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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING - w/e 12/02 (Read 205 times)

The Goofinator

    Dance, even if you have to warn others to get out of the way first.


    Time to work off that holiday  meal!



    Lynderunner - 27.85 running miles


    Evanflein - 31.7 running miles, 3.3 walking miles


    Jim L - 16 running miles


    DianaRse - Welcome!


    Tom1961 - Welcome!  Some lifting


    fatozzig - 30 running miles, 30 core/strength training minutes

    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

    The Goofinator

      Mon 4 Miles w/Strides; Core/LB Strength Training 4 miles w/5 strides 45 min C/LB  
      Tues 4 Miles; Core/UB Strength Training 4 miles w/hills 50 min C/UB Got some new ab moves from  Dang . . .
      Wed 8 Miles w/Strides 8.10 miles w/8x100m strides    
      Thurs Core/LB Strength Training   60 min UB/LB/C  
      Fri 4 Miles; Core/UB Strength Training 4 EZ miles    
      Sat 13 Trail Miles 12.75 soaking wet miles    
      TOTAL   32.85 miles 155 minutes  



      I got into Mt. Hood in July!  Registration filled in 5:46.  Dang!

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation

        Thanks Leslie...hoping to start upping the miles...










        Total=24.5 miles

        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          Hi Leslie! Here it is Thursday night, and I'm just getting around to posting my week... but... where is everyone? Oh well, it's all good.


          Monday: Rest Day, just wiped out from the long weekend

          Tuesday: 2.4 miles elliptical, .3 mile walk, 13 minutes weights all at lunch; 7.5 miles with intervals, 1 mile walk all after work

          Wednesday: 7.1 miles on the treadmill in an overheated gym, .7 mile walk 

          Thursday: 4.1 miles progressive pace run, .6 mile walk

          Friday: 5.5 miles progressive pace on the TM again, .6 mile walk (looks a lot like yesterday's run!)

          Saturday: 9.1 mile run, .7 mile walk

          Sunday: 8.2 mile run, .7 mile walk


          Totals: 41.5 mile run, 4.5 miles walked, 2.4 miles elliptical, 1 x weights

          MM #6177

            Hey folks! I'm going to try to make a comeback here in this thread. Sort of fell off, not sure why... but anyway, it's a new month approaching, I have a new coach and a new plan/attitude for my running... so here goes!


            day plan actual comments
            Monday medium long w/hills 9 miles  
            Tuesday an hour easy 6 miles  
            Wednesday bike 45 min stationary bike (11 miles)  
            Thursday 45 min easy 4.8 miles  
            Friday 3 easy w/strides 3.5 miles  
            Saturday 5k 8.2 miles 25:39 as per Garmin for the 5k
            Sunday long 10.2 miles  
            totals   41.7 miles, 45 min bike