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Thursday's Daily, 10.25.12 (Read 351 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    I apologize for being behind in what has been going on here, but I likely won't be able to catch up again till next week. I skipped working out the last 3 days while fighting my cold, and being v. busy at work. The cold is fading, the work isn't. I closed online registration for Saturday's 5K last night, at 1,036 people registered. We have registration open at packet pick-up today and tomorrow, and on race day morning, so we should easily be over 1,050-1,060 by the time the gun goes off. I'm so glad that storm Sandy, in whatever form it hits NH, is kind enough to wait till next week to visit us - well after our race.


    3.3 miles this morning at 38F, with a light breeze from the west. I felt like it was my first workout in a month, and it took a while to get into the flow of it. I just have today and tomorrow to workout before my half on Sunday, so all I want to do is get the kinks out, and get so I'll feel good at the start on Sunday morning.


    Enjoy this Thursday - Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


    Rose Colored Glasses




      6 miles with the "faster than me" gals. I have a plan. I am counting calories with MyFitnessPal and have lost one pound since Monday. It is a struggle to keep the calories down BUTT, I have got to do it this time. I have confidence. 


      Hi JayWalker!

      Sandy, can't you see. I'm in misery.

      Yep. Big plans for the weekend and they were all outdoors. Looks like Sandy will be raining on our parade.

      Work is very busy right now in a very good way. Last week, I had zero hours of work, this week is much better. I am still hoping to get back to work in the hospital. I called the nurse manager on Monday and left a voicemail but she has not returned my call. I might just make an appearance there someday. With my resume in hand and a smile on my face. Apparently there was a mass exodus from the Newport News hospital and our hospital hired them all. Hence the reason I did not get a call. Younger and stronger candidates. I understand.

      So. Just when I thought my lot was cast... I ran into the director of volunteers at the Lackey Free Clinic at TJMaxx. She told me she needs me to volunteer at the ob-gyn clinic they hold on Thursday nights. Okay. I think I am being led in that direction. I hope they will accept me. If not, I might just fall into melancholy!


      Be well, friends.

      I am excited to hear more from Henry and Marj! 

        ...Rosie//........sometimes things happen for a reason,

        it's quite possible

        you ARE being led,,,,,,,,this may turn out better than you suspect




        PT xs


        double weight sessions




        ...............good running guys


          mikeE and Fattozig//........she DID give me exercises

        which I have been doing,

        but I would have appreciated knowing that was my last appointment



        my doc request

        a copy of her report ........we'll see what was going on......

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          Jay--hope you're over your cold soon.

          RCG--good luck on both the weight loss and job search.


          Got to see the Rebirth Brass Band last night with their unique blend of jazz, funk, and hip-hop.  Great fun. Warm and humid again this morning in NOLA as I trotted around for about 8 miles.  Back home tomorrow.


          Rose Colored Glasses


            Got to see the Rebirth Brass Band last night with their unique blend of jazz, funk, and hip-hop.  Great fun. Warm and humid again this morning in NOLA as I trotted around for about 8 miles.  Back home tomorrow to rendezvous with Sandy.






              No wind

              No rain

              40 degrees

              Ideal running conditions in the PNW


              6 miles with my running partner T...

              Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                5.39 miles this morning.  Running before eating feels better than running after.  I never used to have to worry about stuff like that.


                I passed by 1000 miles for the year yesterday without even noticing.  That used to be my yearly goal and I would be running a bunch in the last weeks of December just to make it.


                I didn't think I could top the excitement of a successful descaling of my Keurig coffee maker over the weekend, but I received my new Kindle Paperwhite a couple days ago and it is great.  It has back lighting so you don't need a light when it is dark, but it promises not to cause eye strain like computer screens, laptops and tablets.  You can still read in sunlight and it keeps a charge for 8 weeks.  Anyone want one of the original Kindles to play around with?  (Actually I think it is a 2nd generation Kindle that I have.  I was a hold out for a few years preferring real books.)


                75° and sunny today.  It may be March 2013 before it is this nice again.  I need to take advantage of it.  Maybe take my work to a park or even take the afternoon off.

                And so it goes

                   I received my new Kindle Paperwhite a couple days ago and it is great.  It has back lighting so you don't need a light when it is dark, but it promises not to cause eye strain like computer screens, laptops and tablets. 

                   Actually, it doesn't have back lighting, which is why it promises to be easy on the eye.  The lighting comes from the side and is refracted across the screen evenly.  A real breakthrough.  (Can you tell I've been checking this out?)  I may finally take the plunge if Santa is in a good mood.


                  RCG--Sandy won't add up to much for us....I'm hoping.

                  Back on Stride

                    Like Dave59, I took advantage of the same weather the last two days. Yesterday I made what will undoubtedly be my last long road-bike ride of the year: 34 miles on a paved rail-trail with a stop for a late breakfast in the middle. I could tell that I've lost my summer biking legs already as I was getting tired the last 5 miles or so.


                    Today it was 5 miles running around the college campus with my tri-athlete friends who are into their off-season maintenance mode by now. As always, it was good for me as they pulled me to a good 30 seconds a mile quicker pace than I end up doing when running alone.

                    Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    Top 'O the World!

                      ...and this is what it looks like this am in goofy furbaby thinks it's quite fun! .... I need to dig out my Winter duds before I try more than 3


                      Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group

                        I'm not ready for talk of low temp and pictures of snow.  Wil an attitude of denial keep them away from MI?  tet, I don't have pictures but will assure you Ludington still has sand dunes.  We got good views of them on a ride out to the state park.  enke, you and your family are in my thoughts.  Also, congrats to your husband on his job.  hernrun and marj, enjoy your trip to Israel.  sarge, nice 10K.  tomw, congrats on becoming a "physical marvel".  holly, neat you got to run with your daughter.  Dave, great that you passed 1000 miles for the year.


                        Nice long run for Mike.


                        This morning, it was in the mid to high 50s and there was some wind.  I got in 8 miles at an 11:38 pace.


                        A good day and good runs for all.



                          Hi all,

                          Because of iPad I'm not doing breaks.  Today we went to Safed, Acre, and are spending the night in Haifa.  We took a gondola down to grottoes.  We had a dinner at the home of a Druze family.  Our tour has 14 people which is a perfect size.  We also finally got a charger so hopefully tomorrow we'll post some pics on Facebook with iPhone - no guarantees.  Right now we're in the hotel piano bar drinking wine overlooking the Mediterranean.


                          tomorrow we tour Haifa then on to Jerusalem for several days.  Still no running, but lots of walking and stair climbing - not in a gym....


                          marj and Henry

                          The Goofinator

                            Stay safe, Henry and Marj ~


                            5 peaceful miles this morning under a star-filled predawn sky.  It was quite chilly, and I'm glad I opted for my winter long running rights.  And I'm also very, VERY glad the bathrooms at Winco were available to for use around Mile 4 or so.  The skies opened and the angels sang, "Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!"  Big grin



                            This bookkeeping at work is going to drive me to the brink of insanity.  Between trying to keep up on it and figure out what the heck I'm doing AND keeping current on my case load - Ugh!!!  But I have a job and I love it, and both of those are good things.  . . . I just have to keep reminding myself.

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                              Rosie, I did myfitnesspal for awhile and thought it was great.  I need to start again.  The past three days has seen me eating way too much.  Out for a big mexican carna asada meal last night, today I got the burger with ham and a fried egg on top for lunch.  The scale has been creeping up all week so I am back to where I was a month ago.


                              5 miles in a mild 45F this morning, in the dark.  Like Lynden, no rain, no wind.  It was so pleasant, so as I came up to the house at 4 miles I just kept on going for an extra one.  I almost never do something like that.  Calf is tight again, but if I run easy, it doesn't seem to get worse.

                              "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                              MM #5616

                                We didn't get much more snow at my house than in the picture Cindy posted.  Nowhere near enough to bother starting up the plow truck.  At lunchtime I dropped my car off to get my snow tires put on, and I ran back to the office.  I took the scenic route through the golf course to make it 5 miles.  I have to run back after work to get the car, so I guess that counts as a double. I like the idea of running as transportation!  


                                Happy trails!


                                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.