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January Boomer Miles (Read 674 times)

    beautiful pic Wildchild - some pretty impressive january totals i can add 88.38 for the month of January - my goal is for 100 miles/month - will have to stop letting that little thing called work get in the way - reading all these posts totally gives me inspiration and motivation!! away with the january blues and on to Fabulous February!!


      40.7 miles. A personal best for me, for running that is. Do I get a certificate or something for making you all look so good? I expect that my mileage will increase through the year as I'm just a humble newbie coming off an injury. I'm shooting for 1000 km in 2008.
      Have you got a flag?
        fbgrrl - as a Back of the Pack-er AND a Lowest Mileage on the Masters/Boomers thread kinda girl, I really appreciate you posting your miles. I'm so glad to have some company in the 40-50 mile per month (vs. per week) bracket. I'm also aiming for 1,000K this year - that pace bunny sure is a great motivator. Eliz

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          Foiled again Evil grin I thought I would be the boomer with the lowest miles for the month, it seems I tied Tet. Drat 3.2 miles for me, but Hey, I did set a PR. the most miles of any month in 2008! I promise to have a bigger month in February. Hey, It's a leap year so we have an extra day to run! Dave

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            I never though I'd ever have the same PR as divechief! Smile but not to worry as you were out running on the Resolution Run/Dip 3.2 mile race course for six less minutes so I'm happy to defer Minimalist-of-the-Month honors to my favorite boomer brother. Besides, I got it in December. Incidentally, are you thinking doing the Gaspy cold turkey as I got to do with Dr. Vivian (in six hours) in last year's Valentine Marathon with you and arf?

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              Incidentally, are you thinking doing the Gaspy cold turkey as I got to do with Dr. Vivian (in six hours) in last year's Valentine Marathon with you and arf?
              I am only registered for the 1/2, and yes, my only "training" has been some time on the elliptical, but I will be quick to drop if the foot acts up. My real goal is to enjoy the Florida weather, and to spend some time with my best friend. Dave
                Thanks, wildchild. Smile 67.5 miles for me. Dark Horse
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                  Darn it, Dark Horse, I was just tallying the numbers and I was closest to the median till I put your miles in. You made that award go to Hallar! Angry I could have ruled that you were past the deadline, but I guess I didn't list a deadline... No So anyway, here are the numbers: Number of posters: 59 Total miles run: 7183.26 Average miles: 121.8 Median miles: 104.1 awesome average award: tselbs - closest to overall average magnificent median award: hallar - closest to overall median Some other awards: helluva hundredths award: twocat and deez4boyz - for tracking miles to hundreths (that's 52.8 feet!) monthly PR: highest monthly mileage ever: dacook 286.5 JJJ 258 holly s 228.8 enkephalin 156.9 rlemert 153.7 wildchild 111.3 hallar 104.1 jules2 101 mrwhite 95 craneium 84 teresa 71.5 fbgrrl 40.7 Race PR: dacook 10K 42:50 perchcreek 5K 22:40 soundrunner 10K 45:31 breger 10K 47:44 2008 PR: highest monthly mileage in 2008 (yeah, that's everybody!): rbbmoose 297.3 dacook 286.5 twocat 269.18 CNYrunner 266 JJJ 258 perchcreek 240.3 holly s 228.8 soundrunner 215.5 dtoce 194 tramps 175.8 WRFB 173.1 johnmass 166 breger 164 evanflein 158 enkephalin 156.9 rlemert 153.7 peter NC 153.1 MrPHinNJ 152.8 mcsolar 145 wa5yom 144 sueT48 143.1 pfriese 140.4 jlynne 137 sarge 133.2 tselbs 125 henrun 118.1 bap 116 charleygross 112.6 wildchild 111.3 hallar 104.1 evryday 103 selb3 101.3 jules2 101 marj 95.3 mrwhite 95 happyfeat 94 vista 88.8 deez4boyz 88.38 flkjr 88.3 hopeful4ever 87.6 jemmama 85.9 craneium 84 BTY 78.7 mtnchk 76 teresa 71.5 anachrotech 71 steve p 70.6 dark horse 67.5 RoyC 64 fussyrunner 62.6 eliz4015 52.8 cashmason 51.4 stumpy 43.7 fbgrrl 40.7 rochrunner 34.9 hally 30.6 hermosaboy 9.5 tetsujin 3.2 divechief 3.2

                  I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.



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                      that is some cool ranking for some really cool boomers!! thank you Wildchild!!


                        Only 68 miles for me, 109kms, lowest since the heat of August. Due to a bad cold followed by an ankle injury if you are taking excuses! Simon.

                        PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                            10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                          Nice job, Carolyn!