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Friday, January 11th Master-Boomer runs (Read 641 times)


    So sorry to see mcsolar has finally snapped. I saw this coming long ago but didn't want to say anything. Dark Horse
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      Hi all, Late post again today but I got the run in... Smile 7 miles of hills @ 8:50 pace. I enjoyed an absolutely beautiful blue/orange of the advantages of running late afternoon/nights...nice runs & photos today.

      Upcoming Races:

      Boston Marathon, Boston,MA 04/15/13
      Grandfather Mountain Marathon,Boone NC 07/14/13
      Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte NC 11/13

        Mari, love the pictures! I wish I lived just a little bit closer to you... Then I could try out those fabulous groomed trails with my ancient equipment. Let me know if you plan any boomaster xc ski get-togethers... And at least you get sunshine on that side of the mountains.

        "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."


          I just keep posting my boring same ol', same ol' (went to the gym and worked out on the eliptical) because if anyone reading is in the same boat (or, on the same platform?), a little co-misery is always appreciated, no? grins, A
          yes!! I'm pretty sure I noticed a little variety recently. but still. so, I had a better night at the gym than my last couple of attempts. I had a pathetic TM attempt last night, and did callanetics this morning so didn't expect much (which it wasn't but more miinutes and virtually pain free). 18 min. on the elliptical, 38 on the recumbant bike, assorted stretches, and a front plank on the stability ball, followed by 9 rollups --hands on the floor, shins on the ball, roll it forward till you're almost on your toes. still a little sick & was getting dizzy so i stopped before I landed on my face. If I can keep increasing that elliptical time, sanity could become a distinct possibility. Hi MS Big grin. DH, " I received an email from a lady who got her masters degree in classics 35 years ago, and we are to meet at the library today at 2 p.m. "What fun!" she wrote". that is priceless.
            Holly, nice picture of the kids and Santa....little holly looks just like her Mom. Mari...great ski that looks fun! steve...nice shelf... mcsolar....I want to party with you, man! 7 easy miles in beautiful weather. wind...@10:23 pace. A full weekend of football is ahead Go Boom!
            Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM
              Late post for me today as well. 4 recovery miles then off to the gym for weight training for lower body. Shooting for a 10 miler tomorrow (my first in a long time). Good running to all this weekend.
                how does one post XT in the training log? Listening to solarmix 11. Great job "Sun God" Cool

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                  BAP - I love the maps of your runs - remind me of the opening credits of "Eastenders." Rest day today due to extra-long day at work and usual Friday evening borderline-comatose state. Ran 5 on Tuesday and 5.1 on Thursday - longest school-night runs ever. Feet were killing me Tuesday after seeing the podiatrist Monday evening. He wiggled foot-parts around the tiniest bit during our discussion of my upcoming fitting for orthotics, and the next day it felt like he had hit my right foot with a sledgehammer - from both above and below. It felt better on Tuesday as soon as I put on my running shoes. Wore Birkenstocks to school on Wednesday - the snappy dressers at my morning school are now thoroughly convinced that I'm an invader from a much more casual planet. Feet felt better yesterday, even in pumps at school as well as throughout most of the run. Feeling greta all over today in acceptable-for-Friday-casual-day Keene's. (Here ends Eliz's weekly shoe fashion report.) Hoping to get in a few miles tomorrow morning before a 4-hour rehearsal, a self-indulgent salon appointment, and dinner out with family. Scheduled for first-ever 8-miler on Sunday. Good runs, all - and good luck weekend racers! Eliz



                    MC is ON TARGET 2mile walk, 21min elliptical, 30min core jjj
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                      Feels weird running on a Friday... usually my "sacred" rest day. But... I really needed to take that rest day on Wednesday... so far the worst day I've had in 2008... so moved Wednesday's MLR to Thursday, and Thursday's bread & butter run (for lack of a better term) to today. Was good... did 4 miles in 34:55... threw in some "striders" that last mile (4x .1 mile spurts of 8 mph) just to keep me motivated. Half mile walk before and after. Tomorrow I have an early haircut appt (yeah! over a month overdue!!), then I think I'll stop by the club to run on their treadmills and use the weight equipment. I do wonder about all the miles I've been doing staring at my reflection in the window downstairs... might need to get a little TV for down there... Mari... awesome ski pics. You make me wanna get mine out and get going! Haven't used them in over two years, can you believe that? Do you classical ski? Or skate ski?