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Wednesday's Daily, 10.10.12 (Read 406 times)


    Mornin' all.


    Congrats on your first marathon, Joe - nice running!


    Rest up, Twocat, and I hope that your ankle is back in great shape by marathon day.


    Noah made a pretty scary breakfast: Eat it, or be eaten by it? Cute photos...


    Must be tough, Troy, to find ways to get the work done when so much geography gets in the way. Seems as though you've got a good system, even if it doesn't work as well as you would like all of the time. I hear you about 'managers' seeking input (reassurance) when they shouldn't really need it.


    I woke at 3:45 this morning, fed the cat, downed some water, and stretched out on the couch. I knew I'd either be up again in a few minutes to head out for a workout, or I'd be getting some more sleep. Sleep won this morning, and I was down till 5:30. Nice.


    Last evening, while I was being productive on my laptop, I had the pleasure of listening to music created by the flying fingers of Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke, and Jorma Kaukonen. Such talented guitarists!


    Enjoy your Wednesday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good Morning Jay and good day to all that follow.


      A nice 4 mile recovery paced run this AM.


      I want to share the following with you. This is an email I recieved this morning from my Sister updating family members about my Grandma. She's 96. On Nov 1st she had a "Bleed" in her brain. We were all called together...It didn't appear she would make it thru the day.


      Since then she has continued to give us a few laughs with her quick wit and the family has been called together 2 more times for what appeared to be her final hours.


      Here is My Sisters Email:


      Good morning,

      Last night Grandma appeared to be declining, we gathered, and in Grandma style, she hung on and is still with us this morning.


      Here's part of the conversation last night;


      Anne - she turned a corner

      Donna - it's a looong corner

      Jim - I think she's trying to take a U turn...


      We all knew Grandma was this tough and she's proving it right up until the end.


      Hopefully I've let Grandma know how wonderful she's been through the years, but in honor of her I want to say;


      Thank you Grandma,

            for recycling, before it was ever ‘green’…

            for teaching us the coolest of cus words…

            for being able to make any plant look fresh from the nursery…

                  for providing us with the best 2nd home….

            for treating each of our babies like it was the most precious ever born….


      She gave us a great model to try to live up to some day.


      Sometime today, do the 'here's a crack, here's a crack, here's a crack and Here's A Crack!' game on your kids' hands Smile




      I'm still laughing at the here's a crack game...If you don't know what it is ask and I'll explain...It is sooo Grandma and I'l bet there isn't one of the eight grandchildren or 30 great grandchildren that hasn't had this played on them.


      Love Life

        Slo, It's so very hard to watch them go...


        Hi Dg...I missed hearing from you...


        4 foggy miles in the PNW...



        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          ...A Beautiful Tribute Slo//..........your family was truly blest....




          ..28min poolrun


          leg kinda better,

          but it's not happy about yesterday.




          ......................good running guys

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Slow-Hand, your grandma definitely is a precious lady. Thanks for sharing this email with us. What a reminder to love and cherish those we love.

            Awesome first marathon, Shadowrunner!!!

            DG, your posts brightens up the daily. Thanks for the berries update.

            Erika, I went to farmer's market last night and I found the blue potatoes. I plan to cook them tomorrow. I can't wait to try it.

            Lyndenrunner, glad to see you are running so well!

            Add me to the list of people wishing Twocat and Mrs. Twocat a fun race in Amsterdam! Oh, btw twocat,  if you  had a glympse of my sunshine yesterday you too would think that fall is grand! Joking


            I ran 9.5 miles witnessing a glorious sunset yesterday.. It was about 75F when I started. This is how downtown Omak looks like from  thetop of my nemesis, Kermel grade. I tell you the hill is not even near to wildchild's hills, but it sure gets me every single time.




            Then this morning I went out for a 4 easy to welcome the sun!


            Off to check on the guitarists Jay is taking about.

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              Troy--if it's any consolation, I can't get cable for Internet (service stops about a mile from my house).  I have to rely on satellite, which--as you now-- is painful for web conferencing. The kicker?  I live just over an hour's drive from Washington, DC!

              Twocat--go Amsterdam!  Very neat.

              Slo--sweet email.  Sounds like a wonderful woman.

              Mari--pretty pics.


              The raw, often drizzly weather of the past week seems to have moved on and we're back to awesome autumn sunshine today.  Easy 5.

                Troy--if it's any consolation, I can't get cable for Internet (service stops about a mile from my house).  I have to rely on satellite, which--as you now-- is painful for web conferencing. The kicker?  I live just over an hour's drive from Washington, DC!


                That's the motto for satellite internet: "sure beats dial-up".  Smile


                Hi, all!

                Lou, (aka Mr. predawnrunner), MD, USA | Lou's Brews |

                Back on Stride

                  How does satellite Internet work, anyhow? I can understand the receive side, but do you actually send data back up to a satellite? I can't see how that would work.

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI


                    good after morning!   (the morning just kind of slipped by...)


                    Slo, you have such a wonderful family.  


                    Hi Gordon!   I was so happy to see you here when I looked in a few days ago.    : )   ....  & thanks.     we can step by step inch by inch together ; )


                    Steve, I hope Tag's ok.   poor guy. 

                    great pictures of Noah.   


                    Nancy you're so sweet.   thank you.    It's so beautiful there.  I'd like to run that hill with behind you!


                    Hi Doug Smile


                    Lou's here!    it's kind of like a family reunion, isn't it?     hmm.   Who'll bring the beer?  


                    Carolyn you know me well.... but.   I didn't run with the track club.  This knee thing was pretty major last time around, & I was a case study in stupidity leading up to it..  got away with murder once, twice, thrice, then (checked my log this morning to decide what to do)  and it says "toasted knee sunday. so sad."

                    Can't claim that I'm being completely smart but I definitely tweaked my run this morning.


                    Which was 5 slow miles and only a little bit of hills.

                    aka FlyingFinn

                      Your Grandma sounds like a jewel, Slo. Lucky family.


                      Noah's pancakes looked awesome.


                      5 solo towpath miles after work today then fencing tonight. Our instructor is going to show me "beat attacks".  I'm smaller and my reach is shorter than most of my opponents so he wants to teach me another way to get in for touches.

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                        Slo - Your grandma sounds like a wonderful woman.  Hugs and prayers to you and your family.


                        I have no idea what's going on in here.  The last couple of days at work and at home have been a blur.  Ran 3 EZ yesterday, and a rest day today, thankfully.  Looong day at work yesterday and I'm just plain ole pooped.  I'll be happy when my current at-home transcription job is done and this weekend's race is in the history books.  I might just sleep for like 12 hours on Sunday . . . .

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                          Slo - I love your grandma, and your whole family, too!  I don't know the here's a crack game - please explain!


                          Paavo - it seems only fair that smaller fencers should get longer swords (or whatever they're called). 


                          Leslie - rest up!  Your 50k is this weekend, right?


                          I love this time of year!  5.4 trail miles at lunchtime, through the fallen leaves.

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                             Our instructor is going to show me "beat attacks".  I'm smaller and my reach is shorter than most of my opponents so he wants to teach me another way to get in for touches.



                             I'm intrigued, how do you get in??


                            is this Korean or Japanese Style??

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                              SLO-I was touched by your grandma tale. I'm in a memoire class and we have a couple of 90 year olds and a 101 year old and they're a a stitch and still sharp.

                              I finally increased my mileage today-4 slow ones- no bad after effects except fatigue. At my age it's rough building up those miles- but I'll get there.

                                Slo_Hand a very touching letter and a wonderful tribute to an apparently wonderful woman.


                                tomwhite I am sorry the PT session left you in such pain.  I would not be shy about dropping a particular PT.  It seems that across PTs there is a great deal of heterogeneity regarding what to do for people with various ailments.  There is no reason the first or second or whatever person you see is the one that can best help you.  Search until you are happy.


                                Today was the last lecture for one of my classes this academic year!  Yippee!  Friday it is off to the airport for the flight to Amsterdam.  My DW is looking pretty good for her race despite her grumbling about various aches and pains.  From what I can tell she is more serious about this race than she has been about any in a long time.  Me?  It was the gym for weights and core today.  I am still staying off the ankle and hoping for the best a week from Sunday.

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