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Tuesday August 21 Runs and Stuff (Read 320 times)

Back on Stride

    So sorry to hear of you family's struggles, Derrick. Will I see you in Flint on Saturday?


    I haven't posted in a few days, but have been out there with 8 miles on Sunday, 6 yesterday, and 33 on the bike this morning. Now I think it's time to rest up for the Crim 10-miler this weekend -- my 13th time there in the last 14 years. And of course it's predicted to be the hottest day that we've had in the past few weeks!


    A bad sign the other day when starting a run: a dead bluejay on the sidewalk just outside our subdivision. Bluejays and crows are the birds susceptible to the West Nile virus and it's already infected a few people in our area. Bring out the Deet!

    Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

    The Goofinator

      I'm going with Ronald Reagan.


      Holly - Priceless photo!


      Derrick - Prayers for you and your family.  My husband is about 16 months sober after over 30 years of alcoholism.  It's a tough road, but the rewards of sobriety are endless.


      The Wilsonater is my 1st alarm clock, then my regular clock is my secondary.  Sometimes I wish the electricity to The Wilsonater would get turned off until after my secondary alarm clock buzzes.  The Wilsonater has really been pushing his luck the last couple of nights. Evil  The Wilsonater couldn't care less what I think.


      6 miles this a.m. with hill work.  Coach Gary wants me to add more hill work into my regular runs (besides the weekend trail runs), so we'll see how much this takes out of me.  He did give me some good pointers re chi running up and down hill, and I'm finding it works pretty good, but I have to concentrate. 


      Too often, I find myself "charging" up a hill, trying to maintain a certain pace, and, quite frankly, it doesn't work. Surprise, surprise, right?  He told me to concentrate on little steps, leaning forward at the ankles, and maintaining an even cadence as opposed to pace.  Of course, the last two items I  know already, right?  Then why does all that fly out the window when it's time to climb a hill?  I worked all three this morning, adding in a better arm swing, and climbing my four little hills went a lot easier than normal.  I'm looking forward to working harder on this aspect of my running come my trail runs this weekend, as well as my overall "I can run at this pace all day" pace.

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation

        James Brady Law was signed into law by Bill Clinton.


        James Brady took a bullet in the head durning Regans assassination attempt by John Hinkly Jr.


          I agree with enke - clinton


          Holly - you looked great

          ((Derrick and family))


          congrats to racers doing well and (())) to all others. 


          we've been away mentally lately.  Henrun  injured ITB in a 10K on saturday and will probably start PT in the next couple of weeks.  I RAL, but the H&H were much more then I expected so it was a drippy slogfest.  will start posting again when we can.  We envy tomwhite's attitude!



            I'm catching up since my post on Sat.  OM, nice pictures of you and your friends on your hike.  holly, congrats on a fine, sub 2, half.  Great picture, too.  opie, congrats on 2nd in AG in your race.  bike, congrats on the new job.  shadow, you're amazing with 2nd in AG in your 15K after an 11 mile run earlier in the day.  wild, good for your daughter with her coop job.  holly, your husband is doing great maintaining his weight loss.  Mike, my Garmin (model 205) has done the same thing several times.  I've cured it each time.  I think I found the cure on the Garmin website.  I put it back on the charger, hold down the reset and mode simultaneously for 10 seconds, take it off the charger, and turn it on normally.  Since you got a new Garmin, you don't need this but it might be good for future reference.  derrick, my thoughts go out to your son, his wife, and your whole family.  dave, sorry to hear about the bathroom catastrophe.  I hope it ends well.  marj, sorry to hear about henrun's ITB.  I hope the PT gets things back to normal soon.


            Nice long runs for wild, mari, Jay, OM, evan, and shadow (mentioned above).


            Sunday, I got in 3 miles before church.  After church, we went to visit our son and his wife and celebrate both their birthdays (5 days apart), Yesterday, I drove to Ludington to see how my mother is adapting to her new place (she's doing pretty well) and visited with my two sisters.  This morning, I did 5 miles, experimenting with Gallowalking at a 4 min:1 min ratio.  I didn't come to a conclusion as to whether it had any advantage over just plugging through 5 miles.  After driving back home, I'm tired.


            A good day and good runs for all.



            King of PhotoShop

              Clinton it is.  Very good everyone.


              Workout number two is complete, 3 miles.  So it's 30 miles in the books and 36 more miles to go.  I think this is going to go okay.


              What Ivory Soap actress went on to star in the porn film "Behind the Green Door"?   Spareribs

                How would I know that?


                Thanks tselbs and happy birthday to your son & DIL.


                Had a magical run after work.  2 mile warmup, then 3 sets of 2 minutes easy, 2 minutes medium, 2 minutes quick, followed of course by 2 miles cool down.  During the cool down, I felt euphoric, in a place beyond politics, religion, even language and time.  That may sound crazy but it's how I felt.  I wish you could have heard the speaker at our running club meeting last night.  I cannot do justice to her story but it was very moving and is still affecting me 24 hours later, telling how she survived the bombing and ran the Memorial Marathon.

                "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi

                MM #5615

                  Hello everybody!  I know I said I wasn't going to run, today.  I have all these little nagging injuries that I really need to give some time to just calm down a little...but...I have this new Garmin...I just went 6.2...sorry...

                    H During the cool down, I felt euphoric, in a place beyond politics, religion, even language and time.  That may sound crazy but it's how I felt. 

                     What a perfect run!!!

                    ME? It was REST day and I sure needed it!


                    Now off to pick more of my bumper crop green beans!


                    Beans anyone?

                    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                      My garden is pretty lackluster this year, but we did have broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes and chives from the garden last night, with leftovers tonight. Grilled cauliflower is sure yummy..... Main course was grilled Copper River Red Salmon on a cedar plank. Tonight I did a "snapper" vera cruz but instead of snapper we used Alaska Rockfish which is oh-so-good! Didn't intend to have so much fish this week, but when it's available and fresh, you gotta do it!


                      Sorry about your family problems, Derrick. Seems like there's no shortage of those issues. I hope they can pull it together, but if not, well... sometimes it's for the better.


                      No West Nile here, thank goodness. We have ravens, but no crows and no bluejays. And I believe the species of mosquitoes we have here are not the carriers, so that's good. But... it's only a matter of time it seems before "lower 48" problems become ours.


                      6.3 miles today at lunch, sort of a progressive pace run starting in the 8:2x's and ending in the 7:4x's. Sounds more impressive than it really is, I suppose, because it's an uphill outbound and downhill inbound route. Oh well, it's a nice trail for a lunch run.