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    anyway, considering some of the things aired here, I don't think many are building glamorous faux online personalities here.  Wink  But there's enough real life included to feel a real connection to folks.  For those of us lucky enough to meet IRL, the experience tells us that there is substance and people worth calling friends underneath the "imaginary" friends online.  Not to mention, there's a good likelihood that I wouldn't still be running and know I wouldn't have run a marathon without the peer pressure and I'm grateful for that.


    Oh, I didn't run this morning.  Peer pressure will only get you so far.


    +1!  All the RA folks I've met in real life so far have been greta, and pretty much exactly like I thought they'd be!   And I think my on-line persona, both here and on FB,  more-or-less accurately portray who I really am, except, of course, that I only post the good race pictures!  Wink  Those of you who have run with me in real life know how I really look when I'm running!  And those of you who have stayed at my house, or invited me to stay at yours, know how I look 1st thing in the morning, which is even scarier...


    Norm, hope you have a  blast at the Monkey! I had a great time there last year, and it still stands as my marathon PR!  (That says a lot about the marathons I choose!)


    Happy birthday to Super Granny and to Mr. CNYrunner!


    50 years ago today, I was in 1st grade, and heard the news about President Kennedy at school.  When I got home, my mom asked "how was school?" and I told her the president got shot.  Not sure I really  understood what that meant -   anyway, she  hadn't had the radio or TV on, so she hadn't heard the news till I told her.  She turned on the TV, and started crying, and I think that's when I understood that something was really wrong.


    5 mile RAL - chilly and grey skies.

    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

      my DH called me at about 10:30 this morning and asked "so where were you?" . . .  and I'm thinking "well, I was just in the bathroom, why do you need to know?". then it dawned on me what he meant and I reminded him that I wasn't born yet. "I was just an egg dear - floating around in oblivion".


      and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SuperGranny and MrCNY Runner!


      November is a good month for birthdays Wink. must mean there was lots of loving going on around Valentines Day.



        Some pool running and a very short swim today.

        50 years ago I had my first job as a staff psychiatrist at a state hospital in what is now Silicon Valley in Ca. I was in charge of a chronic ward where most of the patients were non communicative and showed little emotion. They were all watching tv when the announcement came on. Suddenly most began crying and muttering their sad responses. Then, shortly afterwards, they returned to their previous emotional state.

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          Thanks henry.
          You’re a Silicon Valley pioneer before we knew what it was.

          Happy birthday super gram and the opposite of a belated one to C-R’s too.
          I guess it's been too much for me too all these 50 years since Friday, November 22, 1963, not even writing the date until now.  I devoured everything that same that weekend as Thanksgiving approached: Time, Newsweek, Life, Look and other magazine coverages and subsequent commemorative issues, books, saved front pages, etc. but, even today, I close my eyes at the motorcade scenes. I guess I didn’t want anything to come between the chance I got to shake his hand once. However, for reason, I’m devouring everything this time and, after NPR told about someone else doing it in Idaho or somewhere, I went back to the exact spot where I heard it.  I think it helped in the dealing with it but nothing’ll change the impact. I can’t image what it must have been like to have been there then and now though.  I wish it would have worked to have been able to run the JFK 50-mile race though sometime before I got too slow. Oh well. Maybe someone else'll do it in belatged commemoration of their 50th birthday.


          ps - thanks for the Peace Corps too.

          I wonder how they commemorated the day

          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

          T. Igarashi (top of Mt. Fuji at age 100 in 1987): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


          Maniac 505

            Henry,  WOW


            50 years ago today I was in 5th grade,  The principle came to the class and called the teacher out of the class.  She came back crying and said school was dismissed for the day.  I went home (3 blocks away) and all the neighbors were there trying to make sense of what was happening


            HUGE belated congrats to super granny.


            Tet,  I can't quite put them together blindfolded.  I always look up torque specs.

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              Hello everybody!  It's getting cold, here, in Minnesota.  A high of 18, tomorrow...perfect for my last long run before Rocket City.


              Tonight was a windy 8 miler at an easy pace.


              50 years ago, I was in kindergarten at Broadmeadow Elementary in Rantoul, IL.  I remember the principal announcing over the intercom that the president had been shot.  Then I remember our teacher gathering us all together on the floor and we prayed.  I remember getting on the bus and the bus driver had his radio on listening to the news.  And, of course, my mom was sitting in front of the TV crying when I walked in the door.  I remember being scared.  That was a scary time.  We lived on an Air Force base and it wasn't uncommon to have cars drive through our neighborhood with loud speakers blaring that they were conducting a bomb drill.  Those things scared me to death.  So, now, the president was shot.  I don't remember if I saw the live coverage of Oswald getting shot but I know my mom did because she was glued to the TV.  I was 5 years old and just thought the whole world was coming to an end.  It was a scary time.


              Anyway...I'll be glad when tomorrow comes...this stuff is depressing.

                Thanks henry.
                You’re a Silicon Valley pioneer before we knew what it was.

                 but, even today, I close my eyes at the motorcade scenes. I guess I didn’t want anything to come between the chance I got to shake his hand once. 


                ps - thanks for the Peace Corps too.

                I wonder how they commemorated the day

                 Taperboy, you had the chance to shake JFK's hand? Wow!

                I just learned today that Peace Corps was started by JFK.


                Tamster, enjoy your vacation time with David. Stellar student he is!

                Holly, good for you for showing your boss that your time is worth a lot to you. Great 15 miler.

                Twocat, here is wishing that your dinner tonight was superb.

                MikeE, good luck with your last LR before your marathon.

                Yeah, Super Granny...she simply ROCKS!!!


                3.5 miles tonight plus some yoga because my mind and legs needed it.


                Go racers go!!!


                Back to planning my Thanksgiving menu.

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                Maniac 505

                  on a lighter note


                  ""Back to planning my Thanksgiving menu.""


                  Mari,  How traditional will Thanksgiving be?  The first thanksgiving,  Turkey may not have been there,  duck and goose?  probably.  and most likely venison, Oysters.and crab probably  YUM.  I go back to work on nights the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I don't expect it to be any sort of celebration for me, but I will probably visit my Mother in California the following weekend.



                    C-R and CNYrunner, you both cracked me up with your 80s top hits (new order, etc.).  I have a lot of that on my iPOD - but slowly purging for other things.

                    I read once that the music you listen to in your early twenties is the music you are stuck with for life. Let's hope not.


                    I suppose I was a 7 month gestation when Kennedy was shot.


                    I double plus like MustangSally's essay on the meaning of FB.


                    My knee is still weird.  I guess I will try the club run tomorrow, and maybe it will be a 0.1 mile run, or maybe a 10 mile run.  I have no idea.

                    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."