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Monday Daily, 10.22.12 (Read 373 times)

    Happy birthday, PBJ! 4 miles + 6 strides this evening. Walked home from the track, euphoric.

    "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey

      Did I miss PBJ's birthday? And changing an AG to boot? Sorry if so, but happy belated birthday greetings to you! You and that newly reconstructed knee will rock your new age group, I'm sure! Nice 24 miler for you, if not somewhat sad with the deer incident....


      Welcome home, Twocat. Yes those trips back from across the pond are long. Try tacking on an additional cross-continental tour after that!


      Nice family run for the Ribcage...


      Paavo, my college roommate now lives in Golden CO and she's into national fencing competitions. Never in a hundred years would I have pegged her for that back when we were in college. Pretty cool stuff.


      Holly, K is in basic training now (i.e., "boot camp," a term marines don't like because it sounds like the army), and then he'll be home in January for a 10 day break. Then he reports back for additional training, but I don't know where he'll be. I'm hoping he'll be able to continue in the training programs, specifically the electrician program he wants, but there's a very real chance he'll be sent to combat. I know he'd be fine with that, but it scares me to no end.


      2.5 miles on the elliptical today (20:37), then 15 minutes of weights. That's about the most we can fit into a workday lunch hour, with commute, changing, shower and getting back to work. But, it's a good mid-day break, and gives a bit more strength training than I'd get if I did nothing. And sets us up well for a longer workout on Friday or Saturday, which works well for our schedule.


      Figured I might not run all that much the end of this calendar year. Don't think I'll make that 2,000 mile goal. I know people say "it's just a number," but it's also a goal. And it sucks to miss a goal. But, besides avoiding a chronic injury, which I might be courting if I didn't back off, running less has gotten me back into the gym, and has helped me get caught up with other tasks around the house that I'd been neglecting. So, I'm trying to find the silver lining to the endurance I might've lost, and the pounds I might have gained this year!

      Bushrat Runner is always good to address and heal from an injury, even if it does defer a goal...


        4 miles at lunch time for me.


        Flew to Palmer and back this weekend. The trip in was low because if we went up we got into serious headwinds, as opposed to merely headwinds. Took a photo of Port Alsworth:


        A while later, we were in Lake Clark Pass, with towering walls on either side.


        On the way home yesterday, the winds were much reduced and a bit from an angle, so we really didn't get much help. But it was beneficial to go over the top, and since we left late, we were flying past the volcanoes as the sun hid behind the low clouds on the western horizon. Got some nice photos though. Iliamna in the distance.


        Redoubt up close. You can see the steam from the middle of the collapsed crater.


        Looking back toward Cook Inlet and Kalgin Island.


        A wall of rock and ice on the backside of Redoubt.


        Tuxedni Bay and Mt Iliamna.


        A glacier coming off Mt Iliamna, and the steaming vent visible near the top of the mountain.


        And finally...the moon...and the mountain...

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          Troy - I just love your pictures....


          Erika - I understand your fear, and will keep my fingers crossed for a peaceful station.


          No run for me on Monday, just some light weights and core.

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          The Goofinator

            Beautiful pictures!

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