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    Thankfully the weather forecasters blew it this time, the day before the storm we were down to a forecast 2-4 inches of snow and we ended up with a Whopping 11 inches. WooHoo, have a ways to go but now there is hope! :-) Anyway Dessa Lou and I took advantage of running in the early part of the storm on Saturday then took to the neighbor's pasture on Sunday for a ski tour in place of a long run as the roads weren't really runnable and too much fun NOT to get on the skis!


    Carol very good to hear from you again. Sorry about your stress fracture. Sounds like a neat idea to get your congregation active and into the biking. Maybe score some training partners too.


    Stumpy great training weekend. Sounds like you are well on your way in your full training. Sounds like your weather not that co-operative but congrats on still getting it done.


    Leslie about half our acres are dryland so on those we are stuck with what we get but  to answer your irigation question about soil water we use a method simlar to keeping a checkbook in fact that is what it is called. I probe periodically during the growing season  3 feet deep then balance available soil moisture to what the crop is using at that particular growth stage and irrigate accordingly. We try to build soil profile moisture before peak use of the plant as usually we cannot apply enough irrigation water to meet crop needs at that time. Then as the crop approaches maturity we let the crop use as much of the stored profile as possible. We are going high tech on some fields this year by installing some electronic moisture sensors, but I will still "ground truth" them with the mechanical probe and the feel of moisture in my "calibrated fingers".....Sorry you had to stay inside on a nice day with your transcription, hopefully more sunny days to come.


    Arla 70's sound awesome, have fun on the 2 wheeled commutes.


    Hiyas to Ev, Joe, Om, Mtn Chk and any others out there.


    Been plowing snow in the yard and at the binsite last 2 days. I still have corn yet to haul for the month and our concrete pour in the storage building in yard got postponed a few days but needed the snow cleared for both projects. Supposed to hit 70 here by the end of the week despite the snow so best get my office work done while it is cold.

    The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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      Hello evryone.  A quick shout out to ya'll just to let you know I'm still alive and running on occasion.


      Hey Carol....tough marathon outing for you....but you're tougher.  Cowtown is on my list......maybe a half there next year.


      LMD's sister has been with us this week.  Went to pick her up in the big town (OKC) last weekend and spent time with othr inlaws. Running has been hit/miss.  I did get a 6er in yestrday.  Daddy got new shoes!  Asics Kayano 19....I've been with this line for awhile now.  New shorts and new shirt as well.  I've been rotating 2 pairs of shorts for over 7 years.  Both had developed holes and once LMd found out about that I had to get new.....  I've had about 4 shirts during this time..... Both the shorts and shirts were cheap Starter brand, but they held up really well.  The shirts are still good to go, but I've got to part with the shorts.


      Good running to all..............

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        Jim, great to see that you, Lynda, and Dessa Lou are all doing well.  At least if you call freezing to death "doing well".  Geez, that looks cccccoooold!  Hopefully you are getting closer to enjoying those 70ish temps they have promised.


        Ev, in our house we have a game we play when it comes to clothes with holes.  When folding the offending holey article of clothing, we yell "Jihad!!!", thus declaring a holey war, and throw it in the nearest trash can.  I'm betting LMD would enjoy this game!


        Sick again here...just an upper respiratory thing.  Weird, I didn't get sick all year until I stopped running (1st for taper, and now to recover from the stress fracture).  Mentally I'm not missing it much, which is also weird.  Cycling group prep is going well.  Have leaders, routes, snacks, just need people to show up next Saturday for the first ride Smile.

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          Hi, All - Thought I'd check in while on hold waiting for someone with the Board of Equalization to pick up the phone and help me.


          Glad you guys got some snow, Jim.  And interesting about the soil moisture.  Thanks.


          Carol - Get well!


          Ev - We know you're out there.  Thanks for checking in.


          No running today.  Will take off tomorrow morning to meander down to the Healdsburg where I'll stay with my brother and his wife Friday and after my run in the Marin Headlands on Saturday.  It's suppose to be beautiful (keeping fingers crossed).  Will be liberally apply the sunscreen so I don't go from Snow White to Lobster Red.  Smile


          Probably won't get back in here til after the weekend, so enjoy!

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            Whoa, Leslie is racing this weekend!  Hope you have a great time. Healdsburg, nice!  Watching the Ultra runners at Cowtown at the split off made me respect what you do all the more.  Different kind of ultra on the city streets and all, but still....not making the turn for home in the latter miles of a marathon....yes, more power to you and everyone who does ultras!

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            Trails are hard!

              Eh--it's only a 50K.  I'll get more excited when she hits the 50 miles Evil


              Have a great run, Leslie.  Hope the good weather holds.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                just back from a 3 spot....its 89F!

                Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

                Trails are hard!

                  hi guys.  I'll sneak my question in here, too.


                  I have a half question for you all before I do my long run on Sunday.


                  I have a half next week Sunday that that I expect to do reasonably well at, but not really looking at a PR type, more of a supported long run.  I had in mind 14 miles for this Sunday, but noticed it took a bit longer than expected to recover from the 12.6 last Sunday.  Question is--should I do the planned long run and let the half fall where it may, or do a mini-taper (8-10 miles) and see what I get out of the half.  I don't see either option comprimising my full training, but anything over 13.1 is virgin territory for me, so any input would be welcomed.


                  thanks.  And Happy Ides to all.  Just pay close attention to anyone you see wearing a toga.


                  Ev--89 Shocked in March? Shocked  10 wind chill here this morning.  I bailed until tomorrow.

                  Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                    Stumpy - since you're in new mileage territory I'd ratchet it up, something like 10 - 12 - 10 - 13 - 10 - 14 - 12 - 16 - 10 for your long runs. It's important to be fresh for your half because you know how events are, you'll go a little faster than planned. If you feel like you're skimping on mileage, add a mile or two to one of your midweek runs to make it a "medium long" run, especially if you're doing one or no medium long runs.


                    Jim - told ya you'd get some precip. That's some high-tech stuff with figuring out your irrigation needs! Just saw a poster on the highway the other day for a new type of corn that uses less water. I think we've got more irrigated land out here than you do, but it's amazing how little water some crops take. There's a guy up the road who's growing grapes that only get irrigated twice a year! Neighbors got a German Shepherd Dog  pup and he's a good'un.


                    ev  - seriously? First you were ridiculously cold and now 89? Yikes! Be careful with your running and that big temp swing!


                    Leslie - have fun tomorrow on your short run! Joking


                    Had to pepper spray an off-leash dog on Sunday, first time ever. I've had a few dogs charge me or threaten me, it's easy to tell if they're wanting to play or say hi vs. being out for blood, but I've always been able to verbally keep the mean ones away. Not this one, I yelled NO, it kept coming! It came within three feet so I was able to hit it with the spray and it immediately stopped and backed off.  It all happened so fast! The owner soon came after me on her bicycle and asked "to talk", so I stopped (I thought she was going to apologize and/or ask what I sprayed her dog with). She then proceeded to yell at me, said she was going to file a police report, and accused me of animal cruelty. I told her that her dog would be fine, especially with soap and water, that if she wanted to file a police report that was OK, and I gave her my name. I tried to impress upon her that there is a leash law and that I felt genuinely threatened. I tried to remain calm because she was bigger and younger than me and obviously really angry; to be frank she scared me a little. She continued berating me for awhile about how I had damaged her dog and what a horrible person I was, asked me to spell my name, which I did, then she rode away. As she rode away she passed a guy walking his dog and screamed "watch out for Arla Hile because she's going to spray your dog" (that was kind of funny). I did feel bad for the dog, but I wasn't about to get bit. Guess I could have sprayed her too if things had become more heated, heh.

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                      Hey there folks. Boy you guys have been busy, and quite chatty ,I'd say.


                      Leslie- sorry to hear about your running partner departing the area. Knowing what we do about you though, you'll continue getting it done. Hope you had a fun weekend down south.


                      Carol-  Hope you're feeling better. Good luck getting the group going.


                      Arla- what a tale! You should have pepper sprayed the owner as well, she deserved it. I can see your good sense to take the path of least resistance though.


                      Happy for your precip Jim. Nice pic of you two.


                      Stumpy- good going with the ramp up. I would say take it easy and a little more rest can only help before your half.


                      Ev- best dressed runner around. Nothing like the feel of new shoes!


                      Fixing to start ramping up my running soon, or so I say. I never thought I could mentally blow it off so easily, but I can now . It's been a well timed hiatus. I'm not slacking off by any means, getting in about 8-9 hours of raquetball per week, plus a couple of easy runs. Plus my workouts. Feeling stronger in my hamstrings,glutes and quads and upper body too.


                      Spring will be hear soon but today we're enjoying some light snow while relaxing by the fireplace.


                      C ya's





                        anxiously awaiting race report from Leslie...........


              !  So sorry you had that encounter with the dog and owner.  Kudos for taking the high road and being civil while the responsible party got caught up in her own drama. She clearly knew she was in the wrong and was trying to deflect the blame to you.  Glad you didn't get bit.


                        Joe.....nice going with the raquetball.


                        Carol.....get well.


                        Stumpy.....good luck on the half.


                        Hey Jim.


                        43F on today's 8 miler.


                        Run free....and carry on.

                        Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM