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WEEKLY RUNNING& X-TRAINING GROUP w/e 09/23 (Read 284 times)

The Goofinator

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    Congrats to Erice for a PR at Equinox this past weekend.  Woot Woot!!



    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

    The Goofinator

      Mon Rest     Neck issues
      Tues 5 EZ Miles; Core/Strength     Continued neck issues
      Wed 8 Miles w/3 Tempo 5.10 EZ miles    
      Thurs 5 EZ; Core/Strength 8 miles w/3 tempo miles in the middle    
      Fri Core 3 EZ miles   No core/ST until the neck is 100%
      Sat 20 Trail Miles 19.85 miles    
      Sun 6 Trail Miles 7 miles    
      TOTAL   42.95 miles Nada  

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation


        Hi Leslie! And thanks to you all for the continued support and encouragement! Big grin


        Monday:         3 mile run on Alter G at 80% of  my weight. 10:28 pace          

        Tuesday:        Mt Bike 13 miles

        Wednesday:  3 mile run on Alter G at 85% of my weight. 10:31 pace  + 1 hr cardio

        Thursday        Mt Bike 15.25 miles

        Friday:           1 hr cardio

        Saturday:       3.5 mile hike

        Sunday:           Rest


        Totals:           Running: 6 miles 

                              Walking: 3.5 miles

                              Biking:  28.25 miles

                              Cardio: 2 hrs


        Today is Sunday, my only day off / reward day from diet and exercising, So what am I doing? Drinking beer, and watching Football! ;o)


        MM #6177

          Great to see your progress continuing, Jim!

          Congrats Erika!

          Thanks once again, Leslie, and have a great week, all!


          day plan actual comments
          Monday run 4 4 miles, 2 mile walk  
          Tuesday rest rest  
          Wednesday track 5.65 miles 150m repeats
          Thursday bike 45 min 45 min Expresso bike  
          Friday run 3 + strides 3.7 miles  
          Saturday 5k 6.5 miles 1st AG Smile
          Sunday run 13 13 miles  
          totals ~35 miles 32.85 miles, 45 min bike plus a little walking, but no yoga

            Hmmm, not sure Erice is, but missed them at the Equinox!


            Hi OM, and thanks! Way to go Jim, you're making great progress!


            Recovery Week! We'll see what that means....


            Monday: 4.8 mile easy run, .6 mile walk

            Tuesday: 6.1 mile easy run, faster second half, .2 mile walk

            Wednesday: unscheduled rest day... work trip, rain, wind, bleh

            Thursday: 1.7 miles on the elliptical in 15:40, .3 mile walk

            Friday: 5.6 miles @ 8:05 avg pace, .4 mile walk (legs feel great!)

            Saturday: 7.1 miles run, .4 mile walked, lots of yard work...

            Sunday: 12.1 miles run, .3 mile walked


            Totals: 35.9 miles run, 2 miles walked 1.7 elliptical and yard work

               Can I hang out here for a while?

              With no race in the horizon until late Spring in 2013 I need a group that keeps me motivated and moving.


              My  plan for the week (sorry, I don't know how to get fancy up with my plan for the week like OrangeMat Joking)

              Monday: 5.5 miles of running plus 4 miles of walking

              Tuesday: whatever the Easy Pacer wants to run plus gym after work.

              Wednesday: 6 to 8 miles. NOT...just eliptical and weights. Smoke is back in the valley.

              Thursday: No exercise at all due to the bad air quality.


              Saturday: run in the woods for 2  hours.

              Sunday: REST.

              Total for the week: I would be thrilled with 35 miles at the end of the week.

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                Hey Posie!


                No 20-mile runs or traditional 3-week taper in this training cycle.  Here are Coach's notes for this week:

                Monday--4 very easy/6 strides
                Tuesday-6 mile run steady pace
                Wednesday-easy 14 /pick up the last 7 miles at marathon pace
                Thursday-easy 6 miles/6 strides, Cross Training for 1hr or rest
                Friday-easy 6 miles/6 strides
                Saturday- 5kcc Race-10 am
                Sunday-easy 10
                Guess I better add the race to that thread.  He's the race director.


                Here's what I actually did:

                Monday..............................4.36 as planned

                Tuesday............................6 as planned

                Wednesday........12 with 5 @9:45 and a cool-down walk

                Thursday..............5.84 easy

                Friday....................3.46 easy

                Saturday...............6.5 with warm up & cool down-won my AG

                Sunday..............easy 10 & felt great!



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