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Happy Sunday 12/09 (Read 344 times)

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    Good Sunday morning.....


    I stayed up too late last night, but had to get up early to run before some storms came through....I made it. 8 easy miles on a mild morning.....37 muggy degrees.


    I had one of my better runs in a while yesterday, and ended up being IRC's being around 50 degrees and not much wind. I ran a 16 mile wave run (thanks Ribs) 2 miles easy, then 3 miles at my (don't know for sure) MP......those ended up being 8:00 - 7:56 - 7:52 pace. Then 3 miles at my (don't know for sure) 1/2 MP. 7:31 - 7:28 - 8:02....I ran out of gas on the last one. Then easy home the last couple miles home. I was pretty much done in after that, but a very satisfying workout....those wave runs go by so quickly, having to pay attention to quick - slow paces every other mile.


    As I was running yesterday a car pulled up next to me with two wimmins in it.....the one rolled her window down and said - you have nice legs. I smiled and said....I know Big grin I said thanks too  Smile


    Nothing planned today other than grocery shopping, then watch my Indy Colts play.....they are really surprising everyone winning 8 games so far - Andrew Luck is that good !


    And this is just for Holly  Clown  LOL


    Hope everyone has a great day....



    Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

      Just an easy 3 miles for me this morning.  My log says I am at 1111.1 for the year.  If only I could run 100 miles in 3 days and get my log to 1212.12 on 12/12/12. 

      Humanity runs on coffee.


        Mornin' everyone.


        Nice to see that a newbie got us going yesterday - thanks, Drake.


        Nice run yesterday, Timbo, and nice comments from your fan club.


        Dave, the "12.12.12" thing is a nice goal, but 100 miles in 3 days? If it were me, it would be a bit of a challenge to get from where you are to 1212.12 by the end of the month.


        Yesterday, I drove up to Laconia, NH for the Frozen 5K. It was a long way to go for a 5K, but the RD had added a racewalking div., so I felt it was important to support that effort. I prepared well the night before by having a martini at our dinner out with some good friends, and hanging with them for a while and getting to bed 3 hours later than usual, and then only getting about 4 hours of sleep before I woke at the usual time. There was a lot of rain on the Laconia radar maps, but it looked like it might at least start to break up by the 10:00 start time. Sure enough, it had slowed to a chilly drizzle by then. This is a small race, in its second year, and had 128 finishers (an improvement over last year, even with the rain. The course has some rolling hills, but no Berthas. I started out quick, backed off just a scooch in mile #2 (mostly because of the hills, picked it up again in mile #3 (passing more runners at that point than were passing me), and had a fast final sprint for a time of 31:28 (10:10 pace). It was good enough for 1st place in the racewalking div, and that was a nice reward for having made the long drive.


        I felt pretty good for the rest of the day yesterday, and so thought I'd go for a workout this morning. There was no rush to get it done early, so I slept in till about 5, and then took my time getting out the door. I did feel some muscle fatigue in my legs, so just went for 5.7 easy racewalking miles. Because I was so much later than usual, I started with the sliver of moon still high overhead, but also got to see the sky off the coast going orange to announce the coming sunrise. Nice.


        Have a great Sunday!



        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

          Glad to hear Drake passed the worthiness test yesterday.  Of course now we need to check his driving record. Like Twocat said, teen drivers are sooo stupid.  I’m amazed I survived my adolescence.

          Mike—Eric the New Driver tales are interesting. Just wait until the nerves are gone and he starts feeling invincible; that’s when the stories will get really interesting.

          Ribs—do you heal running injuries, too, or just slaves?

          C-R—good to hear of the family support.  Keep us updated.

          Twocat—I don’t recall the bourbon component of the Chanukah story.

          Tammy—I didn’t get the memo about the world ending. What’s that about?


          I ran our local half-marathon this morning.  I like this race a lot.  It’s well-organized, on a varied and challenging course.  It’s got major downhills in the first couple of miles, which you have to climb in the last couple of miles, a ¾ mile dirt track portion, and even 20 or so wooden steps leading down to a paved canal path.


          Usually I run it in good shape after completing a Fall marathon training cycle but this year I didn’t train for a Fall marathon so I knew last year’s 7:22 PR pace was totally out of my league today.  Instead, I decided to do it as a training run, hoping to average goal MP pace (8:00 miles.) 


          Warm (mid-50s) and very humid with fog at the start but I did manage to come in at about 7:58 pace.  One of my worst half-marathon times ever, but a good workout that met my purposes for the day.


          Looking forward to hearing from the other half-marathoners today.

            8.5 miles this morning with another RP...saw a few snowflakes on the way...

            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

            Trails are hard!

              To put Tramps lousy showing in perspective, the 7:58 pace would give me a PR in the 5K.  Roll eyes  But that's actually one of the reasons I like hanging out here.  There's a lot of folks that I want to be like when I go up--and none of them make me feel any less of a runner for posting, say, a 9:36 pace for a 10K.


              Which, surprisingly enough, ws what I did this morning.  Just a training run, but first time under an hour for a 10 K in quite a while.  Haven't down loaded it yet, but I tried to make the last mile or so a little faster.  To go along with 2-1.5 mile hotel loops in NC this week, I'm calling it a cutback week.  That's my excuse this week, but it does look like I should be home until after the New Year, so I can start building back up again.


              No snow in the foreseeable future around here.  Hope some arrives before Christmas.  Always like the first run in snow, especially if I can get out early enough to be the first tracks.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              King of PhotoShop

                I can outdo Tramps!  Remember today was my A race, the one I've been training for.  70's and high humidity did me in. Not only did I not break 1:50, I ended up with a 2:05!  Slowest Half of my life.  Spent some time in the med tent too, which scared me a bit.


                But on the other hand, my whole family ran the Half:  the Saint, my oldest son SpareTire, plus Prime Rib and Riblet, his first.  So we had a very good family day today, but for a minor scare with me which turned out to be nothing.


                Now I'm going to watch football and take a nap.  Spareribs

                  Great going Ribs....You'll hammer that course next year...

                  Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                    Continuing the half-marathon theme, I had a wonderfully fun time at the Holiday half-marathon in Pomona, CA this morning. The morning fog locked the course in at first, but the sun broke through just after the gun went off and it was probably in the low 60s by race's end.


                    The highlight was seeing ileneforward and one of her friends. I spotted Ilene right as I was walking in---easy to find in her red and green striped tights. We hung out before and after the race and they took care that I didn't get lost! The race venue is at the county fairgrounds---big vast area and it did take me a little while to locate my rental car----useful panic button on the key fob. heh!   This wasn't a target race, but I wanted to close out my fall season of half-marathons under 1:35. 1:34:07 or something and good enough for 15th woman overall and 2nd in 45-49 year-olds. Cool!  ileneforward and friend had great races too and snagged some speedy times.


                    Beautiful views of the mountains along the way and some climbing up and zooming down involved as well. That's it for focused racing for me until February---time to build the base and add in the long runs---18 weeks until Boston.


                    Way to go for your DD Holly! A true spirit of sportsmanship and I am sure you are mightily proud. Not surprising to me though---you are raising awesome young people and your DS and DD reveal that all the time.


                    Sounds like you had fun Ribs even if the goal was not to be. I hope the med tent visit was truly minor. I am worrying about you!


                    Good Decision Tramps and great training run/race.


                    Stumpy! Good stuff---coming to Westfield by chance? The half is on March 24! There's also a "Run Westfield" race on March 17---new 5k race. I'll be running the New Bedford half that day, but the Westfield one looks fun.


                    Okay work to do and the sun is out and bright here in CA. 


                      ribs, neat you worked the package pickup and got new lime green gloves.  Also great your family (the saint, Spare Tire, Prime Rib, and Riblet) joined you in the half.  Even though you said your trip to the med tent turned out fine, I'm curious what happened.  enke, nice run with your kids.  Holly, congrats to your daughter and her team on their win and to her, especially, for her sportsmanship and consideration towards her team mates. Jay, good job being 1st AG racewalker in your 5K.  Tramps, nice job, beating your goal in your half.  CNY, great half, beating your goal and seeing Ilene. 


                      Nice long run for bike.


                      This morning, it was about 30° and there was a light breeze.  I got in 3 miles at a 9:42 pace.


                      A good day and good runs for all.



                        ...Easy Does It Ribbs//............Scared ain't Good


                        on the

                        other hand,

                        Tramps' 758 doesn't sound Slow.




                        40's and Rain

                        .......50min BikeRide


                        followed by ChristmasChoir...........except for one ScrewUp, a pretty good one.


                        if it taped well,

                        will post it........................You've Been Warned.


                        .......................good running guys



                        here's some info on ARC Trainers


                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          Yowsa, nice way to end the season Karin!  Congrats.


                          Ribs--Sorry to hear about the tough conditions.  Med tent visits are not a good sign.  Be careful.


                          Stumpy--nice consistency on those splits. 

                          janie b good

                            4.12 miles at 4:15 PM in misty rain, 51*


                            ribs... sorry to hear you needed a visit to the med tent, but glad to read it was nothing serious!  congrats to your family!

                            goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

                              Glad to hear I passed the noobie test. 

                              No running for me today,I go in to work on 1st shift on Sundays and do maintenance on the machines in my shop. Kind of throws my sleep and running off,but I need the money. Too tired after Sunday work,and I like to sit down and watch some football with the kids.

                              Bears lost-SWEEEEEEET! Thanks Viqueens!

                              Now if the Packers can beat the Lions it will be a nice day.

                              Stumpy,I was thinking the same thing. Some of these guys "Easy" or " I had a bad day" runs,like Tramps and Spareribs, are better than my PR's. Maybe when I grow up I'll get to be this quick!

                              Driving record is actually pretty clean Tramps. I can't say that I was always the safest driver,but by the grace of God I never got hurt or hurt anybody else. I have no idea how I survived my teen through 20's while driving fast cars. I can still get a little crazy,but am a little smarter now. 

                              King of PhotoShop

                                Let me explain so no one worries.  If you recall, when I ran the Turkey Trot 8-miler in Dallas on TG Day, I had an issue around 7 miles with dizziness and lightheadedness, which almost caused me to fall.  I kind of staggered a bit, then it passed and I was fine.  Well, today was temps in the 70's, windy and 93% humidity, and it happened to me again.


                                As the goal was 1:50, that means 8:23/mile and I never go out at goal pace.  Plan was for Prime Rib and I to do 8:40 or so for two miles and pick it up.  As we got near the one mile marker i said to him, 'I bet we nail this at 8:40, as it feels just like that pace," and I am generally very good at this. So we get to the marker and my watch says 9:16.  Huh?  So I attribute that to the slow start and assume the next mile will be 8:40 or faster, and it was 9:06.  Then I knew I was cooked.


                                I never ran any mile at goal pace. All were over 9, and in the middle of the race I had some over 10. Anyway, on a hill at about 9+ miles I got this same dizzy spell, and then another at 11, so as soon as I crossed the finish line I went to the med tent and asked them to check my BP, as I thought this might be the Lisinopril BP medication I am taking and I have an appt with my cardiologist on the 19th for an echo, since the murmur has gotten worse and I was planning to ask him if he could lower the dosage.  I'm taking 20 mg now and I think it's too much.


                                Well, they must have thought I wasn't cogent because of something I said, and so they hooked me up with those patches they glue on your chest and did that machine too.  I asked them what the BP was and it was 143 over 73, which they said was fine for just having finished a hot Half.  Then they gave me a banana and two glasses of Gatorade, made me sit a bit, then let me go.


                                The reason I didn't stop to walk was because I didn't want a decline in my BP and I was afraid if I came to a dead stop it might be worse.  I never had any chest pain or anything like that. I would know to stop and get help if that happened.


                                I just found out I finished 4th in my AG, missing 3rd place by 30 seconds. Damn! Had I known that I could have run it faster.  The winner ran 1:52, so you know everyone struggled. It was a very difficult day.  Spareribs