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Saturday's Daily, 12.7.13 (Read 33 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    So sorry your race was canceled, Ribs. Always a bummer when you've been so focused, and are so close! But if it isn't going to be safe, then it likely wouldn't be fun, so it appears they made the right call. About all you can do is find another race real quick, and adjust your focus to that.


    Our niece arrived at 4-ish yesterday, so we had time to shoot a quick video of her with one of our products (which will show up soon on our web site) before we headed out for the evening's fun. There is a cabinet & furniture maker at the Button Factory who, every year, takes scraps from the various projects he's worked on all year and makes cutting boards that he sells only at the BF open studios weekend. He has a limited supply, sells them at great prices (starting at $8), and sells out every year. So we wanted to get to him early. Niece bought 9, we bought 8 - they are great gifts (and we always manage to keep one or two)!


    We got a dusting of snow overnight, but the roads appear to be clear. The snow isn't an issue for me today because we have our first indoor racewalking training session of the season this morning. So I'll be heading out soon so I can get in a few miles on the track before the rest of the crew arrives. Then I'll meet DW and DN for a day full of shopping (yep - back to the Button Factory to see the other artists who weren't there last night), parade-watching, tree-trimming, and other fun stuff.


    Have a greta Saturday, and be careful on your roads!



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      Hi Jay--I guess it will just be you and me on your daily...the one you started at 6:09 AM...which was before the one started at 9:24...geeze...the nerve of some people...


      Anyway...this has been a tough week for running.  Monday it snowed which made my drive home longer than it normally is...then the roads were not good for running.  So I struggled through my interval workout on the treadmill.  Tuesday was a rest I spent the evening writing a drama for church this Sunday.  Tuesday, it snowed some more which, again, made me have to start late and forced me on the treadmill for my last tempo run...which was a disaster.  I got through 5 miles at a 6:49 pace (which is 10 seconds slower than I have been doing them) and then I had to resort to turning it into an interval workout for the next 5 miles.  I threw in 10th of a mile walk breaks in between each mile.  Making the total 14 mile run 1:47:02.  Last week I did that workout (the right way) in I'm a little disappointed that I didn't have a better workout.  Anyway...Thursday and Friday I wimped out because it was below zero and ran on the treadmill for 7 on Thursday and 8 on Friday.  I'll be going 8 more on the treadmill later today, too...which will be my longest run until Rocket City next Saturday.


      Oh...the weather in Huntsville next Saturday looks like 42 to 52--cloudy--ESE wind at 8 mph--and a 10% chance of rain...just in case you were wondering...Jay.


      Okay--I'd better get going.

        Temp: 22°

        Feels Like: 10°

        Miles: 10.22

        Hands: Frozen (but oddly that seemed to happen after I stopped and came inside.  Delayed reaction to the cold. Confused )


        Run felt pretty good.  I get up to 10 and get pretty tired still.  As I was heading home I had a fierce argument with myself about going at least 1 more mile but I remained unconvinced and stopped according to my original plan.


        Bring on winter.  I stopped shaving a few weeks ago to grow some natural insulation.  2 days ago my order of Ice Spikes arrived in the mail.  (Fancy screws for your shoes.)  And yesterday I ordered a new North Face running jacket.

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          Mike, you're having a week like I usually have in the winter! I got home too late yesterday to run on the TM so figured it was a good time for a rest day anyway.

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            MikeE - you want us to choose between Jeanne and Jay?

            The nerve of some people.

            sorry jay.

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              We're iced in here.  Roads haven't been touched by any crews, as sleet is on the way this afternoon.  The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon, scheduled for tomorrow, was cancelled yesterday afternoon.  Of course I am disappointed, but the officials did the right thing so I won't complain about it.  I'm fit as can be for a race though!


              Prime Rib has a Jeep so he took me to the Y today and we ran 3 miles hard on the track and did some core stuff.  Prime is very fast and it was fun running with him.  When we got home I told the Saint how proud I was that he could stay with me, which got a quick smile from him.


              Breger's in town with his wife's family but we won't see each other. It's pointless to drive anywhere unless completely necessary.


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                Hi Jay--I guess it will just be you and me on your daily...the one you started at 6:09 AM...which was before the one started at 9:24...geeze...the nerve of some people...



                Big grin

                Hi Jay!


                Mike - weather looks great!


                Dave - nice run!  And it sounds like you are ready for the winter.


                Ribs - sorry about the marathon being cancelled and missing Breger.  Sounds like a great time to cook, though!

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                  Wow, that's amazing that they canceled the Dallas marathon! I still say that White Rock (what it used to be called) marathon I ran in 2011 was the coldest marathon I've ever done! No ice that day, but cold, wet and windy. Took me hours to warm up afterwards. Good call to cancel the race though, as I'm sure most people in Dallas aren't equipped to drive on such icy roads.

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                    Yep.  The 1995 White Rock was the coldest for me.