Masters Running


turkey Thursday 11-28 (Read 37 times)


    Wow  Cant believe I got this started


    Ran a nice 10 in 20 degrees with some new masters  That was fun


    Enjoy the family and food today


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      Gobble, Gobble!


      Nice running C-R


      Great run down of names Enke and Econo and I second what MS said---not easy at all and more power to you


      I Turkey-Trotted a 5 mile race this morning and it's WINDY...yowsa....blew me sideways a few times. 37:54 for 7:35 pace and the first two miles uphill on a 6% stuff and saw lots of friends. I didn't stay for results and wasn't racing anyway----all showered now and off to granny's we go with our turkey and stuffing and gravy. My aunt is bringing the pies, the cousins are bringing the sides and my uncles will bring the laughter.


      Peace to all

      Back on Stride

        Only Karin would run mid-7s in tough conditions and be able to say that she "wasn't racing!"


        Well, I wasn't dreaming of a White Thanksgiving, but that's sort of what we're getting. There was a huge crowd at the Paint Creek Trail staging area by the duck pond, as at least three distinct groups of runners were meeting there for a casual Turkey Trot run. We all started off at the same time in the 20-degree chill only to have a loudly quacking duck that actually sounded like it was laughing at us as we crossed the bridge! Yes, runners are a bit crazy. Big grin


        Further up the trail it started snowing lightly for a very pleasant run in pleasant company. People split up a bit to do different routes and distances; I got in 8 good miles at a mid-9 pace (I wasn't racing either).


        Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family, everyone!

        Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

          Happy Thanksgiving.


          I went out for a 6.73 mile slip and slide.  The freezing drizzle from Monday night is hidden under a light cover of fresh snow.  Had one "almost fall" where I thought I might have pulled something trying to stay upright.  I am really into the winter running this year for some reason.  I am enjoying it out there.  I guess the thought of a (possible) 2/2/14 half mary down in Tallahassee is keeping me going.  I do need to pick a pair of shoes and put some screws in them for days like this.

          And so it goes

            The problem with 3-day work weeks is you still have to get 5 days of work squeezed in there. Roll eyes


            Anyhow, I was swamped this week and AWOL here but I did want to pop in to say happy Thanksgiving.  I always liked this holiday as a moment to stop and appreciate the many many things we often take for granted, not the least of which is being healthy enough to run.  Enjoy the gift, as a wise man once said...actually he says it all the time.


            I decided since I've missed several days of running and will be carbo-loading today, and since it's going to be quite cold this weekend, I should run a marathon to get some miles in and work off the excess calories.  So I signed up at the last minute for a weekend rail trail marathon.  Obviously no racing involved.  It'll either be fun or a Hindenburg-like disaster.  Smile


            Have a great day!

            Trails are hard!

              Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Hope your turkeys are tasty and nobody talks politics too much.


              Did my own personal turkey trot this morning.  two laps around the lake for a nice, relatively speedy 10K.  Another day of wind-aided tempo on one side and Kansas hills on the other.  finished up just as the official TT went by--huge crowd.  I was about a 1/4 mile from the start and there was already a good number of folks that had started out a tad ambitiously.  It looked like it was going to be a very painful rest of the race. Wink


              Nice runs so far.  If Karen wasn't so nice, I'd be jealous of a 7:35, not racing, time.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                ...some very nice running and racing in the chilly.........




                double weight sessions


                20-min x-bike standing



                we've had ThanksGiving, off to the movies

                most of them sound gross or just a waste of film



                we're seeing ''DeliveryMan'' could THAT offend anyone??


                I get popcorn either way.................ohboyohboy


                .........................good running guys

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                MM #5615

                  Shhhh...I just snuck downstairs to say hi.  Hi.


                  I got up with DW to stuff the bird and get it in the we're just waiting for the chaos to begin kids and grandkids to arrive.


                  I was going to get a quick run in but I really wanted to go with Ryan and he's still sleeping...he worked late, last night.  We'll see if I get out later.


                  Okay--I'd better get back upstairs before she notices I'm gone.  Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

                  mustang sally

                  Bad faerie

                    Happy Thanksgiving, all of you.


                    Next year marks the tipping point:  I'll have lived outside the US longer than I lived inside.  I still feel the pull to eat good food with friends on this day.  But I've mostly gone native, so will hold down the fort while you are turkey trotting-and-eating.


                    I deal with the multi-door-naming issues by breaking up and re-connecting with Mr. Impossible repeatedly.  Smile   (It's on right now).


                    Swam 2800m today and feel tired and energized all at once.


                    Save some stuffing for me, please.  I love the stuffing.

                      Happy Thanksgiving to all my RA family.  Yesterday, we babysat the grandson in Brighton while his folks worked.  Our daughter came early and she and my wife fixed Thanksgiving dinner for last night.  It was great as our whole family was there, son, daughter in law, grandson, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend.


                      wild, good job on passing 2000 miles for the year.  CNY, nice, speedy 5 mile Turkey trot.


                      Nice long runs for Twocat, mari, Mike, and C-R.  Good job on the speedwork for evan.


                      This morning, it was about 20° and there was a light wind.  I got in 5 miles around my son's neighborhood at an 11:03 pace.


                      A good day and good runs for all.




                        Hi friends,


                        Lots of nice running & racing this morning.


                        Good packing in the wind and on the hills, CNY.


                        Rochrunner, I've also suspected that quacking ducks were laughing at us.


                        Dave, sometimes those 'almost falls' are worse than a whole fall - great way to pull a muscle. I'm glad you're OK, and that you're enjoying the winter running, even if it isn't winter yet.


                        Welcome back Tramps (and Econo tco!!).


                        Good advice about politics today, Stumpy!


                        Enjoy the movie and the popcorn, TW!


                        Wow - interesting tipping point, MS. I think DW thinks of me as Mr. Impossible (or worse) at times. Hopefully, not too many times...


                        I'm glad you are enjoying time with your family, TSelbes.


                        I racewalked a 5K turkey trot in Rochester, NH this morning. It's a relatively small, very friendly race on an out-and-back course. It was about 28F with a stiff headwind on the way out. I finished in about 31:58 for a 10:17 pace, and was relatively happy with that. No walking div, so no reason to stay for the awards, so I headed home to help DW, BIL (and his DW) start the process of preparing our afternoon feast. I'm also spending a lot of time today thinking about all that I have to be thankful for, and there is a lot. Having you all to share races and workouts and lives with is definitely on the list.



                        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                        King of PhotoShop

                          MS, glad it's on and hope it works out.


                          I know how fast Karin is, and I also know 7:35 is not racing for her, but it's very nice pace. Good job.


                          Goal today for my 8-mile TT in Dallas was to run no worse than 9's as I am a bit tired after 3 weeks of 40+. Cold, clear conditions and I felt fin the whole way.  1:09:07, 8:39 pace and 5th AG.  What was fun is that a friend and rival of mine met in the finish chute. He said, "Did you beat me or did I beat you?"  We had no idea as we had not seen each other on the course.


                          At the post-race gathering another friend had a Smartphone and looked up the results. He told me I was 5th.  When my buddy asked for his own results I told him this was one time I hoped he beat me because if he didn't he wouldn't be in the money.  Turns out he was 4th, beat me by one second!

                          This is the biggest race in the DFW area, and with the 5K gets 40,000 runners. I have no idea how many were in the 8-mile or in my age group, but they do award through 5th place, so that was important.


                          Now off to SpareTire's for TG grub and love.


                          I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Spareribs

                          MM #5616

                            Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  I did a group trail run with the Colorado Masters Running Association this morning.  Nice bunch of folks - I'll be joining them again.  They didn't leave me in the dust the way the last group did that I ran with.  So either the masters are slower, or I've gotten faster.  Smile

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                              ...well, the popcorn was good......

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              Marathon Maniac #957

                                Happy Thanksgiving!


                                I started out the day running my hometown 5-mile Turkey Trot in a breezy 20 degrees with 10,700 of my closest friends...Smile...always a fun event, with lots of funny hats and costumes, including the guy who runs in a wetsuit and swim fins.  Too crowded by far for most people to "race" except a few gazelles at the front, most of us are just out the for a nice tempo run, so I was not disappointed with my 43:35 (8:44)


                                We had my stepdad and niece home from college over for the big meal earlier, and now I am getting ready for my nephew, his wife, and their 4 small boys to invade the premises stop by for a visit.


                                I am thankful for all of you today and every day!

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."