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Renee the dog

    I'm in Wildwood NJ for the folks who asked. More glorious at other times of the year, but plenty of elbow room right now. Cool Here's to good running all next week! Cheers!


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      Got back, made breakfast, and slammed my knee really good on the dining room chair. Surprised I hate dining room injuries.
      I agree. All that running, and really the most dangerous thing I face everyday is stepping over the baby gate we keep up to keep the Dexter-dog out of the bedrooms. I've caught my foot and gone sprawling more than once. CNYrunner - yikes! - that sounds like a bad spill. Hope your bruising isn't too bad. Lots of nice runs out there today, master-boomers. Smile

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        Jeanne, now why didn't I think of Teenage Wasteland? Great idea. Reminds me, too, the other day I was driving with both kids in the car (ever notice that's where all good conversations take place? Kids tend to ramble on more when they're in the car and open up)...anyway, DS says, "Who is Bruce Springsteen?" Oh my. Shocked 16.4 miles with group members today. A bit faster than what I'd planned, but tired as I was, I had no trouble with the pace. Did the last 4 miles progressive on my own: 8:37, 8:28, 8:14, 8:04. Averaged 8:46 for the entire run. BAP. Big grin Speaking of rodents, the saga of Guinea Pig Steve continues...he was neutered over a week ago (yes, you can neuter a guinea pig. Roll eyes ) got sick, now bouncing back but still not out of the woods. He's become quite a celebrity at the vet clinic. DD is missing him as is Guinea Pig Stella. DD wants to go for a visit today. (( Must be a good mom and not grumble, must be a good mom...)) U23D tonight with girlfriend groupies. Finally! Enjoy the day, everyone.
          I was running with Coach this morning...really icy in spots,so thank goodness he had to slow down a little bit...10K at a 7:39 pace with 2 fartleks and 2 hills thrown in...then a nice gentle cooldown walk and some breakfast...and he bought. Coach is getting married to a Canadian gal in May and he asked me to be in the wedding party...I'm quite honored...looks like most of our Relay team will be at the wedding... Easy run on tap for tomorrow...
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            What great runs everyone has had today! I'm thinking that I need to find an old lady thread as you guys are awesome! It is so much fun hearing about all parts of the country. So here's the southern report y'all...I did an even 10 in 1:50 in sunny TN Cool where I was over dressed as when I left it was about 34, and is now in the 60's. With my new map toy, compliments of this website, I am having a ball finding new routes in my little town. These 10 were packed full of hills (I forgot to check the elevation) but it was a good workout, followed by a mile swim. Phew! This 1/2 marathon training does take up a lot of one's weekend! Enjoy the rest of it! Wink
              happy february everyone!! -- i know i'm a little behind and i've missed a few days posting - but have tried to catch up on all the awesome runs here!!! my last run was actually thursday 1/31 - did 5.5 miles outside with an avg pace 9:19 then went into the gym and did the circuit training room - it's been tough since then - worked thursday night my usual 12 hour night shift and it was very busy all night, gave blood friday morning so no workout - slept terribly during the day then worked last night another busy 16 hour double shift - was an ugly night with high acuity - sometimes labor and delivery is not a fun went to son's b-ball game, slept a fitful 3.5 hours now plan to stay awake just long enough to get a good night sleep tonight and get in a good run tomorrow!! glad to have this forum for motivation!! reminds me that even tho i feel like i've been run over by a mac truck right now tomorrow will be another day to get in a boomer run!!


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                Good for my buddy pfriese. It is indeed a kiwi, the proper name being: apteryx. Made it to Omaha. Staying in a Hilton opposite the Qwest Center. Creighton is playing tonight and the hotel is mobbed. Who knew? Late dinner now, and home tomorrow. Spareribs
                  3.3 Miles today with the White Thing Dog. When I got back, my younger brother was here and we went through a number of Mom's old pictures. 15% of them had people we didn't have any idea as to who they were. We're sending them to older relatives. Maybe the photos will be of use to them. Any way, I have had the same stance after 40 years Before:1962 After:2002


                    Enke, I like Solarmix 6 the best too. Close second is #8. I like lots of the others too, but those are the ones I play the most. Steve, great photos. We did the same thing with old photos when my grandmother on my dad's side died. Lots of funny pictures of all the cousins when we were little. Classic 60's and 70's nerdy kids. 8 miles of hills and snowy bike path trails today. Temps were in the -6 to -8 range, bright sunshine and oh was it purdy. Wasn't cold a bit, in fact I had to think of which layers I'd like to leave off next time... Got frosty as usual, but not cold. It was soooo good to be out on the roads again, and the snow was packed down just right. The bike path was awful though... the flurries we got last week and the snowmachines have left it a total mess. I opted to take a side road home and made up the distance by going back and forth in front of my house a bit. I hope it's nice like this tomorrow... I've got 16 on the schedule and would love to do my trail run that I haven't done yet this year.
                      Beautiful 6.2 miles on a warmish, sunny, slightly breezy afternoon. Only 20 miles short of my first marathon! Big grin Without really trying, I took 2-1/2 minutes off my previous (snail like) 10K training run time. And the previous one was on a flat boardwalk; today's was in my hilly neighborhood. Life is good. Hey, nono, I've been meaning to ask which shore . . . . . I hang out in and around Ocean City most of the summer and as many weekends as I can manage during the school year. Had hoped to retire to the shore for as long as I can remember. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to live there year-round sooner rather than later- the sooner the better. Like tomorrow. Tomorrow would be good. Cool My summer running schedule is to start really, really early, like 5 a.m. - as much to avoid the heat as the shoobies. (OK, I'm from PA, but I figure that since my family actually owns property "down the shore," I don't qualify as a shoobie myself.) Smile Thought about the Ocean Drive 10-miler, but have yet to do a training run of more than 7 miles. May just look over some training plans to see whether it would be do-able. Of course, now that I have a whopping two 6.2-mile training runs under my belt, the AC Marathon weekend 10K is a possibility . . . . Good runs, all, Eliz



                        Got in 2 more miles while GD napped. She usually sleeps about 3 hours, but today her nap was very short.
                          A nice run today in clouds but no rain. I managed a full 4 miles today. I'm running 3.8 miles 3 times per week and I'm going to increase that to 4 miles for each of the runs. I'm still really slow, but I'm getting faster. I can pass slugs, now Wink
                          Have you got a flag?


                            Bright sunny day, 12 miles @ <m+2:00 including .10 walk per mile. tomorrow is the last day before taper begins or maybe it was today :roll: jjj including="" .10="" walk="" per="" mile.="" tomorrow="" is="" the="" last="" day="" before="" taper="" begins="" or="" maybe="" it="" was="" today="" :roll:=""></m+2:00 including .10 walk per mile. tomorrow is the last day before taper begins or maybe it was today :roll: jjj>
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