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Final Friday Daily, 11.30.12 (Read 391 times)

    Wow, lots of new faces in here. One not so new here that hasn't posted much. My 5K kids are running their fall race tomorrow. Sixteen extremely nice kids who I hope have the time of their lives.  Today I got to see first hand the impact teachers can have on children. At the beginning of this month I presented an assembly on being respectful and accepting of others. To drive the point home I did most of the assembly wearing a kilt to prove that even though people may dress differently, look differently, celebrate differently, etc. that we are all more alike than different.  Today, 2 students (brothers) showed up to school wearing kilts. Luckily mine was still here, so I am wearing it in a show of support. Hope the picture works



    The assembly:

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      Spareribs, you are so funny! Will your 5k have some Berthas?



      No, no berthas. But it's all on grass or soft trail surfaces,and my RP and I are strictly fashionista road runners.  We have tons of matching outfits, colorful shoes, shorts and accessories, and are generally disdainful of those stumblebum trail runners who always look like they slept in a dumpster. 


      So with that as background, the other day I learned that the race has you running through a stream, and my partner who is South African and hates to be cold (tied her jacket around her waist the other day, embarrassing me to death) and doesn't like to get her shoes dirty, has been complaining about it ever since I told her. 


      "I'm going to wear my oldest shoes," she says.  "I'll bring a dry pair of shoes and another pair of socks for later."  She is seriously thinking of going over the course this afternoon, as the race is in my home town (remember to Google: "the most interesting man in Coppell"), to see if there is any place she can cross the stream by hopping from rock to rock.


      This is going to be a riot.  Spareribs

      Trails are hard!

        Welcome back, Cranieum.  Sounds like you have another great turnout for your 6K kids.  I'm sure that they'll have ablast tomorrow.


        Just about the end of kilt season in Rochester, isn't it? 

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          That's a really good idea!  Every year during the Holidays my training goes down.  Not that that is necessarily a bad thing since everyone needs to take a break every now and again.  But I've been on much of a break for most of November already, so it's time to kick it in.  I may just do this!




          Bill, you should join me!  I haven't yet made it all the way to Christmas, I usually get to around the 18-20th and then get sidelined by  travel, parties, and general holiday craziness.  Maybe this will be the year.


          Craneium, love the Kilt picture and the message to your kids.  It's something we really try to stress with our 7 year old, but it sure helps when it's part of their school culture. 

            you are funny Ribs "most people my age are dead" . . LOL


            you have an interesting arm motion with your left arm - like you are cranking a wheel. but your right arm doesn't do that.  That was fun hearing you talk. and I can still pick up a few words that are "east coast accented".  Love seeing you interact with the kids. Actually reminds me a lot of a couple local guys that are either always at or running in our local races. They have a great rapport with the kids and all the middleschool/highschool kids flock to them. One of them will be David's coach in HS.


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              Had the alarm set for 5:30 a.m. but turned it off and rolled over.  Now I have an excuse to leave work early is a beautiful day and I need to get in 8 miles to hit 100 for the month.


              I will get in a few miles in the morning before I play one more round of golf while the weather is nice.  This is probably the latest in the year we have played golf here in Central Illinois (that I can remember).  We have our annual neighborhood white elephant party tomorrow night, so I have a feeling there will be no running on Sunday.



                ...hey Cranium// that a Clan Hay Tartan you're wearing in the picture???????

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                  DD on her way back from Colorado.  She loved Colorado College, climbed at their climbing gym and ran into a kid from NH  she used to climb against in youth competitions.  Small world. She is kicking herself for not applying there as a freshman.. we suggested it , but she is one who seems to have to learn things on her own......  She will try to transfer in and hope for the best, but not many people leave, so not that many spots are available.



                  I'm Class of '83.  Loved it!


                  Going for a run in a few hours.

                  "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi


                     Coming in as a newby here.  Not sure exactly how to post in the masters forums.  Looks like a lot of daily type threads.  I hate that my first post is to say I did no running today.  I'm going for a girls night out night and hoping I'll not over do it, and I can truly say I ran some tomorrow!


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                      ...hey Cranium// that a Clan Hay Tartan you're wearing in the picture???????


                      Wallace clan tartan

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                        Last run of the month today, and once again it was an easy one. Just 3 super slow miles, and then some strides thrown in to see if I remember how to run fast. Oh man, my 5k tomorrow is gonna be sloooooowwwww....

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                          . . . and are generally disdainful of those stumblebum trail runners who always look like they slept in a dumpster. 


                           I often resemble that remark.


                          Aqua Velva - My uncle's been wearing that for as long as I can remember.


                          Blue - Have fun at the HM trail run.  Be careful, though, or it'll succeed in pulling you over to the dark side.  Just sayin', that's happened to more than one person around here.


                          4.35 EZ miles this a.m., and I did manage to keep them easy for once.  It was a bit windy, but nothing earth shattering.  It was actually a very beautiful morning with the bright moon showing through the cloud cover.  Thankfully, the rain stayed away, but it has since come in a couple of torrential downpours this morning.  We're still suppose to get a ton of rain, but right now I see blue skies outside the wind.  *fingers crossed*


                          Registration for Mt. Hood 50 opens tomorrow.  I intend to be up bright and early so I ensure my registration.  Then I'll worry out the logistics of camping out at the start line if Kate doesn't run it next year.

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                            Wallace clan tartan



                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                              Craneium - so nice to see you, and wonderful that you have another group of kids running a 5k tomorrow!  How many years have you been doing this now?  Is the first bunch you coached running HS track yet?   You're such a good role model for those kids - pretty soon everyone will be wearing kilts to school! Smile


                              Slo Hand is gonna stay out of trouble this weekend while his DW is away?   Yeah, right.  Roll eyes


                              Lame, if your DD decides to go to Colorado College, we can meet for a run when you come visit her!


                              I went out for 8.1 trail miles at lunchtime on an absolutely beautiful day, 60° and sunny.  I even took my shirt off after 2 miles - not bad for the end of November!


                              Welcome to all the new folks, and good luck to the weekend racers.


                              Enjoy the gift, friends!



                              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


                              Space Cadet

                                3.4 total, .8 of that was with my sometimes running buddy for around the block type runs. He really wanted to go today. The rest was TM.