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    Twocat - I can identify with you on the weight loss! I hit my "first" goal weight (30-pound loss) on November 1, and have kept the weight off since then. Now I'm thinking about going for the final 10 pounds. My HM isn't until September, so I figure it's a good time. It IS hard, though, because I'm so hungry after a run! Tom - great job on running during your vacation! That is always challenging. I don't know if I cold run on a TM with the ship rocking around like that! Evanflein - congratulations on the relay! That sounds like fun for people who can run fast, lol. 5.2 miles today on the TM at the Y AGAIN!! It's always suspenseful - am I going to get kicked off before I get my time in? It took me 57:37, but I managed to sneak it in. At one point, all of the TMs were occupied and I thought I was sunk, but then they cleared out quickly. Sigh. I can't wait for weather/roads that make me want to run outside! Maybe next week. Teresa
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        What a strange outing for me today. It felt so carpy, I hesitate to even call it a "run," but it was beautiful outside, I got to run (and walk a lot) in a skirt, and finished while watching an amazing sky-blue-pink sunset, so life is indeed good. Thanks, Aamos for your post - it made me focus on what was good about my run first and the not-so-good second. (Sorry, I doubt I'll ever be able to completely overlook the not-so-good, but I'm trying.) Smile Dragging a little yet from the sinus infection and haven't run two consecutive days since Christmas break, so I was fine with taking it easy. Thought it might be time to try running in the orthotics for the first time. Two miles seemed reasonable. NOT!!! I barely made it 1.2 when my feet were incredibly sore. I walked a little and tried to at least finish the 0.8 miles - didn't want to post a run of less than 2 miles - but only made it 0.5 more. So I ran 1.7 and walked 0.8 - my carpiest outing since missing 2 weeks of running in September. I knew the orthotics wouldn't turn me into Paula Radcliffe, but I didn't expect them to make me feel like Paula Dean! Holly I think you are pretty darn gifted, but I'll take dogged determination any day. When I taught high school, I had a girl sing in the choir for four years who barely matched pitch until the end of her senior year. When she finally did start to sing in tune, it was absolutely glorious. I'm sure your training will bear satisfying results soon and they'll be equally glorious. SueT 15 miles on a track? Speaking of dogged determination. Wow! Davethanks for the reminder about suffering, endurance, character, and hope. tselbs I went to a Mayan temple in Belize before I started running, when I was incredibly out of shape. By the time I got back to the bus, I truly thought I was going to die. I can't imagine what I would have thought if I'd seen some guy out running around the parking lot! I suspect some of your fellow travelers were thinking what I'd have been thinking when they saw you. BobEgrets. <sigh> I haven't seen any yet this year. Hoping they will have returned to "my" marshes by the time I get back to NJ - only two more weeks! ErikaAwesome relay. Glad you had a hummingbird sighting. They're so cool. Definitely a rest day for me tomorrow due to schedule, unless wearing the orthotics to school counts as cross-training? Eliz </sigh>

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          Late post as I was out at 10 a.m. for a 3 mile run, avg 12 m/m. Mr Garmin was a bit wonky, but in a very nice way. Near the first 1/2 mile mark, Mr. Garmin had me doing a 6:29 m/m for about .3 of a mile. Well now, ain't that nice Big grin The rest of my times were right on, so I don't know what happened. But I can tell you that even if a bad guy was chasing me I couldn't run that fast.... Then, I had to skedaddle off to a dental app't. Two caps...ouch that hurt the pocketbook and I have dental insurance (boy is that crappy insurance). But, after that I came home and waited for the novocaine wear off (ok, the dr. said "we don't use novacaine anymore", but it does the same thing and I don't care what is in that needle, they still give it to you in a needle, lets not split hairs here doc). And, then it was dinner time and here I am. Teeth hurt a little, but we were close to the nerve and I am praying they don't start hurting a lot. Smashing performance by the masters at the relay. Evan: Don't you get really, really tired of AA losing your stuff? And you didn't even change planes. Don't you want to just shout, get a clue you guys? Goodnight and good runs all

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            Thanks, gang, for all the encouragement. I really appreciate the virtual hugs... Smile Erika - woo hoo! Can't wait for the report! Hope there's pictures.... Smile Mariposai - hope you and your family recover quickly.... Sad

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              evan - Nice runnin' in AZ but forget the numbers in the rr and tell more about the fun part. uhm, by any chance did your flight go through the confluence of the auroral vortexes between Mt. Fairweather and Mt. Mckinley? btw, seein' any lights up there recently before it gets too light? mari - you didn't by chance lick too much of the frosting for the wedding cake you were making this weekend?

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                Got in a nearly five mile run after work. Nice to hear from TSelbs about your cruise, but sorry to hear of your MIL's stback! Congrats to Erika on her relay first place finish! Holly, I envy you and your over the top training!!! Lastly, God Bless Adam Nichol Chris


                  Aamos, I like your perspective on things. {{{Mari and family}}} BTB, nice run, its good to have a few of those every now and then. The water I collect is right beside the road where the AT crosses. I fill our 5 gal jugs, as the flow permits, and have a another spring when that one's dry. jjj
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                    The fun never ends.... Friday was a quick trip to North Carolina for a basketball game Arriving late I managed a run on the hotel treadmill at 4 AM. The basketball game and travel caused a busy day and a late arrival home Then it was getting up to teach my Sunday School class, followed by an afternoon where I had been asked to meet with a friend who said they HAD to talk. When someone says they HAVE to talk, I always find my self trying to anticipate what it might be that they want to share. In this case I thought of them and their life....their health....their family.....etc. Interestingly enough I always thought of the WORST case scenario. The bottom line in this situation is.......I found out that they are an alcoholic. You would never know. Even family members have not been told. So now I have a new challenge and a new opportunity to help. I have dealt with this before but never with someone who is a friend. Today brought beautiful spring weather and the opportunity to get out for 4 Plus miles. College basketball playoffs are on top of us and life only gets busier. Games I am involved in are on Tuesday, possibly one on Thursday and then Friday. I may not have time to comment on everyone's posts.......but I go manage to read at least the daily thread. Thanks to all.