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Lakewood LASAA Mug Run RR (Read 267 times)

    Goal: sub 48 / Expected time: 48:15 / Actual time: 48:55 (7:52.4 min/ mi pace) Not as good as I had hoped, but still a PR (by 31 sec). A reasonable time given a 3 mile time trial a week ago in 22:50 (7:36.7 min/ mi pace). I had run this course in ’06 (49:26, my previous PR) and ’07 (50:05). It is a no frills low cost ($20) race, with a good chance for a PR type course. It is flat and fast and today conditions were ideal (55 degrees, overcast). The race is 11th (of 14) of the LASAA (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Athletic Association) Mug Run series. After completing three races, you receive a special glass LASAA mug. There were about 500 runners altogether running the 5K & 10K events. I was able to meet up with a co-worker who was also running the 10K and that was cool. I was pretty happy with the way I ran the first five miles (OK, maybe the 1st mile was a tad fast). It is likely that this is the first time in 28 yrs or so I have strung five sub 8 minute miles together. But I seemed to tire after that. And I felt sick at the finish, or else, I could have shaved some time there too. Does anyone have help for a stomach that doesn't want to cooperate when you run fast? Mile splits: 7:35 7:54 7:46 7:53 7:49 8:20 (a bit long?) 1:38 (seemed a bit short) Muffins, granola, oranges, bananas, water, and energy drink afterwards. I like the race, it is a good size, well organized, plentiful and close parking and it feels good running with the sheriff deputies. The price is right too. I was thinking about running the next in their series, in two weeks, at the Men’s Central Jail (downtown LA). Certainly that would be an arresting experience. Thanks for reading!! Great runs to you all! huskydon
      sounds like a great day!! nice job on the PR!!


        nice pacing. Congrats on the PR
        Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

          Good Job Don! When does the series start? I may be interested in doing some of the runs next year.
            Well done huskydon! Sounds like a nice race. Once you settled into your pace after the first speedy mile, your splits were nice and consistent. Yeah, that last mile marker may have been off just a little, but a 1:38 split for .2 miles is around an 8 min/mile pace. I've tried taking a tums before races with some success, but I think the key to avoiding a sour stomach is finding the right food to eat the night before and the morning of your race. Congrats on the PR, and thanks for the report!
              How'd you find a flat area in Lakewood? Tongue Nice effort and congrats on the PR!!!!

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                Great job, Don! The stomach thing is hard. There's a 16-year-old on my son's XC and track teams who's VERY fast (sub-10 minute in the two mile). But starting this past fall, he's gotten sick to his stomach during a bunch of races, even the mile and two-mile races at the state meet a couple of weeks ago. He's tried everything, but nothing works. The doctor couldn't figure anything out, either. He's so talented that I hope can find an answer. He seems to do OK if the distance is less than a mile.
                  Nice race Don. It's almost like we had a virtual race with you in LA and me in OKC. Congrats on your PR. Paul


                    Oh huskydon, I am so sorry I missed this one this year. Congratulations on your PR! Smile You are always improving and that is awesome! Silly hermosaboy, all of Lakewood is flat as a board! Big grin


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                      Don.... congratulations on a fine race! You are getting fast! I have missed every LASAA race this year for some reason or another...I do really like them and wished I could have run on Saturday but it was my DW birthday and had morning plans. Do you have a web site or the info for the remaining races? The Central Jail sounds interestingSmile
                        Silly hermosaboy, all of Lakewood is flat as a board! Big grin
                        Maybe he's thinking of Lakewood CO not CA

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                          grerat racing, especially with sub-50 PR's after 28 years! Were you runnin' 10K's back in your marathon days too? See you at Green River.

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                            Huskydon, great job! Next year I will have to try one of these L.A. Sherrif runs.