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4.19.13 - Friday Daily (Read 68 times)

    Glad you're safe, Marj!


    Welcome, WC!  I mostly lurk, but can say this is a wonderful group to hang with.  I did both my first marathon (in training) and first ultra last season at age 56.


    Greta to see MS hanging around here these days!!


    I overdid it a bit last night with a 5 mile run/walk around the trail I lost my key on a couple of weeks back. Of course no dice in finding said key,  and the foot is mildly unhappy as a result.  Guess I'm going to have to lay out $100 for a spare after all.

    .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

      thanks guys//.............unfortunately my Leg is I'll keep Dunking it in the PoolRuns til it's better




      watching the events unfolding in Boston,


      as Mad as I am,

      I get No Joy from this,,,,,,,,,,




      Welcome Aboard wc///.........

      .....just Ramble,

      post numbers,

      or whatever makes you happy,

      these guys have put up with me for years  and I can't even Run anymore

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Mustang Sally—great to see you here and what a post yesterday!

        Welcome, wcrunner2.  That’s quite a plan you’ve got.  Good luck!  BTW, we already know you’re a “runner” and who the heck knows what the “2” refers to. so I’m calling you wc from now on.

        Slo—Yowsa, that does sound like tough girls.

        Marj and Henry—stay safe.

        Mari—that’s just plain weird.


        Another warm but breezy day for an EZ 5-miler.


        Sadly and predictably, the innocents are everywhere.

        MM #5615

          Seems more a set of chat rooms unlike the main forums or even the Beginners and Beyond group where I usually hang out.

          Wait...there are other forums and groups?


          Hi, wcrunner2--welcome.


          That is really cool, Ribs.  They really are going all out.


          (Psst...Holly...Low 48...High 68...Mostly Cloudy...)

            About all those emails Spareribs wrote about!  Boy am I steamed! Angry  I had this great surprise planned with my friend's DH and the BAA ruined it!  Ruined it!  My plan was to get the BAA to announce how you would get your medal in the mail starting two weeks from now if you wrote them and . . .  Instead, I would arrange to get it picked up in person (which they are currently allowing) and mailed to me.  Her DH would then surprise her at a party we are all attending next week.  At the party he and her DD would medal my friend.  Such a cool surprise plan and now all trashed as she is expecting the medal's arrival.  Sad  All right, all right yea I am really glad to see the BAA is doing all this for the many runners who never got to cross the finish line this year.  My kudos to the BAA!


            Hemerocallus if losing your keys causes you foot pain I really think you should tie it on or something.  You just lost one key last time.  What would happen if you dropped a whole key chain of them?  Shocked I would not want to see you permanently injured or anything.


            Mike E I am not sure about that other forums and groups thing.  It may just be people pulling our leg.


            coastwalker and hopeful4ever my local Joggers Club is also holding a fund raising run tomorrow for the victims.  I doubt I will run but I plan to show up with a check.


            mrrun and henrun stay safe!


            wcrunner2 welcome.  This is a semi-chat room.  You just post here about your day which for many here seems to include occasional runs for some reason.  Odd eh?  Wink


            tomwhite I hope your leg cooperates and feels better soon.


            eliz4015 you can run so any pace is a good pace.


            Jlynne my sympathies to your friend and her surviving family.


            My right calf is still too sore to consider running.  So today I just went to the gym to do some weights and such for the first time in about a week.  I also told my PT that I was going to see how my legs behaved if I stopped going to see her.  She talked me into one more week.  But after that I will not book anything until something goes wrong.  I owe her a lot.  I spent two and a half years in fruitless pursuit of a treatment that would fix my hamstrings to the point where I could run again.  She succeeded where everyone else had failed.  If it was not for her I would not be running a mile.  I would not be running races.  I would not have run a marathon and I certainly would not have managed a BQ time at one.  There would have been no run through Boston this past Marathon Monday.

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              Good afternoon kindred spirits.


              Welcome, wc. Good luck with your upcoming marathon and ultra!


              Just 3 tm miles for me while the baby slept. This morning she was doing "bridges", up on her hands and bare tip-toes with her butt up in the air, rocking back and forth. I could tell she really wanted to take off. It won't be long before she's crawling.


              That is very sad, Tramps.

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                Hi WCrunner2!   I am  an X here, but still love lurking.  These are great peeps, and also great runners.  I started running at age 69, and had a lot of fun running 5k races with Econo, my daughter.  After three years, I stopped because of hip problems, and some familyhealth problems, but continue to keep track of my buddies on RA.  It might seem confusing at first, but you might start with the daily, and take it from there. I love your goals.

                      The Boston tragedy made me so mad, I took my dog, and headed up my woods trail.  I'd like to get back to walking, and maybe running again.  Econo and I plan to attend the Eugene Marathon as spectators on the 28th.


                      Marg and Henry - my thoughts are with you.

                  Welcome wc!  Sorry, but that makes me think of water closet!


                  I am MORE excited than Posie, that I get to hang out with her - that vivacious, spirited, smart, caring woman!

                  I wanted to run this morning, but alas, middle of the night insomnia, made me too tired this morning.

                  "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                  janie b good

                    welcome to WC!  and hello everyone!  glad to read that our boston runners are keeping safe in the lockdown areas.


                    yesterday was a rest day.  headed out today for 4 miles, but stopped after 2.37 miles (winds gusting to 34 mph)... just didn't have it in me.  eh, we all have those days, right?  ... tomorrow is another day.


                    p.s.  nice to see mustang sally!

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                    MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                      me too enke.

                      Maybe wc'll find kindred spirits with some of occasional TMI accounts herein <<<WinkmikeE/ziggy/holly's socks.)>>>

                      Make us real envious and post lots of photos of your upcoming enke-posie weekend cabin party.

                      I wonder if divechief knows the address?


                      Congratulations nancy on DS's peace corps to the land of running barefoot.

                      I wish I could go for a run with him over there. Wow, you get to.  Now I'm really envious. I hope he'll be here for your birthday run though with wildchild as'll it'll be my third Tunnel with him if it works out.  I hope so.  I sure dread doing my annual triathlon alone this year though.  Do you know anyone else who wears Chaco sandals for all three legs?


                      MikeE better practice though so we can have a "who's-the-most-stubborn" contest this summer.

                      However, I've had 20 more years to perfect mine.


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                        Recently joined the group, but am somewhat perplexed about the different threads.


                        Welcome!  Each day there is a new thread started (we call it the "daily") where we post our runs, workouts, and any other tidbits about what is going on in our lives or opinions of the world, etc.  Mostly it's a running conversation, jump in anywhere.


                        Oh, and the threads at the top that have Stickys on them always stay up at the top so we can keep adding to them.  Which marathon will you be running, btw?


                        Slo - tough day for a track meet, for sure.


                        I was thinking of running a local 5k in the morning, but with low 30's and 20mph winds forecast, I really don't feel that tempted...


                        No run for me this morning, just 30-40 minutes of core and weights.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          So I finally post during the day, and post to the wrong day. <sigh> Oh well, the sentiment is the same. Prolly just fooled by PBJ using Thursday the 19th in the title.


                          Welcome, wc, nice to have more in the group.

                          MM #5615

                            Hello everybody!  I did my run, got home, and have been glued to the TV ever since.  I am shocked they got one of them alive.


                            By the guys don't have a boat in your backyard, do you?


                              1)  If you left your drop bag on the bus and need it, the BAA will ship it to you.  How classy is that?

                              2)  If you were one of the runners who was prevented from finishing the race, as I was, the BAA will send you a finisher's medal.

                              3)  The BAA has been meeting internally to make decisions on many of the questions that will come up, and they expect to have it all figured out in a couple of days, and said that they will then have an open forum where any runner can get answers to any questions they have.  What a great organization they are!




                              I think Dave and the BAA are doing a great job!!  Miss you guys this week - it's been very weird.  Still so many mixed emotions - and so many stories from runners and spectators at work.  Yesterday was a very healing day for me - spiritually and physically - then today we were in lockdown all day at the hospital.....glad to be home safe once again and to hear the 2nd suspect is in custody.  Time for bed - back to work in the morning.  Looking forward to my 1st post-Boston run on Sunday.   Night my friends!!





                                By the guys don't have a boat in your backyard, do you?


                                No Mike, only in our bathtub- too small for even a tiny terrorist to hide in.