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Thursday December 20 Runs and What-Not (Read 398 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning!


    Taking DD to the orthodontist this morning to hear what the damage will be to straighten her teeth...Roll eyes


    The storm front will be arriving her around lunch time, with high winds and rain which will turn to ice and snow this evening.  Winter weather arriving with the first day of winter....


    35 minutes of weights and core, followed by 2 miles on the TM.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      3 miles in the snow for me.  Our snow will change to rain and then back to snow.


      Steve P - If I give you my phone number could you call my granddaughter? Smile I'd do it myself but I think I would crack up laughing if I tried it. (Referring to the Santa call from yesterday for those you missed it.)


      I sure am glad to be done with the orthodontist.  Between me and my 2 daughters I spent a lot of time sitting in those offices.  My youngest started treatment in WV, continued it in TX, and finished it in MI.  Every ortho had a slightly different idea of what should be done.  Poor kid has stuff in her mouth for years.

      Humanity runs on coffee.

        Good morning all, 


        Sideways snow coming this way too, later today...


        Holly the braces will bruise your bank accountSad


        Maine welcome back, nice to see you're running great again!Smile


        Ribs hope is is good for you...


        Tomwhite  is the ARC trainer working for you? 


        I had a Upper GI scope yesterday, all is good! 


        Off to the gym later for weights and elliptical.  


        Be safe! 

        Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

          Good morning masters!


          Ribs I hope all went well with your doctor’s visit yesterday.


          Doug your point is well taken and I offer no excise. Undecided


          Slo – did you get that blizzard they were talking about?  After the heavy soaking we got Tuesday into Wednesday the 3-4 inches of snow we got Monday has been washed away.  It looks like we may get an insignificant amount of snow early tomorrow followed by another soaking rain and no more storms forecasted before Christmas…so no white Christmas for us in  southern Maine, (which I am just fine with).


          Tammy – I would highly recommend Ribs Wave Run, and as I stated you tweak it a little bit to either lengthen or shorten the distance a bit for any specific training you might be doing.  I really enjoy them on the treadmill as it helps pass the time much quicker and as Ribs said the recovery is much quicker than a typical speed workout.


          Twocat – I hope your ankle allows you to put in some miles.


          Wildchild – I had a run last week on some pretty slick roads just from the fog that had iced over and I thought that it would have been much better with my “screw shoes”, nice run.


          SteveP – One of the many reasons I continued to lurk was to take a quick look at some of Avenger Doggies adventures…love those stories!  And your call to Noah was awesome and sounds like so much fun.  We are having our family Christmas this Sunday and just found out that all 10of our grandchildren and all 4 of our kids and their spouses will be at the house with my mother-in-law, DW and I.  We will have quite a house full and I am really quite anxious and looking forward to the fun we will have!


          Holly – Good luck with your DD and the orthodontist, our oldest granddaughter just got her braces on this week. Of course I’ve been giving her the mandatory teasing of metal mouth, tinsel teeth etc.  MTA - we only had one son who had braces for two years in high school, that was enough thank you very much! Big grin


          We have our annual Christmas Lunch and Yankee Swap at work today, the one time a year I indulge and eat Chinese Food.


          5 mile progressive run in on pretty tired legs yesterday: 8:19 – 8:17 – 8:01 – 7:49 – 7:29


          Nice easy 10 miler on tap for me tonight.

            I'll have too see...

            Toothache-Wisdom teeth will not be pulled till Jan 18th!  I can just keep popping pain pills, if they will even give them to me for that long.  Both not good for running motivation.

            Seems like my emergency repairs at the rental property has gotten more attention from me this week than my job.

            Christmas shopping,kids,wife,ugh, no running for me the last 2 days,and I can see today is a stretch too. I'm not coming up with excuses not to run,just simply no time!

              ...mornin' guys//////...........we get hit on The Plateau about 2-pm going into snow this evening......60's to 20's




              sarge//.......I hope this ARC works,

              I can't


              to stand any Impact,

              it felt Really Good yesterday,

              but hurt like hell that night.


              will try it again Saturday


              x-bike, double weight sessions today


              ...................good running guys

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                Slo – did you get that blizzard they were talking about?  After the heavy soaking we got Tuesday into Wednesday the 3-4 inches of snow we got Monday has been washed away. 


                It's hiting to the West and North of us right now. Our turn comes in a couple of hours. 55mph sustained winds. This could play havoc on any plans I have for a 2nd run tonight.


                My 1987 Jeep with 192,000 miles decided it didn't want to play this morning...I'm afraid it may be the tranny.


                Good luck with the Ortho Holly. We put braces on two of the three. One is currently still in braces. We have insurance...funny thing how on both kids the total price worked out to be exactly what the total life time ortho allowed.

                  Good luck with the Ortho Holly. We put braces on two of the three. One is currently still in braces. We have insurance...funny thing how on both kids the total price worked out to be exactly what the total life time ortho allowed.

                   Funny how that happens. Roll eyes

                  Humanity runs on coffee.

                    Good morning all.  Nice to hear from Maine and Renee yesterday.  Stay!


                    When I was a teenager I had braces on, but only for a year and a half.  And my teeth were a mess.  When my son got his braces on he had them forever.  Like 4+ years or something.  And his teeth weren't nearly as messed up as mine were.  Channeling Dave59 here - Funny how that happens. Roll eyes


                    I ran 6.6 miles this morning.  I was running in my "Easy-pace" zone during miles 2 and 3, when all of a sudden 2 younger runners passed me.  It was dark out - they had no lights - and I didn't know anyone was behind me.  So *naturally* I had to start running at my "GA-pace".  I think they were surprised they didn't lose the Old Guy.


                    Old Guys Rule.  Cool



                    "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                      Lots of folks in the snow today, I imagine.  Not here though.

                      Yes, great to hear from Maine and Econo.

                      Doug—sounds to me like you’re poised for a huge marathon PR!

                      Ribs—hope it all went well yesterday.

                      Dave—nice news for your daughter and her boyfriend.

                      Growing up, I always thought orthodontists were for rich people; we couldn’t afford it (no insurance) but I probably could have used it.


                      EZ 12.4 today.

                        It's hiting to the West and North of us right now. Our turn comes in a couple of hours. 55mph sustained winds.


                        Yes indeed. It is definitely north. Already 3-4 inches on the ground with no end in sight. Being a true Wisconsin idiot, I went to the Y to run on the track and do some weights Big grin


                        Holly - my MIL had 9 boys, all with braces. She used to joke about the ongoing bill she had with their orthodontist for over 20 years. One would get them taken off, the next one would have them put on. Good luck.


                        Hey Mainrunnah - welcome back!


                        (((Tom))) Could you use an eliptical instead?


                        Glad the scope came back clear Sarge. Hope Ribs reports in with good news as well.


                        Drake - hope you can find the time to get a run in. Life is crazy at this time of the year.


                        Off to help DH clear the driveway which will probably be the first of many today. Drive safely everyone.


                          I don't have the ''Pushing Off'' Muscles anymore......


                          imagine a Hamstring Tear, a Quad Tear, and a inner thigh tear all at once,,,,,,,that's what Hip Arthritis feels like.


                          just glad

                          I got ''Bike'' and ''PoolRun'' to fall back on.



                          without the PoolRun


                          No Whine, just Fact.

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          King of PhotoShop

                            I never had braces and my lower teeth are crooked as can be.  But Prime Rib and Riblet had them and are all finished with them, Riblet just this year.  They have beautiful smiles so it was all worth it, as it will be for your investment Holly.


                            Yesterday I had the echo, which is the same as a sonogram, but for the heart, and then the cardiologist and I went through the playback so I could see what every valve was doing.  My artificial aortic valve continues to work just fine but the mitral valve prolapse is much worse, and now there is a bit of deterioration of the atria, which the doctor warns could one day manifest itself in an A-fib situation, and he explained to me how I will know that is occurring.


                            As to the dizziness, he believes it is the BP meds and wrote me a new prescription of half the original dosage.  He also suggested I not take them before races, long runs or hard workouts, especially on hot days, and he wants me to drink more fluids when I race or run long/hard.  So that is all there was to it.  I go back for another echo next year.  Thank you all for the good wishes.


                            Here is how much I have slowed:


                            2007:  Dallas White Rock Marathon, age 61:   1:34:06

                            2008:  Open heart surgery, triple bypass and new aortic valve

                            2012:  Unable to break 1:50 in the same distance at age 66


                            But all that said, I am very fortunate I can still run at all, and I enjoy every minute of it.


                            Today I enjoyed 60 minutes of it by running 6 miles on the dirt track.   Spareribs

                            Trails are hard!

                              Ribs--hope the a-fib never shows.


                              No snow in sight for New England. Sad  Not a skier, but having grown up in upstate NY, a winter that averages less than 40" of snow is just cold weather.


                              3.8 miles in said cold weather (30°Wink this morning.  Felt like I was working harder than the pace (9:55) ended up.  Hope there's not something brewing just in time for Christmas vacation.  That would thrill DW, since I'm SUCH a good patient. Roll eyes


                              Welcome back, Maine.  You count as one of the very first virtual friends I met in person.  It was on the T on the way down to meet up with other folks at BTB's get-togther.  I think that was the year of the women's Olympic qualifier the day before Boston.  Remembering dates is not one of my strong points.


                              Orthodontia was fun for both kids and our wallets.  For one of them, for some reason we actually had enough in reserve to pay the whole thing at once.  Not only did we get a discount from the dentist, we upped our medical expenses enough to be able to put them in the itemized dedcutions and saved even more. 

                              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                                SteveP - great story about calling up your grandson! My dad always played Santa for our son when he was younger. He had the full suit and would arrive at our house on Christmas Morning to bring David his presents. It was much easier to fool him then although I do remember him asking me when he was about 7 yrs old if Santa was GrandPa. I told him no, the liar that I am. But David would say "how come Santa only shows up when Pa isn't here?" I would just explain that "remember, Pa had to run to the store to get milk". . .  Roll eyes   David would half-heartedly believe me, I think. But a few yrs ago we were watching home movies and one part was Santa visiting us. Right away David recognized his Pa's not-so-cleverly-disguised voice.


                                Bill - are you just busting at the seams yet for your wife's Christmas surprise? When will this vacation take place?


                                so glad David won't need any orthodontia. Not sure if straight teeth are an inherited trait or not. Neither my DH nor I had braces as kids, and David's teeth have all come in straight - well, sometimes they would start out slightly crooked, but seemed to self-straighten out by the time they were in fully. He's 13 now and still waiting on a few more to come in so hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself.


                                After today I'm off work until Jan. 2nd. That should leave me no excuse to get in plenty of running. I need to pull up a training schedule for my May 5th marathon and start counting back the weeks. I probably need to start training about now.  And I will incorporate some of those wave runs into my training. Since I'll likely be doing most of my training solo, I think that'll be a more enjoyable way to run those longer runs.