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February Masters Miles (Read 53 times)


    Thanks Carolyn. We had one measly race scheduled for Feb.-a 5K and it was cancelled due to our blizzard and they swallowed up our money-oh well.

    Henrun:-61-(most since my long layoff due to injuries)


      Thanks, Carolyn.



      Short month in February, but five weekends in March!  Big miles for everyone!

      MM #5616

        I had a PR month, with 227 miles in Feb.  Also a PR week of 57.7 miles, and a 10 mile race PR!    Good month!

        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          Way to go Birthday sistahhh!!!!


          116 miles for me! With many miles of XT skiing and tons of fun downhill skiing. Great fitness month, I would say!

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              165.1 for February

              317.1 ytd


              My weight is up, my  mileage is really down, and the 2000-mile pace bunny is ahead of me for the first time in years.  Ouch.

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                159.9 miles for Feb.

                342.3 miles YTD



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                  My weight is up, my  mileage is really down, and the 2000-mile pace bunny is ahead of me for the first time in years.  Ouch.


                  Holly, I hear ya and raise you less mileage! Hey, you're ahead of me, girlfren!


                  February was a better month than the past few, with 148.5 miles which is the most monthly miles since last September. I could say wow, that's depressing, but as DH pointed out, that's a lot of Garage Miles! So yes, feeling good about accomplishing what I did given the conditions.

                    Great month, Carolyn!


                    My Feb: 205.4

                    YTD: 429

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                      It was a good month.  152.2 miles and a 5k race with an AG award.


                      Holly, I noticed yesterday you are really close to the pace bunny so no worries.

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                      i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                        Thanks Carolyn!


                        Birthday month, so to celebrate turning 60, I ran a 10 miler everyday (to represent the decades gone and one just entering) for the whole week to make a perfect 70 mile week (and one more on Monday to make a PR eight 10 milers in a row)


                        Feb: 212.3 miles


                        YTD: 420.9 miles

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                          98.6 miles in  February with no races...

                          Thank you Wildchild!

                          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                            Thanks for doing this thread wild.


                            97 miles for Feb

                            192 miles year to date



                              Thanks for this!

                              188.4 for February.

                              395.6 YTD

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                                February: 161 miles

                                YTD: 286

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