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    Good morning.  More moderate temps around here made for a nice 7.3 miler to start off a busy week. 


    Computer question:  When I power up my desktop the hard drive and fan rev up somewhat noisily then stop, repeat the process, then finally boot up normally on the third try.  It sounds a bit like a car cranking but not turning over.  It’s over 4 years old and is on every day, most of the day.  Am I right to be expecting a hardware failure soon?  Or does this behavior suggest something else.  Ignorant minds would like to know.


    Hope your week goes well.

      Tramps...There are a couple of fans in the computer. From your description it sounds like you may be losing one of these. If it is the cooling fan on the processer your computer won't run long before you start experiencing problems. If it is the one in the power supply, your power supply will over heat. Many have a thermistor built in and will drop the power to the PC before catastrophic failure.


      You can reomve the PC cover. The heat sink fan for the cpu should be accessible. This is usually a clip on fan and can be replaced. The power supply fan may be located inside the power supply housing and not so accessible. If you can get to the fan shafts you can apply a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil and buy some time.


      There may also be a 3rd circulation fan.


      No run for me today. We were receiving a badly needed rain. Way to late for the crops but still badly needed.

      King of PhotoShop

        I finally got to see Ek dance in that video and it's quite good.  Well done!


        4.5 slow recovery today on the dirt.


        I thought you might be interested in the DMN blog post today because I wrote about the sport or hobby of geocaching, and I mentioned Hally and included some pics. Since some of you do this you might enjoy it and if you haven't started yet, consider it as a family fun thing to do next time you all take a trip to run some race.  Here it is:



        Bushrat Runner

          Sounds like our third runner is on his way, so we'll be headed out in a couple hours...

          The Goofinator

            My SIL/BIL love to geocatch.  Have only done it a couple of times with them, but enjoyed it.


            SLO lost me before I was halfway through the first paragraph. Blush


            Rest day for me.  No new schedule, but am suppose to run no more than 30 miles and am suppose to concentrate on recovery early in the week.  Phone conference schedule with Coach Gary Friday at 8:00 p.m.  Hopefully, it'll mean a new schedule by the end of the weekend.

            Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


            Trail Runner Nation

              Thanks Slo, that's helpful.  I'll have to take a look in the case tonight.

              Back on Stride

                2PM and only five replies to the daily? Where is everyone?


                I survived my bike tour last week and was glad that we were apparently in the only part of the state that did not have rain. Cloudy and cool, but no rain, which made for good riding conditions.


                So today I ran 8 miles for the first time since my 8-miler last Monday and was surprised to feel very strong and darn near speedy. In fact, my running companion said that she had to make an effort to keep up when usually it's the other way around.


                I have to get in a longer run some time later this week; the Crim 10-miler is a week from Saturday and I haven't run 10 continuous miles since last year's Crim. Oh well, I'm sure I can get through it when the time comes.


                I hope the rest of you are off to a good start to the week. Get out there and run!

                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                  My laptop fan is really noisy, making all sorts of clattering sounds sometimes. So far so good, but it's about 5 years old now and is on almost all the time, too. I figure it's on borrowed time.


                  Got to our hotel last night right as everything was closing. My dad and I prowled around a bit looking for something open that looked good but couldn't find anything. So the hotel gave us a number for a sandwich shop that was open till 2 a.m. and delivered on a bicycle. Less than 15 minutes later I had a turkey sandwich delivered to my door. It was just right and very good. And only $7. Wow, sure don't get that sort of thing in Fairbanks!


                  Tried to get up early this morning for a run, but the best I could do was leaving the hotel at 7:30'ish after slipping a note under my folks' door that I was going and had my phone. 8 miles on the Burke-Gilman Trail, which is just .5 mile from our hotel. Cool rails-to-trails "trail" which is really a very wide bikepath with LOTS of bikes, some going very fast. I can see that if i lived in this area, I'd want to bike commute as much as possible. And the drivers here are so nice, stopping for you as you approach the road crossings. Geez, at home pedestrians cross the road even at crosswalks at their own risk of peril. Seattle drivers always amaze me. 


                  Anyhow, run was very nice, legs still tired from Ester Dome on Saturday. I missed my long run last week, but find I don't really care. Yesterday was a full day without it, and I don't think my future depends on a 14 miler, really. I do, however, need to get on track with mileage, with a 20 miler scheduled for this coming weekend that I have to do, even if I walk the last 5 miles. Roll eyes


                  Thanks for the comments on the dance competition. While I'm glad it's over, I think I'm also feeling a bit of the let down similar to after a big race you train so much for. It will be nice to have my lunchtimes back for mid-day runs, but that dance stuff was fun. 

                    your post, Erika, reminds me why I miss a wonderful bike path like the Burke Gilman. Each place I lived at when I was up there was right on the BG. My condo in Redmond backed up to the BG, my house in Bothell, was about 1/2 mile from the trail. And my next condo on Sand Creek Pkwy near the U District, also backed up to the BG.


                    got in a "long" run of 7.2 yesterday. had to get out there early in the a.m. while the air was still relatively cool and smoke free. By about mid morning and lasting all day the smoke from a few different wildfires start moving in and the air quality is pretty hazy all day. We are not expecting temps below 100 degree all week.


                      Erika, nice dancing!


                      Roch, I hoped you waved at my place when you passed Good Hart.  Did you stop at the Good Hart General Store?  Speaking of my place ... it's been sorta like "The Money Pit" this year.


                      Tramps, it's not usually a good sign when a PC starts making noise - especially if the noises are louder, different, or new.  A backup of your hard drive is in order, if you don't already have one or do them routinely.  If you do as Slo suggested, while you have your desktop open and out of its case, you might want to take it outside and spay it down with one of the those "Compressed Air" cans.  Blow away all the dust and assorted other gunk that has likely built up over the years.  It may not help with the noises but it's good for preventing fires, etc.


                      Just make sure you do this outside.  Don't ask how I know this.


                      Saturday morning I ran 9 miles - the most I've run in a while.  When I was half way through, I met up with another Triathlete/runner (who's faster than I am) and he pulled me along to the next mile and a half at 7:47 Tempo pace.  That felt good to open it up a little and to see that I was able to maintain it for a while.  Sometimes I think I'm not getting enough running in with this Tri training.  But this MLR was encouraging in that regard.


                      Today I biked with what was to be a VO2 max workout.  Warm up, then 10 x (30 seconds all-out, 30 seconds rest), and a cool down.  The all-out bits weren't long enough to really get into the VO2 range, but I think I got close on the last few.  I suspect this is sorta like doing striders while running, but on the bike.  It felt good to open it up on the bike too!



                      "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                      Avenger Doggie

                      protector of my dad

                        Erika, Dad watched the movie you were in. He kept looking at the guy and saying, "Back in the day, I had moves like that."..Then made sad noises. I think all old people do that. The man did have "moves", but you are more graceful. Did the bike guy bring ice cream to your room? That would be great!


                        Me and Mom and Dad sometimes take kids and geocach. I've never found anything yummy. Dad leaves Batman stuff.


                        Tammy, me and Dad jump in creeks and rivers after we go run run run when it's way hot. Well, Dad jumps in. I have to go save him.


                        When it was yesterday, I got out to go run run run lots of times. One time with Honey and Dad. Honey is on a leash all the time now and I get to have the best sticks first! Then one time with Mom and Dad. Then, Mom and Dad were setting on the couch looking at some pictures. I went back in the woods going run run run and there was critters all over the place!! I got to get 'em get 'em every where! I got to make deers go run run run and no one hollered on me! We all had so much fun fun fun! I heard Mom and Dad say, "Get 'em Taggy Butt!" and I sure did too! It was fun fun fun!! Then I hear Dad yell, "On your Mark! Get set! GO!" And I jumped way up all over and looked and Mom and Dad were on the couch laughing at me and I was really home. Dad...........


                        After Dad got home today, we went run run run for real this time! The sky was making it wet all over, so I did not stop to eat the berries. The critters were not jumping all over, but it was OK because I could still find them and make them go run run run too! I got really dirty too. But Dad did not make me have a bath because I can not go outside and dry off. Very nice!!! He did holler on me for getting all dirty on the bed. But then he laid the mean cat on the bed and Mom thinks she's the dirty one. Shh.


                         Dad will be very happy. He gets to go under his truck some more with some tools. He gets to say bad words and Mom doesn't make his mouth have a bath with soap.




                        Sniffing Butts, Tag

                          It's always fun to hear from Avenger Doggie, sounds like you got lots of run run running this weekend.  Ribs, we went geocaching once when we had a bunch of nieces and nephews camping with us.  The State Parks here have programs where you can check them out for the day.  We'll have to try it this weekend when we go camping.  Bill, what Tri are you training for?  Erica, I still haven't watched your dance, but will do so tonight. 


                          I had another great run, for me anyway, tonight.  I set my Garmin for 13:00 pace and 4.7 miles (around the lake).  My best pace this year was 13:10 on my 7 mile "long" run.  Saturday's pace was almost 14:00 so I was a bit unsure if I could do it.  I did it!  12:43 average pace with splits (pace) 12:28/12:19/12:48/12:58/13:08.  I'd really like to get down to 11:00 by the time I run my first race since 2006 in 4 1/2 weeks.  I feel great about the progress I am making on limited mileage.  Tonight is the first time I made it around the lake in less than an hour! I even had 12 seconds to spare.


                          Starr in MN