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Very Brief Manhattan Half Race Report (Read 270 times)

    Very nice run with a strong finish. Just a training run? Congratulations. huskydon
      Nice run. Shake off those winter cobwebs. Always neat running in the Park.

      The Jogger

        Nice race bap, 1,000' I think thats more like the Brecon Beacons Smile great HR and pace. Roy
          Nice running BAP and it seems that the undulations don't get in the way too much. Good fashion sense too! High five! CNYrunner

          King of PhotoShop

            I am encouraged more by the fact that you appeared to have run a solid 13 with no pain or injury problems than the time. You are getting close to top fitness, and runs like this will be the foundation. Good job; progress is showing. Spareribs
              Pie, if that's a training run, you're on track for some good times straight ahead. Nice! Um, I get to races late often, but you're the newly crowned king of last minute starts. Now, Especially For You (um, and me) here's a gift from Jack Daniels on proper warmups as food for thought (just by chance saw this yesterday). I don't think a dash from the porta potty is what he has in mind as that pre-race speedy stuff he mentions:
                Nice Run, Big Apple
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