all good.

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                            MM #6177

                              Welcome back Wildchild! I was JUST wondering when you were getting back...


                              Holly and Jlynne, hope you've both recovered from your falls. To quote Hill Street Blues, now everyone be careful out there!


                              Busy rest day today, only my daily core regimen this morning and that was enough. I had swimming on my schedule but decided to forego it; the body is getting used to higher mileage weeks and only one rest day, so I opted to give in to it today and do nothing that required any hair washing afterward. Wink


                              Later, all!

                              The Goofinator

                                Welcome back, Carolyn!!


                                That sounds like a splendid idea, OM.


                                Holly - IMHO you shouldn't be doing anything for a few days except some easy moving and walking.  If your back is "very stiff and painful," I think planks will exacerbate the problems.  Your body is pulling out all its defenses to protect what has been hurt.  Just as when you get a running injury - Ibu, rotate ice/heat, easy moving to keep the blood flowing, no lifting, etc.  The back carries a big load and you should be very cautious over the next few days.  Again, just my opinion.

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