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Intrepid Racers - September 28th & ahead! (Read 20 times)


    And the racing continues! Good luck and fleet feet to all racers - have fun!


    ************This week and weekend*******************


    09/28 wildchild - Sundance Trail Run 50k, Sundance WY

    09/28 IBleedUnionBlue - Fort Wayne (Fort4Fitness) Half Marathon

    09/29 CNYrunner - Nahant 30k, Nahant MA

    09/29 OrangeMat - Hamilton School 5k, Glen Rock, NJ


    ****** next week and ahead *********


    10/05 arf - Iron Horse Ultra 100K

    10/05 Opie - St. George Marathon, St. George, UT

    10/05 Mariposai - Autumn Leaf Run 10k, Okanogan, WA

    10/06 OrangeMat - Wineglass Marathon, Corning, NY

    10/06 Ileneforward - Santa Monica 5000, SM CA

    10/07 Ileneforward - Chapman 5k, Orange CA

    10/12 CNYrunner - Hartford half-marathon, Hartford, CT

    10/12 pfriese - The Terminator Half Marathon, OKC, OK

    10/13 CNYrunner - Wayland XC Festival, Wayland, MA

    10/13 OrangeMat - Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago, IL

    10/13 Ileneforward - Long Beach Marathon, LB CA

    10/13 IBleedUnionBlue - Dayton River Corridor Classic Half Marathon, Dayton OH

    10/14 LaTortuga  - Tufts 10K, MA

    10/19 BerthaSlayer - Vulture Bait 50k, London Ontario

    10/19 pfriese - HITS OKC Half Marathon, OKC, OK

    10/20 IBleedUnionBlue - Columbus Marathon, Cbus OH

    10/20 Coastwalker - Harvest Half Marathon, BIddeford, ME

    10/26 Coastwalker - Great Bay 5K (walker), Greenland, NH

    10/26 pfriese - Tulsa Run 15K, Tulsa, OK

    10/27 Coastwalker - White Mountain Milers' Half Marathon (walker), N. Conway, NH

    10/27 OrangeMat - Marine Corps Marathon, Arlington, VA

    10/27 shadowrunner - Marine Corps Marathon

    10/27 CNYrunner - Boston Mayor’s Cup XC races, Franklin Park, Boston, MA  (I raced in Franklin Park in 1984 and we won :-)

    10/27 wildchild - Bear Creek 10 spot (10 mile trail race) - Morrison, CO



    11/02 Wildchild - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab UT

    11/02 HollyS - Moab Trail Marathon, Moab, UT

    11/02 MilkTruck - Moose Pond Half, Bridgton, ME

    11/02 pfriese - Race with the Stars 5K, OKC, OK

    11/03 CNYrunner - Manchester City marathon, Manchester, NH

    11/03 Ileneforward - Santa Clarita half marathon, SC CA

    11/10 CNYrunner - USATF-NE, xc championship races, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

    11/10 MilkTruck - Seacoast Half, Portsmouth, NH

    11/10 Stumpy77 - Seacoast Half Portsmouth, NH

    11/13 Mississippi - Outer Banks Marathon

    11/16  Tramps - Richmond Marathon - Richmond, VA

    11/24 pfriese - Route 66 Half Marathon, Tulsa, OK




    12/1 tetsujin - Seattle Marathon - barefoot

    12/14 Mike E - Rocket City Marathon - Huntsville, AL





    2/23 Tetsujin - Tokyo Marathon (geta)



    03/16 OrangeMat - Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA

    03/15 IBleedUnionBlue - TowneBank 8k, Virginia Beach VA

    03/16 IBleedUnionBlue - Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach VA



    05/03 IBleedUnionBlue - Capital City Half Marathon, Columbus OH

    05/04 OrangeMat - Avenue of the Giants, Arcata CA

    05/04 wildchild - Avenue of the Giants marathon, Arcata CA

    5/23-25  tetsujin - Pigtails 100 or 150 mile Challenge (thongs)


    Running is stupid

      Ilene, please take me out of the Columbia Gorge marathon and add the following:

      10/05 Autumn Leaf Run 10k, Okanogan, WA

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


        Hi Ilene,


        One more please:


        10/20 Coastwalker - Harvest Half Marathon, BIddeford, ME





        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

          Hilene.  Hope your recovery is going well enough for some more October PR’s this year.
          Well, as expected for overseas entrants, I was one of 30,000 runners out of more than 300,000 applicants getting into next year’s Tokyo Marathon. Hope 2014 works out better than 2010 and 2011 when I got bogged down in all the swirlings over here and DNS’ed..

          2/23 Tetsujin - Tokyo Marathon (geta)
          Got to thinking too much during a four-mile training run this morning but I guess I need the incentive of something I’m pretty sure I can’t do for the training motivation I’ll need to redeem my glorious DQ’s over the 32 and 56 hour cutoffs in last year’s Pigtails 100/150-mile Challenges.
          I”ll probably wait until the last minute before deciding on the 100-mile or 150-mile options. Probably 150 again in the hopes of taking advantage of the generous 150 mile cutoff time to at least reach 100 miles again, DQ or not. Oh well.

          5/23-25  tetsujin - Pigtails 100 or 150 mile Challenge (thongs)


          annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)

            David and I are signing up for a race this Saturday.


            10/5 TammyinGP&son - Talent Harvest Festival 5K, Talent, OR