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    great column again, per usual, Ribs!  I don't know that you could ever pass for the "homeless guy" look or wear non-color coordinated running attire, so trail running is likely not your niche.


    I enjoy both road and trail running, but I do feel out of place if I wear "matching" clothes in trail runs. So, trail running is my excuse to wear colors that clash, loud bright neon socks with monkeys on them, and whatever other piece of mismatched attire I need.


    wild weather here over night. Wind was absolutely howling and it looks like a debris field this morning. We are in for a doozy of a storm and all rivers here are expected to crest by the early morning hours tomorrow. Glad we are on high ground!  No running today. David has a home basketball game at 4:30 so will head over to that.  November was my month of daily pushups. I succeeded about 80% of the time. forgot a few days. December I'm continuing with the pushups and also adding in daily core work. even if it's just a minute of planks or 50 crunches while watching tv, just trying to get in the habit of SOMETHING each day.


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      Nice running Ribs.. but was there an 80s theme???  Those shorts looks like some of my old stuff.  Not good if you want to keep a low profile...Wink


      The pic didn't feature the shoes, which are Saucony Kinvaras, same color as the shorts.  Of course wearing a light racing flat like that was probably stupid on the trail, but I don't know any better.  I'll see if I can find a race photo (a real race I mean!) where I'm wearing the Kinvaras and the same color shorts.   Spareribs

      King of PhotoShop

        Knew I had one. Here ya go:


          Hey mariposai, the weekend with my girlfriend was fun, except for the constant downpour with blowing winds, but we did go in the hot tub regardless.  When are you coming to stay there with or without me????  We can run the Big Creek trail all year round.

          Because of this blasted, blasting rain, I haven't run since Sat.  So I told DH to make me run tonight on the TM, or outside, come hell or high water (and the Skohomish river is already over it's banks).


          I love trails, even trail races.  No better workout, period.

          "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

            lame, happy belated birthday to your husband.  baboon, good job in your 5K with new PR.  sarge, nice 5K.


            Nice long runs for fatozzig, Mike, Holly, wild, Drake, dg, and Tramps.


            This morning, I woke up to 60° temps but I was feeling less than energetic and it was supposed to rain.  I didn't want to do the TM, either,  so putzed around for longer than usual before going out.  By then, the temp had dropped to the mid 50s.  There was some wind and the rain was light, sometimes just a mist.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:56 pace.  While I was out, the temp dropped another 5°.


            A good day and good runs for all.



            The Goofinator



              to a StreetRunner,

              a Good TrailRunner looks like a Wino at a Diner Party.


              Big grin


              Great pics, Ribs, but not sure about the whole neon green thing. Wink



              Out about 4:20 this a.m. for 5 miles, including 8x100m strides at the end.  And boy howdy was it windy!  Of course, the wind was in my face when I was running an incline.  It got so blustery a couple of times, I gave up and walked briefly 'cause it was like pushing against a wall.  Very happy it was slight rain during the run because it's been pouring for the last couple of hours.  We're getting the same storm my friends to the north are enjoying. 



              Followed the run with almost an hour of core and lower body strength training.


              Now I'm just trying to get through the end-of-the-year bookkeeping stuff and clean up some of my  mistakes.  My office mate asked me at one point today if I was mad at her.  Guess I've been a bit touchy. Black eye  Bookkeeping is not easy for me, and the way our offices is are situated, I don't have an office to myself, so I can't shut myself in and make everyone stay out and leave me alone.  It sure would help if I could, but oh well.  Suck it up, buttercup! Wink

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                I'm a litle late to the party,  I hadn't run yet today and don't feel worthy of posting in the daily if I hadn't run...just kidding.


                Leslie's little weather map reminded me...Last night I snuck out for a 2nd run. It's Dec the 3rd, I'm running in shorts and a sleevless shirt and sweating profusely. It begins to rain and I'm thankful for getting caught in a down poor...On Dec 3rd, at 6pm in Iowa!


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                  Hey ribs, this isn't a porno site!


                  Tramps - sorry to hear about Koko.  She sounded like a real smart cookie.


                  Just thought I would pop in - ran 7 miles this morning on the TM - felt pretty good.  I'll try to hit spin calss tonight.


                  On Sunday, Plam Beaches marathon - I went 26.2 - got a side stitch at mile 21, and ran/walked it in from there.  Still met my predicted time - 3:45.  Then my BIL and I went to the beach.  It was 80 degrees, sunny and breezy.  Hard to believe it was snowing at home 24 hours earlier.  Sunday night we had Cuban food from a restaurant called Havanna.  So good.


                  Item of note during the race - I caught up to a young woman around mile 12 - could tell she was struggling.  I asked where she was from, and she said Connecticut, and that this was her first marathon.  Then she asked if I had any advil!  (I did).  I gave her one (that's all she wanted), and I gave her the propel I was carrying (we were a ways from the next water stop).  She really struggled, but I saw her finish around the 4:30 mark.  Good for her - first marathon.


                  20 down, Boston to go.  Take care all.

                    Life gets in the way today. I'm home with a few of the young ones so I may have to dust off the treadmill. I'll make no prediction on how far I'll go.

                    I see some people post that they can run with ease on their TM. Me,I feel more like I'm carrying an 80lb back pack when I'm on that thing,so I'll just cross my fingers. I suppose a few miles on the TM beats sleeping on the couch..


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                      No running today. Quite a few boxes packed, though. The first snow of the season is due Sunday night. Good thing we're moving Saturday. Smile

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                        Hey ribs, this isn't a porno site!



                        Actually, I am quite enjoying the pics of scantily-clad male runners.....Blush


                        Went to an Elder Law seminar in Cincinnati today.  I quite enjoy these.  Seems like I come away with valuable info each time.  So glad my boss encourages continuing education.


                        4.4 mile for me this morning in a fabulous 59 degrees!  Slow, though, due to my excessive lunges, squats and dead lifts yesterday.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          Hey PBJ and props on number 20 and coming back from surgery/PT and all the rest!


                          On the road a bunch this week. Ran yesterday at 5:00 am before hitting the road for NYC…then on to Philly where I ran this morning (boathouse row and marathon course area)---mild temps and easy runs in both cases.


                          Hey lamerunner! Our clubs’ efforts are well represented on the 2013 USATF NE Grand Prix racing series…my club is up first with the Jones race and your marathon is the capstone…Cool! The race director of Jones is a 67 year-old ultra-runner who also runs marathons in 3:20-25---most humble and modest runner I know, but this 10 mile race is his baby and has been for many years.


                          USATF NE Grand Prix Slate for 2013:


                          Feb 24, Sunday, 11:00 a.m.: Jones 10 miler ( Amherst , MA )

                          Mar 17, Sunday, 11:00 a.m.: New Bedford Half Marathon ( New Bedford , MA )

                          Jun 13: Thursday, 6:30 p.m.: Hollis 5km ( Hollis , NH )

                          Jul 27, Saturday, 9:00 a.m.: Carver 5 miler (Carver, MA)

                          Sep 15, Sunday, 9:00 a.m.: Lone Gull 10km ( Gloucester , MA )

                          Sep 29, Sunday, 8:30 a.m.: Nahant 30 km ( Nahant , MA )

                          Nov 3, Sunday, 8:50 a.m.: Manchester City Marathon ( Manchester , NH )


                          My avatar is from the Nahant 30k in 2011---and I just signed up for New Bedford. roar.


                          Yikes on those storms all our PNW friends! Hoping you get relief soon


                          Runner porn---snork!  

                          janie b good

                            ribs!  i'm lovin' the lime-green-margarita colored shoes n shorts!  (did i pick the right day to join back in, or what??)


                            4.2 miles for me in the hood.  windy but warm for this time of year.  1/2 hour yoga following the run.

                            goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

                              is Ribs running with Cuba Gooding, Jr.?


                                Janie! So good to see you again!


                                Man, those lime green shorts are scarin' me.... I did notice a bunch of runners behind Ribs on the trail though... that usually means "move over!!"


                                I love trail running. Big grin


                                PBJ!! Congrats on your race! Is that marathon #20 lifetime for you? I would've thought there'd be more... How's the knee holding up? You are a return-to-running success story, for sure.


                                Too busy at work these days. I can't wait till I'm done with a couple of big projects and then things should settle down a bit. And it's still damn cold. No... make that freakin' cold. I think it warmed up to -30° today, so "yay" for that (I guess). DH and I are heading to New York City on Friday for a business trip of his, and I'm looking forward to seeing Hally on Monday! And yes, it will be nice to experience some warmer-than-usual temperatures there. I'm all for taking advantage of someone else's warmer than normal when we're stuck in colder than normal.


                                2.6 miles on the elliptical and about 10 minutes of abs/core this afternoon, 8.1 miles on the treadmill this evening with 6 x .5 mile @ 8:00, then 2 x .25 mile @ 7:30, all with .25 mile recoveries @ 8:34. Felt pretty good, and will be ready to move up to half mile @ 7:30... or mile repeats @ 8:00 soon.