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Avenger Doggie

protector of my dad

    Dad took me and Honey to a race today!!! It was a very nice farm with lots of people and critters everywhere!!! There were chickens and cats walking around wherever they wanted. Cows and ponies were out in pastures walking a little. Then eating a little. Then Mom and her dad got there too! It was so great!

    Lots of people and kids liked petting me and Honey. She kept getting all of the attention. So I walked between Dad's legs and knocked her down and then sat on top of her so it would be easier to pet me. I'm very nice like that. 

    When the man who runs the race started talking, I started cheering because it's so exciting. Honey did too. She finally understands. When the man said "Go!", man did we go run run run!!! We went up and around and down and around and over to where the ponies were. They came over to see me and Honey wanted to stop and see them. This is a race and we can visit later! She has so much to learn.

    On another side of a fence, we saw Mom and Grandpa on their....whatever it was they did. They sure didn't go run run run. Honey pulled us to go see them. She'll never get it. This was still a race!!! We went way back and around. THEN we could catch up to Mom and Grandpa. We went right of by and Honey finally understands that we have to run run run no matter what!!

    We got to a haunted forest and Dad said we have to look out for creatures and monsters. It was day time though. We saw Mom and Grandpa again! I could have gone all crazy at Black Bear Briars. But we didn't see any bears. Honey kept getting distracted at Big Foot Swamp and Cougar Crossing. Kids are like that and she needs to grow up. Then Mom and Grandpa were right behind us some more. I would figure it out latter. Me and Dad had to pull Honey to run run run! Oh MY Gosh!! That ding dong doggie!!!

    Finally we had that long straight path to the end and we could run run run fast fast fast and Honey wants to check out cow poop. Lots of cow poop everywhere. "Honey!!! RUNRUNRUN! This is important!". UGH! we finally made it to the end and we got lots of petting and water and treat! People said we were good dogs and we got to see kids. Everyone said we were good dogs. Everyone does not know the real Honey.

    Sniffing Butts, Tag

    The Goofinator

      What a great race for Tag and Steve!  And great prizes for the first place man/woman.  Fun stuff!

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