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Moab Trail Marathon 2013 (Read 33 times)

    Holly S. great report.  Now I hope you learned your lesson.  wildchild is always running in spectacular scenery.  It is spectacular because normally only mountain goats run there.  There is a good reason for that!


    I am glad you all had a great time, falls, stream dunks, rope climbs and all!


    P.S.  You all are crazy! Big grin

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      Holly what a wonderful report.   Almost like being there   ; )   . AAAAlmost.    


      Awesome job.   I hope you've healed up from everything.... sorry, I'm a little behind around here.        Huge kudos for taking on this challenge...   I'm not even the least bit tempted, even though it is breathtakingly beautiful.          ok...  a little.   but it's a tiny little.


      I'll continue the theme.... you are one tough cookie!     Congratulations.    And congrats from me too to Renee and Tara.   They're finishers in my book too.    What an accomplishment.

      Trails are hard!

        Also late, but amazing pictures and accomplishment for all of you.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          WTG, TrailHolly.  I loved your report.  I had no idea this course was that tough.  If I ever do it, it will be with my eyes wide open.

            Holly, what an excellent race report! Looks like a beautiful course but very tough. Who thinks up these things anyway? Love the pictures, and the shadow of the picture taker in many of them. Sort of alien-like, in a way! You all did great, and how fun to do this with your friends! And meeting Wildchild! Yes, I swear she's part mountain goat, right? This is so cool that you took off and did this, and had a great time even with the setbacks along the way. Hey, it's all part of the story now!

              Oh my Oh my Oh my,

              such beauty!!!!



              Yes, I would love to do this race too!


              Holly, you are a very strong athlete! Congrats for finishing this race in a very respectable time.


              Thanks for taking the time to share the miles and pictures with us!

              This race report belongs on a sticky page for a while. Amazing pictures and great story.


              Congrats to your friends as well!

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