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Valentine's Day runs and walks (Read 45 times)

    Just popping in to say Hi and Happy Valentine's Day my running valentines!!


    Holly - that was the sweetest Valentine's surprise ever!!  and where did he find dark chocolate chia candies???

    Starr - great cake and Happy 37th  Anniversary!!

    Jay - enjoy your dinner!!

    MikeE - your grandbabies are adorable!!


    We don't usually go out for Valentine's Day either, but I worked so many hours over the last week with the storm and slept over in the hospital that I told DH we NEEDED to go out!!  I am off for 5 days starting today and plan on enjoying them to the fullest!!

    Started the day with mass and going to breakfast with my prayer group for Saint Valentine's Day, ran a nice 4.5 miles, and now heading out for an early dinner with my valentine!!


    Have a wonderful evening my friends!!  Cool


      I ffeel compelled to post again and respond to Starr's posts.  We were married a little over 36 years ago so in the same era.  When I saw the second post, including picture, I did a second take.  MrStarr is wearing a jacket just like the one I wore in my wedding and which my kids make fun of.  My kids also laugh at the length of my hair which is comparable to MrStarr's.




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        9 miles today with zero on the sproink scale


        Starr - Happy 37th!  Just WOW! Congrats!  You have not changed one bit girl!


        Holly - Your man loves you like crazy!


        Mike - nice pics.....beautiful grand kids!    I'm telling you right now, the little baby girl on the right is going to be a handful!


        Erika - I love how you're so excited for spring!   ME TOO!!


        Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!!!!!!!

          Happy Valentines everyone, DW had told me all she wanted was for me to re-paint the fireplace trim and mantel with a higher gloss paint.  So I went out and got the paint and wrote her a promise not to paint it this weekend and put that in a card for her.  Of course I also got her a Willow Tree (she collects them) and took her out to dinner.


          Starr - that cake looks delicious, and a great photo of you and Mr. Starr.


          Jay - sorry to hear that your sciatica is getting any better.


          Holly - sounds like you've got a great guy there.


          Tammy - hope you had a great double.


          CR - Nice 10K.


          Mike E - you gotta love the grandkids don't you. :-)


          Wildchild - it really is the thought that counts isn;t it, and good luck in your race on Saturday.


          Tramps - nice speedy 7 miler.


          Tom - Nice 5 miler today.


          fatozzig - if your avatar is any indication you don't stand a chance of sleeping in.


          Deez - great to see you posting, and have fun on your days off you certainly deserve it.


          Arf - sproink or no sproink nice 9 miler.


          I got in a nice 5 mile run with a co-worker from the PD - 41:57 (8:24)


          And now they aren't so sure that the storm on Saturday evening into Sunday morning is going to miss us.

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            Mike E - you gotta love the grandkids don't you. :-) 

            Yeah...I guess...but do we always have to admit they're ours?

              So many cute pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

              I also enjoy reading how other couples celebrate this day!


              Funny, back home today is "dia de la amistad y del amor" Friendship and Love Day. I think it is very clever  idea, then nobody is left behind.


              This was a rather busy, busy day for me, starting way too early for my liking to travel to a meeting and having 5 meetings in a 10 hour span.

              So, when I return to Omak I was delighted to read a text message from my DH inviting me for a hot date night at the gym. Yeah...He ran 4 miles, I ran 3 plus weights (last night I ran on the TM 11.28 Joking miles with 5 miles at tempo, so a recovery run today was great). A great way to spend Valentine's day, I would say.


              This year for Valentine's dinner I decided to celebrate three events: Valentine's day, Chinese Spring Festival aka..Chinese New Year, and the  28th anniversary of a handsome Peace Corps Volunteer asking  to marry a Paraguayan butterfly princess. I am very pleased with the outcome of the dinner. The best Chinese 5 course meal I have made in a long time, I was told. The German Chocolate Truffle was a delight from heaven as well.


              Nite folks. I hope you took the time  to connect with the people you love today. Valentine's day is more than just eros love celebration!

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                What a way to start the day Starr. Happy 37th.


                Aww MikeE  Zac may out grow the super hero thing..just in case, guide him well....I mean..some heroes have sweet cars.


                Thanks for the encouragement. I'm surprised that more of my poems have not been published. Actually, I'm surprised that none of my poems have been published.  Actually, I'm surprised that Mrs. P doesn't tear up more often when she reads them.  Actually, I'm surprised that she often takes a swing at me when she reads them.


                We had dinner plans, however, the winter had other ideas. DD#2 had a class get canceled on her way in.So we had dinner at home and would not have changed it for anything. DD#2 went out snowshoeing with Honey and a friend and they went down a unplowed road that only  lunatics would venture of. I'm so proud.