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    Up early to get on the 9:30 am ferry to drive to Boston for the ten year memorial of John Leahy' passing. John was my father-in-law and Papa to my two kids. He has been greatly missed. I wanted to give a special shout out to Bill today in his race.. Bill, Good Luck!!! I hope you run like the wind at that your achilles is a mere faded memory!! Good runs and races to all the rest and have a Superb Sunday!!! Chris

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      Good Morning! Thanks for starting us, Charley. 16.75 easy-paced miles for me today in a breezy 48 degrees (ave pace 10:03, ave HR 132), listening to disc 1 of Tony Hillerman’s Skeleton Man, followed by Christina Aguilara and John Legend. It felt so warm that I swung by my house after 4 miles and switched out my running pants for a skirt. What a joyous reprieve to feel the wind on my bare legs in January! There were even a few worms on the wet pavement. Considering that it’s been months since I ran this far, I was surprised at how minimal my aches and pains were – a very pleasant run. Off to church and DS’s soccer game, followed by a nap. Smile Good luck to the racers!

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        Holly and I had similar runs today - only she went 0.75 miles further. I hit the stop button on my Garmin at exactly 16.00 miles and walked in the last 0.3 as a cool-down. I set out slow and gradually speeded up, ending with a fast finish. Miles 1-6: Average 10:23 Miles 7-13: Average 9:56 Miles 14-16: Average 8:44 Overall: 9:53 We're down to only one status meeting per day on weekends, so I don't have to be at work 'til noon. Woo-hoo! And I was able to sneak out early enough last night to take dear-old-dad to dinner in the "main" dining room at his retirement center. It is actually a very pleasant restaurant-type setting, and a welcome break from the dining room in his nursing home wing. We drank Chardonnay and indulged in other food that he is supposed to stay away from. We're both so naughty!

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          Planned 16 but only ran a short 2.9 mile recovery run. I'm going to take a little bit of a break to let my knee heal and get stronger. I'm still 15 weeks out, so I had better heal now rather than wait until it's too late. Good runs to all!

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            I see there are a lot of Nice LR's in the Januray weather. Nice job everyone! I ran the Scholarship 10K this morning here at my DS's old HS. I ran it in 47:44 (7:41 min/mile), a 1 minute 11 second PR. Splits were 7:39, 7:56 7:31, 7:42, 7:39, 7:16 and the final sprint. I took 3rd in my AG, missing 2nd by 4 seconds (Grrrr). But by the same token I missed placing 4th by 4 seconds too (Yayyyy). 3 of us together from the same AG together at the sprint to the finish. I got a nice trophy and a "Top 10%" coffee cup. (This time is faster per minute than my 1st 5K last year. Bill

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              Still haven't decided if I will run today or not...but WAY TO GO Mr. Bill!!!!! Outstanding run. 3rd and great coffee cup to boot...sweet... So sorry Sad I wont' be able to do the Miami 1/2 again this year...but I know you will tell me all about it.

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                Congrats Bill, great race. Charley, hope the memorial you are attending goes great, have fun... No running yet. Bailed out of my 4 hour brick this morning since this head cold is hanging tough. I will probably work out later but will do less volume. Met my new GF's children last night and they are so special. They were showing me magic tricks and we played are you smarter than a 5th grader. They are 10 and 8. A very beautiful evening and everything went very well. GF meets my girls this coming Saturday (I am really hoping things go well). This is newer territory for my girls but I will be having a good talk with them tomorrow when I pick them up. Take care my friends Tall

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                  Congratulations Breger!! Nice race - nice pace! Tall - so happy everything went well last night. I'm sure things will go smoothly with your girls too - you are a great dad. Out for a slow 4 miler in Michigan Spring-like conditioins. Didn't even wear an ear band today. The side roads are nothing but glare ice though as the melting process continues and the fog is as thick as pea soup. I'll be calling Garmin tomorrow I guess. After each mile lap I get an alert that says something about a pace alert - reading false laps - must delete. ???? Makes me sad . . . . ~Mary P.S. Great job on the long run Holly!!


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                    Congrats Bill. Great run. Tall, if you can project into the future here's a scenario for you. In a couple of hours we're having a family party here with our 'kids'-Marj's son and daughter and my son (unfortunately my daughter lives in Cinci.)-and they're in their 30's. It can work. This morning I went out for a recovery 4 after yesterday's long one (while Marj cooked for the party). I poked along until I encountered Robin T halfway through. We ran together for a mile and my pace certainly picked up (it also helped to have the 1812 Overture playing on my I pod-great running music). Always a bonus to meet up with a familiar runner.

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                      Bill Berger, great race! It's got to feel good. I did a 6 mile recovery run. 8:52 pace, with an average HR of 128. That's good for the day after a 23 miler. Often my HR is higher the day after a long run but today's outing felt great. I had to make myself quit.
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                        Good morning Boomers. No run yet today. Like Mary said, the fog is as thick as pea soup and a sleety drizzle has been falling since early AM. I hate to not take advantage of this warm weather because it's supposed to get cold again this week, so definitely will get out for at least a short 3-4 miler. Tall - been down the road you're on. It sounds like you're doing everything right. I guess my advice would be to make sure your girls know your new lady is very important you you but is not trying to take anyone's place or trying to exclude them. See how the first meeting goes and take things slow. I've been re-married 10 years now, and my sons are very close to their stepfather. It can work!

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                          This is obviously the earlier group than that "other" forum -- I actually had to start the daily over there today. Nice long runs, Holly and PDR. And congrats Bill on the 10K PR. Have we set up a schedule of fines yet for posting RRs in the daily thread and other forum violations? Sorry to hear about Mary's Garmin troubles, and it sounds like Henry and rgreen had good recovery runs. I have yet to encounter Robin on one of my runs. The most challenging part of my run today was driving out to the park where the club was meeting. It was one of those pea-soup fogs where you're glad you're familiar with the roads because you know where to slow down for the next intersection with a light. I'm still not entirely recovered from Monday's race, but managed a 9-minute pace around the 6-mile loop in what passes for mild weather at this time of year (almost 40!). There wasn't much opportunity to admire the park's scenery since you couldn't even see most of the other runners for the fog. But it was a faster run than if I'd gone out solo. I hope the rest of you have good runs today and check in soon!

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                            lots of great runs today!! Congrats Bill on your AG award!! nice race!! 6.26 today with Merrimack valley striders at a hosted long run, runners were going anywherefrom 4-18 today - so fun to get out and run with other people and socialize afterward!! DARKHORSE i was talking with Rich/Merrimack Strider and he said he's been trying to get in touch with you so e-mail him or give him a call when you can - promised i'd pass along the message!! time for some sleep then off to work the night shift!! denise


                              0730 57f 10 mi ez 8:30-ish felt great. 47 for the week, easiest non-sick week since 4 jun. there really is something to these taper things. congrats on your new pr breger1! that's a huge chunk off your old time... and congrats on your ag placing!

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                                Great runs so far! Congrats Breeger! Trophy! You rock!! Nice runs Holly and PDR (progression!) Sounds like the January thaw is widespread! 60's here today. But only 35-45 during my run. Ran 17.2 hilly miles in 2:29:40 (8:42 pace AHR 156). The first 7.5 was net down hill 325 ft and miles 10-17 were net 325ft uphill. Averaged 8:30 the last 7 mi uphill. Tory ran the first 7.5 miles with me. It was really nice out in the woods. A nice solid 52 mile week to start off 2008! Have great runs! Steve

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