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Sunday Daily, 1.13.13 (Read 302 times)

    Welcome back Mariposai! glad you had such a long visit with family and friends!


    congrats to your son Erika! I bet you were both extremely proud seeing him graduate.


    Thanks for thinking of David, Mike. Yep, he was crushed. really really crushed. I got home from my run when it was 13-0 I think. then by the time I showered and started watching the game it really seemed like it was over for us. David was already in mourning it seemed. then you add the incredible highs as they were making their comeback, and through-the-roof highs when it looked like they won this. and then to have it all taken away so quickly. yes, I had one very very upset boy today.


    got in a good 9.3 miles today. 3.1 on the trails with the meetup group. butt kicking trails at that. Then did another 6.2 on my own - but headed out and did an asphalt run. Then another 1 mile walk with the dogs this afternoon. I'm tired now. very tired. and it's not even dinner time yet!


      Yeah, we have pictures, just need to download, then upload them... it's a process, ya know?


      Welcome home, Nancy. Don't try to get caught up, just jump back in.


      Glad DD is ok, Steve. I've done that sliding around on icy roads and it scares me to death. Days like today when it's warm and slick? I stayed home.


      Tammy, even I could tell that was going to be a heartbreaker for Seahawks fans. Give David a hug from us, poor kid.


      Got in a good 8.3 mile hilly run today, with slick footing and snow pack that crumbles and slides away under your feet. Bleh. But, I was able to get in a good workout and felt pretty strong on the hills. Still have to stop and rest, but not as much. I could think I'm getting stronger, but I do think the low mileage week (as in, very low at 22 total) helped. Then DH and I worked on the driveway for well over an hour. He's still out there, going on over 3 hours for him. Yikes, we'll be sore kids tomorrow!

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        SteveP...what does IRC mean? I usually see IIRC for if I recall correctly, but I'm having trouble making IRC into anything in the context of your post yesterday.


        Erika, my longer screws are 1/2", so hopefully they will stick a little better. Can't recall if I've ever had trouble with them coming out or not, but definitely less trouble. We have had some years where we get the sheet of ice with snow over it, like ball bearings on ice when it does that, and the spikes usually don't go through the snow to get to the ice, so that can be pretty exciting. Mostly when it warms up we get a bit of snow or frost as it is cooling back down, that way it gets bonded to the ice and traction is good again. This time, the tropical breeze is lasting long enough that by Wednesday, when it is supposed to cool back down, we may not have any ice left on the roads. We'll see.

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          SteveP...what does IRC mean? I usually see IIRC for if I recall correctly, but I'm having trouble making IRC into anything in the context of your post yesterday..

          rhoon - i think it's different for running down here but, for you and erika, it's "icy running conditions" and "incredibly icy running conditions."

          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

          T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


            I really enjoy the extra challenge of running on wet ice Rhoon. I doesn't happen often and I imagine the novelty would wear off quickly.


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              Holly and Leslie—FWIW, falling can be an early sign of dementia.  Just something to be aware of.  It was true for my mother, though we didn’t understand the connection at the time.


              This wouldn't surprise me, although she has other things going on that the docs don't understand as well.  Last year she was quite a painter, now she can barely hold a brush.  The doc thinks she has Lou Gehrig's, but the test don't show it, and she's much older (76) than most people who get it.

              Rhoon - IRC = ideal running conditions.


              SteveP - scary, but glad DD was okay.


              Erika - nice to hear that your dad is doing better.  Post a graduaion pic of your son when you get the chance, will you?

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