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     This winter will be my younger daughter's first winter in Green Bay and I wonder if she will make it to work when they are -10° and 2 feet of snow. 


    What, do you think we live in the "frozen tundra?" I think you're confusing me and Erika Big grin We've been having the same mild winters as everyone else.


    I have a new driver story. Took DS#2 for his test (which he passed on the first try). Of course, they always want a solo flight after it's official. So DS offers to "run some errands" for me. When he got home, we had some family over and they were parked in the driveway. So the rookie driver decides to maneuver around the cars so he can put mine in the garage. Unfortunately, he got too close and scraped the passenger side of my car all the way into the garage. Took the paint off in some spots right down to the metal.  He was more upset than I was, and what are you going to do? We met our deductable on our car insurance that year...


    Tramps, your pizza delivery driver story reminds me of the one in "Home Alone."


    4 miles on the eliptical and 5 miles on the bike this morning. Came down with the crud over the weekend and had no energy for running today. I feel like I've been run over by a cement truck.

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      My brother is one of those people who probably should never have been issued a driver license, or even let out of the house, until he turned 40.  The history of his life makes people look at us like we're lying because it's so improbable.  Let's just say he gave my poor parents more gray hairs than age did - two major car accidents (one not his fault) and one major motorcycle accident.  Plus he fell off an oil rig, 30 feet, and landed on a cement platform in the middle of a bunch of rebar (it is only the grace of God, he did not impale himself).  And those are just the highlights.


      Well, this morning was one of those where climbing out of bed seemed an insurmountable challenge, but finally at 5:30 (an hour and a half after I turned off my alarm), I dragged my sorry butt out from under the covers and got in my scheduled 5.  Tonight I'll do a little bit of the core/strength training I was suppose to do this morning.


      After I got done working on transcription last night, I walked into the bedroom and found this:


      I was cracking up and took 3 photos, with flash, without either one of them budging.  Guess they were tired!  (That's Mister Mister, the one who recently had a bad abscess.)

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        Cute picture, Leslie!


        Tramps, congrats on getting to 2000 miles!  I'm still chasing the pace bunny, and not sure I'll catch it, but I need to average 7 miles per day for the rest of the month, so I ran 7 today at lunchtime.  Beautiful day, 40° and sunny.

        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          Sorry to break the run thread but I had cardioversion this morning and now have a normal heart rate again, now if It can only stay there..(that's the tricky part). Looks like all alcohol will be of my list..there is a feeling that might have been the trigger (sucks)...Anyway looking forward in a few days to take the new heart rhythm for a run. Docs want to know how much better it was than a week or so ago when 1 minute into my run I was jonked.


          Have a great night guys and cross your fingers and legs for me...I will do the same for all other injured parties.



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          Trails are hard!

            Tall-glad to hear that everything went well and here's hoping for a long time with regular rythm.  Back before I got ablated, I found that both beer AND coffee could be triggers.  For what little beer I drink, that was harder to give up than coffee.


            3.1 miles in shorts and a light long sleeve short this morning.  It's definitely not normal Dec. weather for NE.  although it looks like it will be back into tights temps for tomorrow.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              ..GoodLuck Tall//////

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                Knuckle lights look pretty cool  I have a headlamp but don't really like to use it.  I often carry a small LED flashlight in the winter, just to shine in the darker spots the streetlights don't get in the predawn darkness, and especially on the river path when there are small patches of ice, it's very helpful, but small enough I can tuck into a pocket when it starts getting light.  Seems like a knuckle light would do this well, too.





                I've done the same thing. I tried to carry a small LED type flashlight on my predawn runs. Problem is that I like to relax my hands and arms while running. Trying to hold onto a flashlight got fatiguing after a while. I never tried a headlamp,but seems like it would be annoying to me. I like the knuckle lights idea best. Problem is the cost-about $40 if I remember right. That's why I figure it would make a good stocking stuffer for me. I don't spend $$ on myself too often.

                  I am surprised at all of you anti-headlamp folks here.  I have one and quite like it.  Those knuckle lights?  I am not sure they would do what I want.  The nice thing about a headlamp is it is pretty much guaranteed to be shining wherever I happen to be looking!  Nice thing that.  Knuckle lights I would have to aim and I am such a knucklehead I would probably botch it up!  Clown


                  fatozzig great pic.  My DW was cracking up when she saw it.  She also commented that looks like one comfy cat!


                  wildchild you should get some credit for elevation changes.  Any reasonable conversion and I bet you would be shooting for 5,000 miles this year.


                  Tallrunner I do hope all turns out well.  Best wishes on your next checkup.


                  Still no running for me.  Not until Thursday.  So this is t-2.  It is actually Mariposai's fault since she convinced me to back off all ankle related exercise until my moon boot came off.  That would be Thursday.  Did I mention I can try running again on Thursday?  Of course the worst part is the ankle feels just fine these days.  But then it also felt fine weeks ago when I tried it out on the elliptical and the next day it hurt again so that is clearly not a definitive sign.  By the way, I think I can try running again on Thursday!

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                    I am a pre-dawn runner most of the time and I my safety and life depends on the headlamps. Just today for example it was dark the whole time I was running, sans headlamp I would be destined to either run on the TM or worse yet not run at all.


                    You keep giving people free advice and eventually they will get tired and listen to you, right twocat? Joking.

                    Tramps, huge congrats in hitting that 2000 miles!

                    Cute picture Leslie! I sure miss my moon dancer!

                    Tall, thanks for coming here to tell us about your heart results. Good to hear that you can take your heart for a test in a few days!



                    Well, it was 6 miles in the dark for my wings, then I cooked a lovely breakfast for my two dear girlfriends (they come to my house once a month for breakfast and I rather enjoy pampering them with good food).

                    Then a monster day at work, which included a trip over the mountain passes for a two hour meeting. The best part of my day? a break that I gifted my self post meeting by the wild Methow river. It was cold, but soooooo perfect!

                    Tonight: 4 miles at the gym with 3x800m at 5k pace with one minute rest. Then I did some yoga moves with the gym tigresses and now I am dead.


                    How lovely is the cold winter breeze!

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                      Tall - I hope everything works out for you.


                      Headlamps - I use one every morning.  Like Drake, I don't like carrying things in my hands and like 2K said, the light always shines where I'm looking. Smile


                      Long day, didn't go my core/strength training when I got home.  Instead I ate dinner, took a shower, and have been rolling my cranky AT and ITB.  I finally sucked it up and scheduled a massage appointment for Friday before things get to the point of no return.

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                        Good luck Tall and Drake.


                        Awesome pic Leslie. Made me laugh.


                        WTG Tramps. Hopefully I can get there by month's end.


                        So as Jay post early, I couldn't get my run until just now. Felt good to finish it and get ready for some rest.


                        Make it a great one.

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                          Awesome pic Leslie. Made me laugh.




                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            The stories are reminding me to get out the tow strap and hope it doesn't get used this winter. Last year, I only used it once and it was cause I got stuck...ooops.




                            I don't mind the lights that clip onto a baseball cap.


                            Hopefully today was as close to a MikeE adventure as I ever get. I got a call from DD#3. The bank she works at had cabinets delivered and they wondered if I was available to help unload. While the last of them were on the two wheeled dolly, DW calls and says our niece, Beth, was having an allergic reaction. She was only three miles away. By the time I got there, she had used an  EpiPen and taken two benadryls. Beth's face was swollen, but she was breathing well. It would have taken EMTs at least 40 min to get to her house and the hospital is half an hour away with two urgent care facilities on the way. Tag had to relinquish his seat, and we were on the road.


                            Beth had called her dad first and he told her to call back after she calmed down. Every time I think of that guy, I shake my head. We met her (SIL) mom en-route and she took Beth to the ER. She's thankful she didn't need an IV this time.


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                              Her dad said what?!?!?? Shocked  I have a friend with severe allergies who ended up in the ER in Sacramento a few years ago from inhaling smoke from a burning rice paddy that she merely drove by.  They were thisclose  to intubating her when her throat finally decided to open some.  Was ICU for two days.  Those types of allergic reactions are very scary.  Your niece's dad - what an . . . . . - I'll not say.

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