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Windy Cloudy Tuesday 10/16 (Read 418 times)

    Yes, once again my DW and today her friend too with a six hour head start managed to get out, run and return before coastwalker finished his morning workout!  So here I am once again to start the daily.  They ran just under 5 miles in what look like pretty raw conditions outside.  The other report from them is that if you thought cars in the U.S. were a problem, see what it is like to run with bikers all over the place!  Apparently, here they view runners as nuisances to be eliminated one way or the other.  As to me another day of not running.  Sigh.


    Mariposai I sure hope you guys get a lot of rain.  I know you need it to put an end to the local fire population.


    rhoon phast snow!!  No, no . . . nah, nah, nah . . . I cannot hear you . . . nah, nah, nah . . .


    Dave59 you sure are one mellow guy.  From your description of that boat ride it sounds awful yet you seem to have taken everything in stride.  Good for you.


    fatozzig and tomwhite you obviously have a very strange diets!


    Opie sunny and 78 now that is my kind of weather report!  Cool  Send some here!


    OrangeMat congratulations on the 20 miler.  Just one fall?  Off hand I thought the goal was zero falls per run? Confused Did I miss an announcement someplace? Wink


    coastwalker I find ceder plank grilling to be quite hit or miss.  Sometimes I find it comes out just great other times like I cooked the fish on damp wood.  Not sure why things vary so much from one plank to the next.  Do you have any tricks for getting the ceder flavor through each time?

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      Mornin' Twocat, and the rest to follow. I'm glad you're getting in some more healing time, as frustrating as it is. Sure doesn't sound like fun to run with all the bikes over there.


      I'm sure there are a gazillion ways to grill salmon-on-a-plank. Ours is pretty easy: Soak the cedar plank in water for a minimum of an hour, and up to a day. Turn the grill up high, and leave it there (I'm usually at about 500-550 degrees). Pour maple syrup (the pure stuff, not Aunt Jemima or anything like that) over the salmon, or give it a light coating of oil plus whatever spices/rub you choose). Put the salmon on the plank and place on the grill and close the cover. I usually leave the skin on, but you can go either way with that. Depending on the thickness of the salmon, cook for 10-17 minutes. Do a test cut if you're not sure it is done. If you are careful with a spatula, you can separate the salmon from the skin when you take it off the plank. Then plate and eat. If you've not cooked it with maple syrup before, the sweetness of the syrup gets cut significantly during cooking, so you're left with a beautiful glaze and just a bit of sweet maple flavor. ETA - Twocat, I'll bet if you drop the temp of the grill a bit, let the plank smoke a little longer, you'll get more cedar flavor in your salmon.


      5.3 racewalking miles at 4:15 this morning. There was a heavy mist/light drizzle when I started that became a steady light rain in the last mile or so. But it was so mild out (59F), that the rain felt fine. I worked (again) on better hip rotation, and was surprised (again) by how that little tweak can markedly improve my pace. Nice.


      Enjoy your Tuesday!  Jay

      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Good morning, everyone.


        Jay—my DW made something almost exactly like that a few times but it’s been a while now.  Hmmmm.


        Another gorgeous morning here.  I felt inspired and actually did a little speed work: 3 mile tempo run as part of my 8-miler.  I ran by feel and landed right in my tempo pace window, which was a bit of a surprise.  I’m doing the local HM in December, so I need to do more than just easy running.  Good start.


        ETA: My Garmin no longer communicates with my computer or this site, so I need to enter my runs in manually.  This morning I made a mistake entering the time and created a ridiculously fast pace.  The funny part is that Eric has programmed an error message that just asks:  "Did you really run that fast?"  Uh, no.


        Rose Colored Glasses




          Started running under a moonless, star-filled sky. During our run, Sonya's knee started hurting badly so she started walking so Jane and walked with her. 


          3.75 running miles; 1.25 walking miles.


          Have a good Tuesday!

          aka FlyingFinn

            Good morning twocat, Jay, Tramps, Rosie and everyone.


            Jay that sounds delicious. As much as we love salmon, I've never cooked it that way. I'll have to try it.


            Holly congrats on your half marathon! A very good time in tough conditions.


            Nice long runs wildchild and OM.


            Congrats to Tri-bee on her race. Tramps, it's a very common wetland bird, the American Coot. I needed a book to identify it. Guess I know my woodland birds better than waterfowl.


            Yesterday was a busy day so I didn't post my measly 3 miles in the rain. If I were to enter my runs on the site Eric would say to me "Did you really run that slow?"


            Last night we welcomed a new baby into the world and our lives. Her name is Jocelyn Rae and she weighed 8lbs14oz.


            RAW on the towpath today after a visit with the newborn.

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            Rose Colored Glasses

              Last night we welcomed a new baby into the world and our lives. Her name is Jocelyn Rae and she weighed 8lbs14oz.


              RAW on the towpath today after a visit with the newborn.

               Sweet!  This is fantastic!  Welcome, Jocelyn Rae!

                Front coming in...4 blustery miles...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                Back on Stride

                  My DW and I went to see the new film Argo yesterday. Wow, what a movie! And even more so for people our age who can remember the actual events (Iran hostage crisis). I'm sure the story was greatly enhanced from the actual incident (the full story wasn't declassified until 1997), but it was definitely super-tense from the very start to the very finish. Highly recommended!


                  I'm still in a bit of a funk from trying to switch mentally from my summer to winter workout schedule, especially when we get good-weather days like today. But I ended up at the rec center for a general strength workout followed by a good session in the pool. I can see that the swimming will start to get easier the more I stick with it, so right now a minimum of once a week seems right. I may even get to the point where I enjoy it.


                  This afternoon, my DW and I are going for our annual fall hike on a favorite trail out at Stony Creek park. Just can't pass up weather like this, and tomorrow looks like a good day for a longish bike ride.


                  I hope your seasonal transition is going well (for those of you who actually have one).

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    Good morning towcat, coastwalker, tramps, rosecoloredglasses, paavo, lyndenrunner, and Rochrunner!


                    No seasonal transition here just yet. The rain I talked about last night was nothing but a few thousand drops Sleepy with some wind, which stir up the dust from the smoke, bleh...but I am grateful that today is cloudy and calm.


                    I am hoping to watch Argo in the big screen. 


                    RAW today, planning to meander around the orchards to check on how well the fruits were picked. The fruit harvest season is almost over!

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                      congratulations Paavo family on the baby arrival! what a beautiful name!


                      Roch, glad to hear your review of the movie. My DH and I want to see that. I was a bit young (around 12-13 maybe?), but do remember the hostage crisis. My DH is 58 and remembers it very well.


                      no run yesterday. rainy, windy. blech.


                      more rain and blech on schedule for today, but i brought my running duds incase it clears up and i can get in a RAL. Probably won't be able to for the next couple days - school conferences tomorrow after work and then the District Meet on Thursday (final meet of the season for David).


                      Received an email this morning that I'm a half fanatic now. just need to send in the moola to get my number I suppose.


                      Marathon Maniac #957

                        Paavo had a baby?  Smile  I love the name Jocelyn.


                        Mariposai - I really want to run after work today, because it is a lovely day out there and because DD has decided that she wants to run/walk the 5-mile Turkey Trot in our town on Thanksgivingand I really need to get out there and help her train.  I will keep you in my thoughts to motivate me not to wimp out after work.  Smile


                        5 miles of hills this morning in 39 degrees.

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          Congrats Tammy!


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                            I should be getting my number shortly, but they just surpassed 3000!


                            <eta: #3011>


                            next I'll have to work on MM. maybe in 2013. I want to run Avenue of the Giants, so I'm sure I can find another one near that one.


                            MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                              Sugoi!!!! paavo!!!!!
                              You’re the Ed Whitlock of parents

                              Mr. P too.
                              Thanks rochie.  I never heard of it but it makes me want to see a movie for the first time in many years as I got to work for two years with a couple who were there. Their tales of wimps and heros are really something.
                              Thanks Tammy for the updates.  I know a lot of MM’s who’ve gotten Halfie too but few visa-versa.  I’m working on getting Rhoon down here somewhere for his fall marathon and am glad to have a new target to work on for 2013 already.  Maybe bring Econo up with you. <<<(Light-at-the-end-of-the-Tunnel)>>>.

                              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."




                                Yesterday was a busy day so I didn't post my measly 3 miles in the rain. If I were to enter my runs on the site Eric would say to me "Did you really run that slow?"


                                Last night we welcomed a new baby into the world and our lives. Her name is Jocelyn Rae and she weighed 8lbs14oz.


                                RAW on the towpath today after a visit with the newborn.

                                 +1 a few times. Little kids are the best. They believe everything you tell them.


                                Holly, it sounds like DD may be a timing chip off the ol'e block. 


                                Finally a break in the rain. Tag and I went and got Honey and we all went for an off trail stumble through the forest.


                                DD#2 is a RN who works the midnight shift at the hospital. She witnessed a horrific accident on the way in last night.  A truck crossed the center line and ran into a semi hauling bee hives. She called 911 while others tried to pull the crash victims out while getting stung and battling flames.  One of the fuel tanks exploded. Maybe the passenger in the semi made it. Her mom was on the phone with her for quite a while before DD finally made it in. Taggy and I spent time with her this morning. I hope she doesn't spend too much time 2nd guessing herself.