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Friday's Daily, 10.26.12 (Read 395 times)

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    Hi, everybody.


    Enke, I’m sorry for your loss.


    Rosie, your confidence will return. I had a really nasty fall once on an ice patch covered by a dusting of snow. I extended my arm to break my fall and you can guess what happened. PT helped my shoulder, and to help with confidence I wear spikes in winter now. It’s good you and Bruce partnered up.


    Welcome Willamona and happy birthday!


    Good luck to the racers this weekend!


    I made oatmeal cookies tonight and also crispy chickpeas. Very yummy.


    4 hilly miles for me this morning; fenced Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday I visited Jocelyn and gave her a 2 oz. bottle and she gave me two big burps.

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      Holly, You're aware of how fondly we feel towards you and your family. Of course your father is missing out. That could easily go without saying. IMHO, there are not enough anecdotes regarding your children. They've all been cherished  Many of us have fondly watched them grow like weeds. Recalling when Sara locked Dexter and the cat together so they're learn to get along still makes me snicker. You've done such a wonderful job for anyone, let alone for someone who has had the examples you've had. You are more than physically impressive. From what we've seen, you are a marvel in every area that's important.


      It would not be surprising if you felt a sense of loss over this new development. I am so very sorry. You deserve much better. Unfortunately, I've had this discussion with our kids here regarding their bio dad. It's obvious that your father doesn't show love in a way that most people understand. I bet he loves you the best way he knows how. It's hard to imagine what's happened to trigger that behaviour. It's miracle to see that the cycle ends with you. I pray that healing grace reverses the pain that your family has felt. I pray that your entire family finds the warmth and love that you are so very capable of.


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        Survived lifeguard training today. I kept volunteering to be the victim, but they seemed to want somebody smaller to deal with...oh well. 


        Funny how hard I was working to do 6 laps of swimming. I need to get down there and swim once a week so I'm a little bit more well-rounded. 


        Erika, I use a Samsung NX100 with a 30mm F2.0 lens. I bought the camera because it has a large image sensor like the hurking DSLRs that people lug around, but it is small, and it has a lens that lets in a lot of light when needed and has a normal perspective but is also small. For in-flight photos it is about perfect. There are a few others that I would consider if I was feeling rich, but not today. I still use black and white film in medium format and develop it in a wet darkroom when I want something really special...but I like having a digital camera that provides good quality at my disposal, and goodness knows I am quicker to get the photos done with it than with real film...

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          SteveP, that was an incredibly sweet tribute to Holly, and I couldn't agree more.  I've met Holly and her family, and they're wonderful people. 

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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            Very well said, SteveP.  Very well said.


            Paavo - At dinner tonight with my friends, one of them was talking about roasted chickpeas.  I'd never heard of them before, and now you've provided a recipe.  I think it's fate and I need to make them.


            Dinner was excellent.  A new BBQ place in town.  Okay, not completely new.  I think it's been in it's current location for about a year.  Unfortunately with smoked meats/BBQ, I spend the rest of the night burping it up.  Pass the Tums, please. Tight lips

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              Once again I am a bit overwhelmed by how awesome you folks are....thanks so much for the kind words....and Steve, you really are a superhero....Smile


              No run for me on Friday - just 30 minutes or so of weights and core.  I went in to work early so I could get off early and have lunch with a girlfriend I haven't seen in a long while - very cool.  Then in the evening we went to visit friends and have pizza.


              Willamona is in the house - yeah!


              Leslie - have fun!


              Tammy - good luck in your HM!

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